How hating mayonnaise created a business

sauce sachetsNo-one on the Campfire team has ever taken an extra sachet of sauce or sugar from a service station because that would be stealing, wouldn’t it? Somehow, though, our glove boxes seem to be full of ‘just in case’ condiments and miniature pots of jam.


We’ve come across a funny old business that delivers legal fixes of everything from balsamic vinegar to toothpaste, all in micro-size – and it began because one man hated mayonnaise.

Chris Flatley started Single Portions in 2008 when he decided to carry sachets of salad cream around with him to avoid the mayo-only menus he so disliked.

“Could I find salad cream sachets for sale? Well, yes, but only if I wanted to buy a box of 200 from a wholesale warehouse,” says Chris. “It dawned on me that there might be other people who would like to buy sauces, jams and so on in small quantities – especially campers and outdoor enthusiasts.”

We’re not saying they’re the go-to destination for gourmet delicacies, but if you’re after anything from maple syrup to Marmite, lime pickle to lemon wipes, they might just keep you from being nabbed by those service station security guards.

You can find Single Portions here. And also have a look at our list of the best (healthy) readymeals and easy meals for campers.

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