Best Camping Games To Play On Your Next Trip

These games to play on your next Camping outdoors trip are some of the best ways to spend your time and enjoy the beauty of nature. While most campers are well-equipped with all they need for an overnight trip, there’s always room for a few more things to make it even better.

This guide will help you pick out some games that will keep everyone busy while camping so you can have fun no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature throws at us!

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Uno Card Game 2013

Uno is a classic card game with simple rules. The concept is fast and everyone can have fun! Players play from a 52-card deck containing no jokers, ranked according to number (ace singleton) and color (red orange green blue violet). On one turn, the player takes all of her/her cards from their pile and tosses up any number of them that are spot for spot sequential in rank; face down so only they know what they’re playing. Then there’s an opportunity for other players to play by pointing out which ones not yet played take the


Bananagrams Inc | Cobra Paw | Board Game | Ages 5+ | 2-6 Players | 5-15 Minute Playing Time

We LOVE Cobra Paw, this game can be played by just about anyone of any age, the box is a little overkill so we pop it in a little bag so can easily be taken about with you and you can even play it in a restaurant while you wait for your meal. The idea of the game is you roll 2 dice with symbols on and the 2 symbols that come up will match only 1 of the domino in the pack, the first person to place their finger in the middle dot gets that domino, the first person to collect 6 is the winner. Super simple but really fun to play well worth taking on your next trip.

Cards Against Humanity: UK Edition

This game is very rude, but it's also a lot of fun. CAH houses over 500 cards that older kids can pick through and identify phrases associated with different categories (like the 90s or memes). One player- usually the one who owns the game- turns their head to cover their eyes while everyone else picks out ten cards each. 

Each card has a white answer on one side and an action on the other side, so every round will include two answers from players' stacks that are read aloud by everyone else.

Hasbro Gaming Scattergories Board Game

Scattergories is a great word game that’s designed to get your creative juices flowing. It’s for two or more people and the goal is to come up with words that fit in one of the categories on cards. You can use any letter tile, but be careful—you may need it later! The person who has the most points adjudicates so competitors have an honest chance. Once you know how to play Scattergories, there are no limits! That means when you run out of categories, start making some up yourself; and once someone guesses correctly on what


Bananagrams | Word Game | Ages 7+ | 2-6 Players | 15 Minute Playing Time, Yellow

Bananagrams - This word game is played by connecting letters into words and then using those words to create sentences, stories, or other phrases 

Bananagrams is an award-winning word game that can be played solo, against friends or family members, and in teams. The game consists of 108 banana-shaped letter tiles (yellow, purple, green and red) organized into eight draw stacks. Each stack has a different mix of letters: vowels on yellow; consonants on red; fruit names are blue; curse words are orange (unfortunately). There are six ways to play - create words with one hand without peeking at the other hand’s letters (Party); challenge players in turn by giving them seven new words

CATAN | Struggle for Catan | Board Game | Ages 10+ | 2-4 Players | 30 Minutes Minutes Playing Time

In this card game you build settlements and roads to peacefully expand your realm. You get trading resources with opponents to acquire useful cards for new expansions, which require varied resources. The active player can also purchase development cards that confer benefits – like the robber who steals from their neighbors while they are away or victory points cards that give them a strong lead in counting up at the end of the game. Settlers of Catan is not about fighting over territories by might but rather through diplomacy and trading skills - only then will you progress from beginner settlers up to citizens, knights, even lords!

Scrabble Original Board Game by Mattel

Scrabble is a classic word making game, one that relies on the letter tiles to form words. Players start with seven letters and take turns forming words using them. But watch out—don't let your opponent use all the available letters or you’ll lose! How many points can you score in two minutes?

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Classic, Children's game that promotes reaction speed from 6 years

The game is a perfect balance of strategy and luck. The 18 different cover blocks offer hours of dynamic play as dozens of three dimensional puzzles are created with every turn. With sleek yet traditional style, the wooden block set has fun colors for added appeal.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game

A classic board game that is always a good time for the family.

The classic property trading game of Monopoly promises to put you at odds with friends and family as it fosters strategic thinking, economic management, and middle-class panic. For 3 to 8 players aged 12+.

Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Outdoor game to help get kids excited and learn to appreciate...

A Mindfulness Scavenger hunt where you list all the items your group must find before they can return home. 

With a Scavenger Hunt, you're guaranteed to have a fun and successful adventure! With this product, the participants shall have to find all items on the list before they are allowed to finish.  Transform your boring weekend into an exciting one by having some friends over for some drinks and taking turns giving clues for what needs to be found next.