Best 12v Caravan TV (Don’t Miss Your Favourite Show)

If you’re heading off in your caravan then you’ll likely spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities. But when you’re done for the day and you want to wind down, there’s nothing quite like putting your feet up in front of the TV.

While your van might not be fitted out with a TV as standard, there are plenty of 12v TVs that you can hook up and enjoy watching your favourite shows. What’s great is that there are so many choices. There are TVs with just a few channels or smart TVs that’ll let you stream anything you could imagine.

Of course, it’s no good going out and buying the first 12v TV you stumble upon; it might not be right for you. So, we’ve put together a buying guide filled with handy tips as well as a list of some of the best 12v TVs for your caravan

12v Caravan TVs - Our Top Picks

As we have mentioned, there are so many options when it comes to buying a 12v TV for your caravan. You could spend hours searching the internet for the best one but why would you want to when we’ve done the hard work for you? Here are our top picks.


Sharp 1T-C24DH2KG2FM 24” Smart LED TV, 12V/24V Caravan Motorhome Boat Truck, Freeview Play,...

No matter what the size of your caravan, we think this is the perfect TV; at 24 inches, it’ll fit in most spaces without being too big or small. But what really impressed us about this TV is how many streaming options there are. If you’re a big TV fan and can’t live without your favourite movies or box sets while you’re on the road, you won’t be disappointed. 

It’s got all the Freeview channels as well as satellite, Prime TV and Netflix all built in. You’ve also got YouTube and a whole host of other streaming services like My5, iPlayer and tons more. You won’t struggle to find something to watch. 

This is a 720p TV which means it’s at the lower end of the HD spectrum but that’s not to say you won’t get a decent picture quality. The colours are vibrant and the display is clear, while it might not be as crisp as the TV you have in your living room at home, it’s more than suitable for occasional use in your caravan. 

We’d also recommend this one for anyone who has kids as it’s got two HDMI connections allowing you to hook up other devices. So, when the typical UK weather prevents you and your family from getting out and about, you have other options. 

This is slightly pricier than some other TVs in the same category but we felt it was better in terms of the streaming services you get as well as the sturdy yet lightweight build quality. 



Lots of streaming service options

Other TVs have higher resolution

HDMI and USB ports

Good picture quality

Great for all caravan sizes

Excellent sound quality thanks to DTS TruSurround


Cello 12 Volt 19' inch ZRTMF0291 Traveller LED Digital TV Built-in DVD Freeview HD and 12 volt...

If you’re working with a smaller space for your caravan TV then we really like this one from Cello. At 19 inches, it’ll work well in a compact space but the screen is still large enough for you to comfortably see what’s going on. 

It’s got some versatile viewing options including a built in DVD player and is compatible with iPlayer and Netflix. That said, there are as many streaming options as the Sharp TV we looked at which isn’t great if you want endless options. It does have built in freeview though so it’s ideal for people who just want something that’ll keep them entertained for an hour between activities. 

But what sets the Cello TV apart from the rest is the A energy rating. If you want to ensure you don’t run your generator or battery down then you’ll need something that’s at least B rated, but the higher the better.

There’s mixed reviews on how easy this TV is to set up. You get everything included which is a plus but there have been some issues with tuning which is something to keep in mind.



Great for small caravans

Tuning issues

USB and HDMI connections

Fewer streaming options 

Built in Freeview

Can be wall mounted

Great energy efficiency


Denver LED-1032-10 inch Wide Super VGA Digital Portable TV – Rechargeable – 12 Volt – USB &...

If you want something that’s going to be just like your TV at home then this isn’t going to be the right option for you. This is a small, ten inch screen that we think would be better for very occasional use; for example, for background noise while you get ready in the morning. 

This TV is also great for individual use; perhaps a child who needs entertaining for an hour. It’s small enough to place on a tabletop and comes with a headphone jack for personal use. What’s even better is that there are HDMI and USB connections. 

You can either use a 12v connection or take advantage of the rechargeable battery so this is a perfect option for when you’re on the go. There is built in Freeview but with the connection options you have far more choice in what you watch.



Great for personal use

Small screen

Versatile connections


Built in Freeview

12 month warranty


Avtex W320TS 32' Smart TV for Motorhome Caravan Truck Boat - 12v 24v 240v 32 inch Slim LED Wifi...

For anyone that has a large caravan and plenty of space, this 30 inch TV will make you feel more like you’re in the comfort of your own home. Let’s not ignore the fact that this one is a lot pricier than some of the other models but there’s not much it can’t do. 

For movie buffs and TV lovers, the built in streaming options are vast with everything from YouTube to Netflix and the ITV Hub to Sky Store. There’s even a built in TikTok app for social media video fans. For this reason, we think this is the perfect choice for families. 

You can connect using both BlueTooth and Wifi and the TV is compatible with Android and iOS so you can connect your photos, music and more. The TV comes with two options for installation; a wall mount or a stand so you can fit it into your space with ease. However, since this is larger, it’s not going to be much good for small caravans. 



Loads of built in streaming services

Not suitable for small spaces

Very good picture quality

3 year warranty

Pause and rewind live TV

HDMI and USB connections


Sniper 19″ SMART LED Camping TV – webOS – Bluetooth 5.0, Wifi, Freeview Tuner, Satellite...

Not everyone wants to use Netflix or Prime to watch movies. There’s something about watching on DVD that feels different so if you’ve got a good collection the built in DVD player on this TV will be a welcome feature. 

At 19 inches, this is a mid-sized caravan TV that will work well in both small and large vans making it one of the most versatile on this list. Plus there are so many connection options including HDMI, USB and Bluetooth, among others. The downside of this is that the built in connections are quite close together so it can make it awkward to plug several things in at once unless you buy angled plugs. 

The picture and sound quality are surprisingly good for a travel TV and even if you’re not happy, it comes with a two year warranty so you’ve got peace of mind. What’s also great is that it’s super easy to set up so you won’t have to spend hours faffing when you could be putting your feet up and enjoying your relaxation time. 



Compact and lightweight

Connections are too close together 

Built in DVD

Easy to set up

Good picture quality

Can be wall mounted

How To Choose A 12v TV

You might think that there isn’t a lot to consider when it comes to buying a 12v TV for your caravan but think again. Various factors can affect the suitability of the TV so it pays to research potential products before committing to anything. Just follow these handy buying tips and we’re confident you will find a 12v TV that perfectly matches your needs. 

Size and Weight

It goes without saying that you’ll want a TV that fits into your caravan without getting in the way but you also don’t want a screen so small that you need a pair of binoculars to see it. Make sure you measure the area where you will place the TV to get a clear idea of what size will fit. 

When buying the TV, you will need to consider the frame as well as the screen size. Most modern TVs have a very small frame and some, the screen reaches right to the edges but in any case, check this out before buying. 

The weight of TV doesn’t really matter too much if you aren’t planning on moving it around very often. Modern TV sets are designed to be lightweight and easy to move but you generally won’t want anything any heavier than about 4-5kgs. 

Internet Connection

If you’re looking to stream services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other things, you will need to have an internet connection. Getting a smart TV with a built in connection enables you to do this and for the modern viewer, it’s almost a must have feature.

However, you don’t have to buy a smart TV. It is also possible to buy a regular TV and use something like the Amazon Fire Stick. Again, you will need an internet connection for this. 

Other Connections

If you want to hook up other devices to your TV then you’ll need to make sure that it has the right connections. If you have videos saved to a USB or want to save programs to a USB stick then naturally the TV will need to have a USB port. 

Moreover, if you’re planning on taking a games console to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day then it’s imperative that your TV has a HDMI connection for this. 

If you’re a movie lover but don’t want to use a streaming service then you might look for a 12v TV that has a built in DVD player. We realise that this is probably an obsolete feature for many people but if you’ve still got a sizable DVD collection, it’s worth looking out for. 

Reception Quality

Some 12v TVs have a built in satellite tuner which is great as it means you won’t need to rely on taking your tuning box with you wherever you go. You’ll want to find a TV that has a one button tuning system as this makes everything so much simpler. You may also need an aerial to boost signal and there are plenty of standalone products available like this. 

Sound And Picture Quality

When you’re looking at smaller TVs, you have to keep in mind that the sound quality isn’t going to be the most amazing. This is purely because there isn’t room to include a fancy speaker system. If you’re buying online, we’d recommend checking out reviews as this will tell you a lot about the sound quality as it’s usually one of the first things people complain about. 

As for the picture quality, that’s a lot easier to get right on a small TV. You will normally find that the best 12v TVs are in full HD but anything better than this is yet to come onto the market. That said, it probably won’t be long before 4K 12v TVs are commonplace so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.

Is The TV Energy Efficient?

There’s a huge focus on energy right now since the cost of it is going up and people are struggling to keep up with this. However, by choosing energy efficient appliances, you might be able to cut your energy bills by a little. 

That’s why we would recommend choosing the most energy efficient 12v TV you can find. Unless you’re using an electric hook up at a campsite you’re going to find that a TV without good energy efficiency will drain your van battery at an alarming rate. When you’re not using the TV, switch it off completely to save even more power. 


After a long day of activities and fun, you’re probably ready to kick back and watch a movie or your favourite TV show. But unless you have a 12v TV, it’s pretty difficult to do this in your caravan. Fortunately, there are plenty of options and we’ve listed some of the top 12v TVs currently available. 

Don’t forget to look over the features before you buy anything as this will tell you whether or not the TV will be appropriate for your van. Happy channel hopping!