Camping kit reviews

VW campervan at the beach Campfire MagazineThe right camping kit makes all the difference – whether you’re in a tent, a campervan or a caravan. There’s clever stuff out there…and some downright daft things to waste your money on.

Anevay Frontier wood-burning camping stove Campfire MagazineHave a look at the articles below for reviews and recommendations – there’s everything from the best fridges and coolboxes to natural insect repellent. You’ll find brilliant camping stoves, hammocks, tents and all the odd bits and pieces you need for campervans or tents. You’ll also find our very favourite items of well-designed equipment at our special best camping kit page.


Wild camping with minimal kit – it’s bivvy marvellous!

Sometimes you just want to escape! Thinking about wild camping can be more fun than the actual experience…unless you get the equipment right. There’s no better way to enjoy it than taking minimum kit and a reliable bivvy bag or hammock. read more