Camping on the radio

Have a listen to these radio programmes all about camping and camping food.




Radio 4 Food programme

1. In case you missed this when it was originally on, the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme on camping food is still available on BBC Sounds.


You won’t find food-loving Tim Hayward under canvas unless it’s in the big tent of a food festival. But Tim has got wind of a man who is throwing all of his energy into changing forever how people see (and taste) camping food.

Setting off on an arduous voyage to meet Josh Sutton – aka The Guyrope Gourmet – the intrepid presenter learns about tribal caches, a pioneering outdoorsman with a love of Italian cuisine, as well as a whole new way to experience ‘local food’. 

Tim is joined by Matthew De Abaitua, author of The Art of Camping. (originally broadcast in 2012)

2. And listen to Campfire Mag’s Rebecca Dearden trying to persuade Radio Wales presenter Behnaz that camping is THE way to have fun, make friends and get some perspective on life. (June 2019)

BBC Radio Wales presenter Behnaz Aghbar

3. Finally, there’s a Summer Camping Special programme with Cerys Matthews.

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