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We’ve tested good kit, bad kit, daft kit…and now kit that makes us burst out laughing! Olpro sent us a Happy Going this week, and we just had to share it!


So, what’s a Happy Going? Well, it’s a waterproof toilet roll holder that you can hang in a tree or on the side of your tent. And it has a built-in light. Finding the neatly tucked away switch for that and then pressing it to reveal a miniature LED striplight gave us our first bout of hysterics. We pressed it again and…oh my goodness…it had a flashing mode! Now we can give our night-time toilet trips a disco ambience.

In fact, it’s fantastically made – for example, the two ends that hold the roll inside snap into place with concealed magnets, plus the lightswitch has a waterproof cover and a little velcro tab to keep it out of the way. Will we ever use it? We’re not sure because we certainly wouldn’t want to be leaving toilet paper out there in the wilds. We’d love to hear from anyone who thinks it’s the best thing since the legless washing line, or anyone who thinks it’s just plain silly!

compleat silicone foodbag Given its great design, though, we were inspired to look at what else its creators (Norwegian company Unikia) offer, and we found some lovely things. We’ve checked out the Compleat folding silicone Foodbag, for instance. They’re billed as a space-efficient alternative to a hard lunchbox. The jury’s still out on these as they probably wouldn’t keep a sandwich intact. However, if you can get used to the idea of eating out of a ‘bag’, you can put your food directly into it, eat from it and even microwave your food in it. Check prices and colours here

FoodskinOther Unikia things we like? The Foodskin, which is a plastic tray covered by a clip-over stretchy silicone lid. It moulds to the shape of your sandwich to keep it in place. We’ll have to see how long the silicone lasts, of course, as it looks as though it could be damaged if it came up against anything sharp. Very neat, though!

RobustThe Robust is a heavy-duty lunch-carrier with a liquid-proof inner container, an adjustable carrying strap and a strap for your drink or newspaper. This is now with our family testers to see how it copes with their toddler’s needs! (We’ve found them at Amazon).

Reelax Flip adjustable cushion supportReelax Flip cushionIt’s not all foodie things at Unikia. So, what else did we find? The Reelax Flip! (£38.99) – an adjustable pillow that can twist, turn, rotate and stretch to act as a back rest, knee wedge, neck support. It has a lovely felt (removable and supposedly outdoors-proof) cover, looks very contemporary and seems very well made. It’s a bit cumbersome for carrying on a train journey, but could be an addition to the car.

plug adaptorThe Ready-Set-Go World Adaptor (£15.59) takes every plug and, apparently, can be used in every type of power outlet, worldwide. It adjusts with a satisfying twist and also has a USB slot. We’d like someone out there to check that you can use it in Italy, which in our experience has its own plug format. This – and the Flip – are only available direct from Unikia at the moment, which means paying for shipping from Sweden. Might be worth it if you want to place a biggish order, though.

happy campfireThere are a couple of other designs that we thought looked great. One is the Happy Campfire (around £8), basically a folded piece of cardboard that you build your fire on top of. The card allows air to get under the fire for fast starting.

The other is the Lun lantern (around £36). It’s an induction-charged frosted glass lantern that can then be carried anywhere you need a soft flickering candle-effect light. Slightly too sodium-light coloured for our tastes, but a nice idea.Lun lantern

We’ll be keeping an eye on what Unikia come up with. Meanwhile, if you’ve come across any interesting items for camping or outdoors, leave us a comment below.



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