About us

Who are the Campfire Magazine team?

Well, first of all, we camp…a lot! We’ve travelled throughout the UK and Europe, and we’ve been both campers and campervanners. We’ve tried out all kinds of camping too – from weekends of wild camping in Scotland, to months exploring France and Corsica, from statics on Welsh campsites to glamping in yurts and gypsy caravans.

Campingaz Bivouac camping stove

We’re also a bit food obsessed, so we love buying ingredients in local markets and shops, tasting our way around food festivals and, once in a while, giving a bit of business to a nice-looking pub, café or restaurant.

We’re not poverty-stricken (yet), but we don’t have bundles of spending money, so we do like value for money and we try not to have more equipment than we actually need. That means we’re always looking for the perfect piece of kit for the job – whether it’s a neat, peg-less clothesline or a state-of-the-art T6.

We’re by no means experts, but we are discerning and we’re pretty experienced when it comes to day-to-day campsite or wild camp living. We’ve still got a lot to learn and a lot of adventures to enjoy…and that’s the fun of it.

Why Campfire Magazine?

Wild camping in Scotland Camping with a tarp and outdoor rugWe launched Campfire Magazine to share our thoughts and finds, but also because we want to create a community of campers who’ll share their ideas and discoveries too.

On the professional front (well, we have to pay for all that camping somehow), we’re a small band of writers and photographers.

Because the magazine is free, we use affiliate advertising to help pay for running costs. We’re determined to keep it real, though, so we only recommend or link to a product if we know it’s good.

We’ve been going since 2014 (how time flies when you’re having fun). And we’re adding more information all the time. Why not follow us on Facebook and see what’s new as it appears? And if you have any suggestions or comments, do contact Campfire Magazine.

All the very best

Rebecca, Andrew, Alice, Clare, Paul, Chris, Pat…and not forgetting Gilbert Henry



  1. Briliant magazine, You see all the plusses and negatives as we do. Just had bad news from our 14 yr old daughter after coming back from Tuscany for a wedding this year. ” I don’t want to go camping any more”. I hit me hard as you can not just say “you go where we go”. So a up hill struggle. Camping is a art in the UK compared to Australia much more family oriented.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. What a wonderful website. Found you by chance and you really are just what I have been looking for to help us get the best out of our Mazda Bongo campervan time. Live near Hebden Bridge and loved your article on Gastro camping round there. well done.

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