Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Last summer, we were woken up by moles digging a road under our pillows. No chance of that with these amazing tree hammock-tents by Tentsile.

They take three adults and kit (and smaller versions are in the pipeline, we hear). They’re suspended in tension above the ground and have a removable fly sheet so you can look up at the stars (providing you’re not in a typical Lake Disrtict downpour).

You’re well away from stones, uneven ground, insects…and moles, but you can pitch at ground level if needs be. There’s a bottom hatch and also a front door. The price? Around £500.

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  1. There’s a hatch at the bottom for when you’re suspended. And there’s a front door too.

  2. They look very cool. How do you get in the tent?

  3. Conrad Anderson says:
    “Is there a she-pee built in? long way down for a nighttime toilet stop, still, good if you’re not keen on creepy crawlies!”

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