Siren Head Story

Here at Campfire we love a spooky story, and we keep hearing about a character called Siren Head, so we investigated. Read this article to learn the origins of Siren Head, the stories represented through media, and what real-life accounts are out there. 

What Is The Siren Head Story?

Siren Head is an urban legend from the artist Trevor Henderson of a tall and humanoid creature with an oddly shaped head like megaphones or sirens. These speakers emit echoing shrieking sounds that cause people's bodies to go numb when they hear them, but it is unclear what happens to the victims once the creature finds them.

Trevor Henderson is a Canadian horror artist who first posted about Siren Head in his Tumblr and Twitter posts in 2018 and would later add to the lore through artwork. By October 31, 2018, game developers Modus Interactive released a horror game centered around Siren Head which boosted its popularity. People made many games and other media such as TikTok videos depicting Siren Head which continued to build the lore.

Due to the diverse media around the character, Siren Head doesn't have a set origin story but some essential characteristics that appear in each rendition. Some general features are:

  • Sound manipulation where the creature mimics voices, emits strange music, conversations, or random words and numbers. Some stories imply that the creature kills some victims by blasting their eardrums. 
  • Strength due to its size and is about to break down trees and other heavy objects.
  • Stealth as Siren Head blends into the trees and can stand still for days at a time. It tends to stalk its prey and wait in forested areas or even cling to the ceiling to look like a PA system. 
  • Speed to keep pace with speeding cars and is incredibly agile. 
  • Shapeshifting, like Henderson mentions, can change its appearance to match its surroundings, whether that is looking like a streetlamp or pipes in the walls of a family's home. It can also contort its body, going as far as to remove its head when it needs to.

In all cases, Siren Head prefers to lure its prey into a secluded area where the creature eats them, or the victims disappear without a trace. There are also some depictions where its sirens turn victims' bodies into mummified corpses.

Is Siren Head A Movie?

On October 31, 2020. there is a Russian film titled "Siren Head," by Terra Studio. It's unclear whether this film had approval from Trevor Henderson, who holds the copyright to the character, or was purely an indie film production. There was some discussion of a movie written by Henderson from Blumhouse Productions to come out in 2021 by is currently on hold until further notice. 

There are plenty of videos about Siren Head as amateur filmmakers try their hand at telling this urban legend, but there isn't an official film as of writing this article. The Russian movie from 2020 seems to be disconnected from Henderson, the original creator, and isn't considered an official film by fans of the character. However, the film does attest to the popularity of the character globally.

As for the Blumhouse Productions film, little is out there as to the planning and production of the film. There are credits towards Henderson writing the script and being a part of the production team, but there are no official sites with information about the film, nor a release of the movie in 2021 as promised. There do not seem to be any official plans to produce a film.

Is Siren Head A Game?

There are multiple Sire Head games, from collaboration with Henderson to more indie games created by fans of the character. The official games with the character are on Steam with games like Siren Head: Awakening and Siren Head: The Siren's Forest. There is even a mobile game for Android users simply called Siren Head.

Both Siren Head: Awakening and Siren Head: The Siren's Forest got mixed reviews once Steam users gave them a try. Both games are free on Steam which should lower any expectations of the mechanics and graphics, especially for The Siren's Forest, which users complained the controls were difficult to use. Siren Head: Awakening seemed t have better reviews overall though some thought the map was too big. 

The mobile game and other games such as Siren Head: Horror from Crazy Games seem to have a similar reception of having potential for a beloved horror game but falling short on execution. There are no high production games as all the Siren Head games are free, which might contribute to the lower quality. As with other media around the character, the games don't meet expectations.

Is Siren Head Real?

Some believe Siren Head is primarily fictional, as pointed out by Henderson himself. While there are plenty of pictures on the internet that might look real, no one seems to believe anyone has seen the creature in real life. However, Henderson appears to take inspiration for his stories about Siren Head from actual mysterious events that he turns into myth. 

As with many urban legends, there will always be those that believe there is truth to the creature of Siren Head. It doesn't help that there is a culture of writing depictions of urban legends as if they are fact, leaning into the style of news articles and photoshopping pictures and videos with the creature luring in the background blurring the line of fact and fiction. 

In a way, Henderson was very skilled in crafting the Siren Head story because he used real mysterious events as part of the mythology. Adding in these pieces of truth made it easier to see the creature as possibly being real because there was evidence of at least the events Henderson claimed Siren Head was a part of. Fans could immerse themselves in the stories easily. 


Siren Head is an excellently put-together urban legend that mixes a unique creature design with primal fears. By adding details from real-life mysteries and cases, Henderson laid the creative foundation for Siren Head that others would later use to create short films, games, and artwork. They would also add the lore to give the creature more nuance and intrigue.

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