Clever kit for camping cooks

Joseph Joseph seem to have taken over the home kitchen with their bright and nicely designed cooking kit. So, we thought we’d have a look at what they had to offer outdoor and camping cooks.

71honTQ+4iL._SL1500_The Wash & Drain

A great idea for camping, and so simple. It’s a portable washing up bowl with two carrying handles and a plug/strainer. You could use it for preparing veg and salads too, or even as a handy washing sink for wild camping. There are four colours to choose from.

The Chop 2 Pot

bamboo chop 2potplastic chop 2potThese plastic, folding chopping boards have been around for a while, but we’ve also now found a lovely bamboo version that takes up less space in a camping pack. The plastic ones comes in a range of colours and four sizes, while the bamboo one comes in small and large. They look smarter and have non-slip feet. The bamboo one has now made it into our tried and tested favourites list of great camping kit


Sharp knives are safe knives, as all the best chefs know. However, a sharp knife in the bottom of a camping bag is an accident waiting to hurt. This set of paring knife and chef’s knife is great because they both come with a protective sheath. What’s more, the sheath has a built-in sharpening wheel at one end. The blades are silicon-coated stainless steel. They’re slightly bulkier than the Kuhn Rikon ones we had been using, but the sharpener is a big bonus. If you already have your own favourite knives that you take camping, then consider the Rota (below) instead.

The RotaRota

One of our bugbears when we break up a camping trip with a rented cottage or an AirBnB stay is the knives. They’re always blunt. We try to remember to take our own sharpener, but much better to have one permanently in the travel kit. The Rota is neat and discreet because it folds on itself. It has coarse and fine sharpening wheels and a non-slip base.

Handi-GrateThe Handi-Grate

A two-in-one tool, because multipurpose is always great for camping and campervan kit. It’s a grater/zester for garlic, ginger and so on, plus a mini mandoline with a finger guard. Who says you can’t have micro-thin radish slices on a campsite!

The Uni-toolUni-toolUni-tool 2

Well, you don’t get much more multipurpose than five-in-one. The Uni-tool is a slotted spoon for scooping and straining, a solid spoon, a cutting edge, a flipper for flipping and a spatula.

Of course, there are other good designers out there, so let us know if you have any favourite camping or campervan cooking kit. Just leave a comment below.

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  1. Bought the Joseph Joseph duo knives for camping – quite cool
    Joseph Joseph Twin Slice Compact Knife Set – Green

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