The winners of our totally Turkish hammamas

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hammamasWe came across hammamas last year and used the two we took with us on a long camping trip in Europe as towels, beach mats, tablecloths and even a makeshift bag (think Dick Whittington!). Sacha Hardy, the entrepreneur behind gave us some of the lovely 2015 collection hammamas to share with Campfire Magazine subscribers.


Sacha Hardy of“We work closely with traditional weavers in rural Turkey to produce our hammamas in the same way the towels have been created for generations,” says Sacha, who lives in Kent. “We source only local Turkish cotton, as it’s the best quality money can buy. The combination of premium quality cotton and traditional weaves and techniques create a product of the highest quality, that’s soft, absorbent and lasts.”

hammamasSacha is a self-confessed magpie when it comes to textiles – whether it’s silk from Varanasi or cotton from Colombo. So travelling to remote villages in Turkey to hunt out master weavers and new techniques is her dream job.

“I went to Turkey and fell in love with the beauty and quality of the textiles,” she says. “I imported a range of products and among them I discovered basic hammam towels. Once my family had tried them out, I knew they were for everyone. We started to produce hammam towels in different colours, weaves and styles, and was born.”

Simon Baker in hammamas

Australian actor Simon Baker looks pretty cool in his hammamas sarong on Bondi Beac

So what’s a normal day for towel-touting Sacha?

“Once the usual barrage of emails is sorted, it means time at the office liaising with the team. I then focus most of my time on branding and business development, but we’re a hands-on team and often it’s a matter of rolling up your sleeves and helping out with whatever needs doing.”

At the end of the day, just when it’s time to curl up in front of telly, Sacha often has to go online to Australia – even more so since the company started to sell more overseas and was even picked up by Net-a-Porter.

We think Sacha has a range of lovely-looking and useful hammamas, but having come across some supersoft bamboo hammam towels at a festival, we really hoped she’d extend the range in that direction! Our wish is granted! Hammamas‘ next venture is to add bamboo and linens. Hooray!


Our winners

The winner of hammamasa family set of three gorgeous hammamas was Sarah from St Albans. Runners-up prizes of a hammama each went to KiltedBadger and BambiHorn.

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