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The Big Camp-at-Home competition – win prizes for your lockdown camp pictures

For all you frustrated campers out there, here’s your chance to get camping and win prizes.

 From a tent in the garden to an improvised tent inside. From a campervan parked on the drive to a hammock in the back yard. Get your camping creativity flowing. This is the BIG Camp-at-Home competition.

Have a look at the pictures below  for inspiration, then read on for how to enter.


Happy times for Noah, Amanda and Ali our latest Camp-at-Home winners

Noah’s camping inspiration comes from Lego and Minecraft. We loved his tribute to our frontline workers!

His mum, Ali, and her partner, Amanda, made the tent and tables with leftover wood and painting canvas.

“We love to camp in our bell-tent as much as we can, says Amanda. “We’re lucky to have a group of friends that we try to coordinate camping with and usually have at least one trip to Norfolk together. We’ve explored lots of Devon and Cornwall. 

One of our favourites has to be Beara Farm Camping Site in Buckfastleigh with access to a gorgeous river. We prefer a simpler campsite with basic facilities, but plenty of space and nature.

“Camping gives us all a much-needed connection to nature and disconnection from technology. It’s great to wake up under canvas, have a lazy breakfast cooked on the camping stove and natter with old friends or newly discovered friends.”

Noah is super-excited to have a go with his prize – a Kelly Kettle.

These fabulous bits of camping gear mean you can quickly boil water outdoors using just a handful of sticks, pine-cones, bark or dry grass – and in all weathers. There’s also an add-on accessory to turn the Kelly into an efficient wood-fuelled camping stove.

And our runners-up…

Maddy and Liam, set up a cosy camp in their Brighton garden.

“We had two nights playing games and chatting round the fire,” said Maddy. “Our cat Freddy also loved the novelty of the tent in the garden and joined us for our favourite bit of camping – having our morning coffee outside. Our neighbours thought we were very creative! We normally would have been out in our campervan or tent enjoying the sunny weather, but this was the next best thing.

“We love being able to get as far away as possible from civilisation, to spend time together and to enjoy the simple things. We love chatting over a campfire, crisp mornings with a pot of coffee and heading off on long hikes or runs. Last year we did the Great North run and camped before and after.

“We recently got married and for our honeymoon spent two weeks’ camping and driving around Northern Italy.”

They won a beautiful hand-forged campfire hatchet from the Caledonian Axe Company.

All our previous Camp-at-Home winners

So keen to keep camping, Bobby (9) and Alice (11) set up a makeshift camp using wineracks and a duvet cover on their patio in Dublin.

With the chiminea blazing, the solar lights gleaming and a giant dog to watch over them, they fortified themselves with chocolate banana cake and orange juice.

We usually camp in France,” says their mum Cliona Brophy. “Our favourite campsites are in Brittany and near Angers in the Loire.  For the past two years, though, we’ve been camping with a group of families in Ireland.

“We’re all homeschoolers so tend to get to go places in the off-season and have the place to ourselves. We have an Annual Not Back to School Camp at Rancho Reilly’s in Carlow and we’ve been camping right out in the West of Connemara, in Waterford and in Co. Meath. The group tries to do a camp every month between April and October…even one at Halloween (though I haven’t braved that one yet!) We had our first over-seas camp planned for this September in France. It remains to be seen if it will go ahead. The kids will be devastated if not.”

Bobby and Alice won an up-in-two-seconds Quechua Fresh and Black tent. It’s a great design that keeps out light and stays cool inside. You can also open up the sides for ventilation and a view.

Here are our first Camp-at-Home competition winners with their prize! No, not the dog…the Kelty Loveseat.


The Kidd family from Yorkshire sent us their lovely, super-speedy set-up video.

“We set up a camp in our back garden and cooked sausages on a campfire for our tea, which were very yummy,” says Clare. “It was quite cold and windy during the night, but we had fun anyway. The highlight was hearing owls call as dusk fell.”

They won the comfy Kelty Loveseat – a camping-chair for two that folds up neatly and looks rather stylish.

We also picked a runner-up

We’ve sent a cute marshmallow toasting kit to Emma White and family for their next garden campout.

Emma set up a tipi tent in the garden for her boys, aged four and six.

“We flew the rainbow colours for the keyworkers out there,” she said. I’m spending three weeks in isolation because I’m not well. The tent in the garden doubles up as a home school in the day and a mini disco at night. It’s our lovely little campsite.

“My husband is a non-camper, so we’re hoping he’ll see what he’s missing in the garden. The boys love it.”

Thanks to our friends in the camping world, we still have a few lovely prizes  to give away.

So keep those home-camping pictures and videos coming. The next winner and runner-up will be chosen around May 25th. 

A great rechargeable camping shower, thanks to David at Colapz


A £150 high-tech waterproof bivi bag for wild camping. Thanks to Damon at Exxel/Sierra Designs.

Send us your ideas for the chance to win a great camping prize. Read on…

Looking for more lockdown ideas?

Lots of suggestions for spending your time creatively, staying in touch with friends and family and having a bit of fun.

Here’s how to enter our Camp-at-Home competition

Set up your home camp extravaganza

Get out the fairylights, string up a sheet, build a campfire, set up a hammock in the kitchen, cook dinner in the campervan on the drive…anything goes.

Take a photo or two. Or make a little video

Don’t worry if you’re not a great photographer. We’re looking for the best set-ups not the best pictures.

Send us an email with…

A couple of photos or a link to the video. Please don’t try to send the actual video! 

Your name and where you are in the UK.

A little info about your home-camping set-up. What works well, what doesn’t…anything you like.

We’ll choose the best entry each fortnight or so until we run out of prizes…or until we can go real camping again! Send your entries at any time. They’ll automatically go into the next round, and you can enter as many times as you like.


We hope you don’t mind but, by entering, you agree that we can use your photos or videos in Campfire Mag and on social media. We won’t display your full name or location.

Click here to enter

Just some of the fantastic entries we’ve had so far

And you can help Scarlett help the nurses who are looking after us all

She set up a Night Out for the Nurses camping event over Easter, and you can still visit her JustGiving page to make a small donation.

Scarlett says: “I would have been taking my GCSEs this summer, so it’s been a bit of a shock to find out that the we won’t be taking exams. Now that I have an unbelievable amount of time on my hands, I thought I’d do something to help out during these unfortunate times.

“I also realised that people like my grandparents were at risk. I take medicine and food to them while they stay indoors for the next three months. This made me even more motivated to raise money for the NHS. The NHS also saved my Pops life a few years ago and I couldn’t thank them enough. I thought it was only right to get out there and raise money for the people risking their lives for ours!”

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