Kitchen kit perfect for camping

Cooking kit made specially for campers can be a bit utilitarian – and it’s not always great quality. So, we’re always looking out for kitchen bits and pieces that are well-designed, multi-use and easy to pack. Here’s a snapshot of some of the best makes.

Kuhn Rikon

paring knife

We loved Kuhn Rikon’s safety knives. So much so that a dinky red one has been an essential in our camping kit for a while. It stays sharp, is easy to find and the blade cover stops us injuring ourselves when we dig around in the cutlery bag.

So, we’ve tested out a few new bits and pieces from this Swiss company – their tong tools, a silicone splatter guard and their clever silicone grip/oven mitt. We were thinking about barbecues and cooking inside and outside while camping.

3] The New Kuhn Rikon Tong Tools Merged Image23690-23695_ip4The tong tools come as a fork and ladle and as a fork and spatula. They can be used individually or snapped together to create tongs. They’re heat proof up to 220 degrees and are very light. All our kit needs to be multipurpose and we can see these being used for barbecue turning, but also salad-serving and more. (Around £13).

And talking about multipurpose, the silicone splatter guard is also a sturdy baking sheet and a strainer. If you have a campervan or caravan, then it’s anti-splatterness could help you fry inside with less worry. It’s 26cm in diameter and has a nice metal rim and handles (covered in silicone) to give it some structure. (Around £15). Their BPA-free collapsible colander (around £13) also has a nice strong surround. Slightly small for a family, but drains and folds well.


E-FS-A-FS-EAU GOOD BLUET-FS-H-FS-THERMO POT 4Oh these designs are clever! The Black+Blum range is full of lovely things and there’s a good choice of boxes, pots and so on for picnic (or working) lunches.

The Eau Good (around £20) is a filter water bottle that uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to make tap water taste great. Looks nice, and the only downside is that you may not want to buy into the need to replace the charcoal sticks.

The Thermo Pot (around £30) is a stainless steel vacuum food flask for stews, chilli and anything that won’t pour well out of a standard drinks flask. It looks fantastic with its magnetic spoon, but doesn’t hold a huge amount, so isn’t for big appetites.

L-FS-U-FS-LUNCH-POT-BLACK-FOOD-NEWB-FS-O-FS-BOX APPETIT NEW RED RESIZEThe Lunch PotTwo (around £17) is a watertight pot with a convenient carry strap and spork. Fitting the bottom section is a bit tricky as it needs the strap to keep it in place. Good for more complicated lunches (well, a salad and something, or rice and something).

At first look, we also liked the Box Appetit(around £17). It’s a genius-designed lunch box with bits and pieces to keep things separate. There’s even a hollow for dipping sauces. The black and red version we tested looks very Japanese and they are quite bento box-ish. After we’d played around with it a while, though, we did think it was a little over-engineered and that you’d spend a lot of time conjuring up lunches to fit its selection of little boxes and pots.


We hadn’t come across Lékué before, but they seem to be the masters of silicon design.

41oXVbD9JmLNot exactly a camping or outdoor food piece of kit, the breadmaking mould was so nice, we just had to find a camping use for it! It would make a neat salad bowl, for example.

41vA9AHW0lLThe company did mention that their kit is made of platinum silicone, which can cope with temperatures ranging from -60ºC to 220 ºC, but isn’t designed to be put straight onto a gas or electric hob.

We liked their silicon mesh bag that means you can cook two separate items in one pot. Good for draining too, plus very packable!

Joseph and Joseph

2014_0009s_0011_Nest Storage 6 -Single Shot.jpg hSome of their stuff is a bit over-designed daftness, but there are plenty of colourful clever things too. We really like the Nest range, with bowls and boxes that stack inside each other beautifully.

Their sheath knives with built-in sharpener are great for the camping kit.

Have you come across a great piece of camping kitchen kit? Do let us know. Leave a comment below.


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