We have a sheltaPod awning winner

Thanks so much to all the campers who entered our competition to win an amazing sheltaPod. An especially big thanks for all the kind words and the heartwarming stories of how our articles have helped you enjoy your adventures!

And the prize goes to…Joanne McGee from St Ives in Cornwall.


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Meet our winner

Six years ago, Jo bought a campervan. With her 19-year marriage ended, it was a new start for her, so she called her van Phoenix.

“She was just a VW T5 panel van, and I had her converted for me and the kids, Sophie and Daniel,” says Jo. “I knew I needed something that would benefit us all, and get us out and about. We’ve had some wonderful adventures in her, but space became limited when they grew too big for the pop-top roof bed.

“In May, this year, I took them both to Scotland for their first time. It also happened to be my 50th birthday whilst we were up there. Unfortunately, there was no room for their partners to come with us, as we were doing a mixture of wild camping and campsites during our tour, and funds were limited due to my now being disabled.”

Because of her disability, Jo couldn’t get up into the pop-top, so the sleeping arrangements were a little uncomfortable. Jo slept across the front seats, whilst the kids had the bed with the dogs.

“We managed, just about,” she says. “If we’d had the sheltaPod, it would have made it so much easier. Now, I can’t wait to get out on the road again, and have more travels. Their partners will be able to join us too!”

Cooking shelter

sheltaPod is unique because it works like a pram hood to become a simple sunshade to a full half-dome tent. The outer flysheet provides a sheltered area for cooking and eating, then a separate inner tent can clip in for extra sleeping space. If you just want storage without using the inner tent, there’s a separate front panel with zip for easy access and a separate groundsheet. Included in the bag is the inner tent with integrated ground sheet, front door panel, side ‘privacy’ panels, separate groundsheet for the rainfly and two window shades. And all of that comes in a bag just 88x24x22 with a weight of 11.2kg.

Jo’s camper at a lovely spot for some Cobb cooking

And maybe Jo will be doing some adventurous cooking in her prize awning.

“I have a Cobb stove, and have always wanted to have a go at baking, rather than just roasting,” she says. “Did you know that bread dough can be kept in the fridge for up to a week? When I’m making bread at home, I generally make up more than I need, and store the rest in a ziplock bag, in the fridge. Then, when I want some fresh baked rolls, I just get out what I need. When bread dough rests, it actually gets better. I use the same dough for pizzas too. Who doesn’t love the taste of freshly baked bread.

“Your article on camping and baking has definitely given me the courage to give it a go outdoors. So I’m going to make up some dough to put in the camper on our next day out!”

For more about sheltaPod, visit sheltapod.com. And also have a look at our article on other options for awnings.


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  1. Lesley Bambridge

    To me, cooking is all part of the fun, so the great recipes are a winner for our family

  2. The best article that has also been the most appropriate is the one on driveaway awnings. I have a very small camper, a minidub, and I’ve been looking for an awning that is reasonably priced and easy to put up and the suggestions you have made are brilliant. If I don’t win I’ll be looking at the Air Seconds Base XL
    It looks perfect!

  3. Alex Unsted

    Your article ‘Ditching the kitchen’ was so informative and made us choose a vw beach. We love our campervan and not having a kitchen in it has given us so much more room for other equipment and the dog. Would love a ‘sheltapod’ as we have tried an inflatable vango driveway awning, too big for us and ages to put up, and a hub but sold them.

    Love your articles.


  4. Kirstie smith

    I really liked the articles, they give a whole host of ideas. My favourite has to be the mesh I’ve windows orvthe skylight to keep insects out. Living in Scotland this could prove a useful tool in the fight against the dreaded midge

  5. Thank you for the Tasty cheats – super easy camping food article. I’m always looking out for new and easy food to have in the van. I think a shelter pod is a great awning. Attracted to how quick and easy to put up.

  6. Tracey Oakley

    The driveway awning article is the most comprehensive and informative I have read. This would have saved me a lot of money as am now on my third awning and still not sure. The sheltapod looks like the best bits of the 3 that I have!!!

  7. Matthew Andrews

    Sheltapod competition – really enjoyed the VW California Beach article as I’m currently weighing whether to go for one or the Ocean. The article has definitely swung me towards the cheaper option!

  8. Elizabeth Hayward

    Sheltapod comp- I loved your article about car camping as I have a Berlingo with bootjump but the main draw of your article was that it led me to linked articles such as tarp buying and essential accessories – I lost myself in a world of camping(perfect escapism!)

  9. Best for me was the article on best campsites as it takes a lit of time to plan and travel only to be very disappointed on arrival. Don’t like being hemmed or packed in value personal space.

  10. Gemma Stephenson

    The shelter is so versatile. Great for family day trips or adventures over night.
    Easy to put up as having 2 little ones and a fiddly tent is a nightmare.
    This is the answer to making adventures fun and not a chore ?

  11. Suzie Duffin

    Seeing as we aren’t going away to Vantastival at the start of June I just had to have a nosy at the recipe part! Myself and 3 kids- it’s sometimes hard to think outside the box for different dishes, even though I love cooking!
    The cheating “roast” potatoes are going to be a definite winner, we all love spuds! I’m going to bring a chunk of chorizo and sone grated cheese to mix in for maximum taste ?

  12. Sandi Leir-shuffrey

    Sheltapod competition I was especially interested in Camping in North Yorkshire and the Dales having just spent a week there. Your article would have helped me expand my experience and seek out more campsites. This magazine is a great resource thank you

  13. Esler mcmullan

    Can’t afford to buy the mag as in saving to buy a sheltapod to take my wee girl camping.
    ED: There’s no mag to buy. All free and online!

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