Could it be the coolest camper ever?

Go camping trailer tentThis crazily clever camper-trailer is quite an eye-catcher. And from the crowd that was gathering around it, we weren’t alone in being intrigued by its looks and versatility.


The Go Camper has been on the market in the States for a while, and was available in the UK for a while. Sadly, the distributor seems to have disappeared. However, it may yet find a place on our campsites!

So what is it? Well, it’s a trailer that will take bikes, kayaks, IKEA furniture, old fridges and, in fact, anything you need to carry. Its lid, though, raises up to reveal a built-in tent that clips down onto two extending side pieces.

Go camping trailer tent

It’s incredibly lightweight aluminium, so you can unhitch it from the car and manoeuvre it into position by hand, and it feels very robust as a trailer and comfortable as a camper.

We spent quite a while checking it out and (at around £8,500), we were very tempted. We didn’t get the credit card out then and there because we’ve still got a few questions about how it fits with different camping needs.

  1. Go camping trailer tentThere’s no built-in kitchen facility (though there is a fantastic, big table that folds down), so you’ll be cooking outside.
  2. Unless you’ll use the trailer as a trailer quite a bit, you’ll have to ask yourself why a normal tent packed in the boot wouldn’t be a better option.
  3. If you already love trailer tents, then this looks like a smart alternative, but if you’re a campervan or caravan fan, you’re likely to only be attracted if you have a use for the trailer function.
  4. While the product lifestyle shots temGo camping trailer tentpt you with wild camping in the back of beyond, remember that you’ll be towing a large thing behind you – no reversing down narrow Italian streets when you take a wrong turn.

When it comes down to it, though, we can imagine quite a few people being won over by its unique, space-age looks – and they’ll MAKE it work for them. Who knows, it could inspire people to buy their first canoe or mountain bike!

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