Best Fire Pit Mats

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love gathering around a cosy fire pit on a summer’s evening. While these appliances are a must for spending time in your garden, they can pose a risk to the surface you use them on. Your fire pit gets very hot and this can cause scorch marks and damage to your grass or decking. But don’t worry, a high quality fire pit mat provides just the protection you need. 

Top 5 Fire Pit Mats

There isn’t a huge amount of difference between fire pit mats and, for the most part, you’ll be able to source one that does the job well. However, as with anything, there are some products that have that little something extra so we have chosen five of the best for your consideration. 


Round Fire Pit Mat Deck Protector 30'', CestMall Fireproof Pad Heat Deflector BBQ Floor Protective...

Affordable and reliable, the CestMall fire pit mat is a great choice for almost any situation. It is made from two layers of heat resistant materials including aluminised fibreglass which is an excellent heat reflector. This offers ultimate protection to the ground even with a roaring fire. 

What’s more, the fire pit mat is great for people on the go and is easy to fold away and pack in a bag. It’s lightweight and certainly won’t weigh you down if you’re hiking to your next campsite. 

This mat measures 30 inches so is suitable for small to mid-sized fire pits. Although if you have something larger, the brand also makes a 38 inch mat with all of the same features. 




We couldn’t find anything wrong with this fire pit mat

Suitable for all types of ground

Layer fabric for better resistance to heat

Suitable for small to medium fire pits



Square Fire Pit Mat, 40 x 40 inch Outdoor Fireproof Pad, Both Sides Heat Resistant 3 Layers Heat...

If you have a larger fire pit, it is essential that the ground is adequately covered and there’s no use trying to use a smaller mat and hoping for the best. This one from VAZILLIO measures 40 inches across and so offers protection for the ground under the fire pit as well as around it. 

The fire pit mat is made from an aluminium fabric that very effectively reflects heat and with three layers, you have no concern that the ground below will sustain any damage. What’s more, it can be used on a variety of surfaces including brick, grass, decking, concrete and more. 



Great for large fire pits

A little pricier than other mats

Triple layered fabric

Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces

Foldable and portable

Wipe clean


Fire Pit Mat | Fire Proof Mat |Charcoal BBQ Mat | Grill Mat | Fireproof Cloth | Flame Retardant...

When you’re heading out away from home, you need a fire pit mat that is easy to transport and yet just as reliable as one you’d use in the garden. This one offers the best of everything and has a substantial 100cm size making it ideal for larger fire pits and BBQs.

The UK All Elite fire pit mat is made from glass fabric that can stand up to 1000ºc heat and will protect a wide range of surfaces. While it doesn’t have the reflective element that our previous mats have had, that doesn’t affect its ability to perform well. 

It offers excellent durability and is so easy to fold and pop into your travel bag. What’s more, it’ll wipe clean so it is fuss-free when it comes to maintenance. 



Large size

Not layered

Can withstand very high heat


Easy to clean

Can be used on lots of surfaces


Ember Mat, Fire Pit Mat, Grill Mat with 16 Inch 932 Degree Fahrenheit Leather Forge Fire Resistant...

If you’re looking for a fire pit mat that has something extra special then this one from patelai will be right up your street. Yes, it does come with a much higher price tag then our other offerings but it certainly performs far beyond your expectations. 

The mat is of a professional standard and features a silicone fire retardant coating. On top of this, you also get fire resistant gloves to protect your hands as well. The mat can be used on several different surfaces and even comes with cut out points so you can secure it with tent pegs or ground stakes. 

Where safety is concerned, the fire pit mat comes with reflective edges that allow it to be clearly seen at night. Even if your fire pit has gone out, it will remain hot for some time and in the dark, an unknowing person may walk straight into it causing severe injury to themselves. 



Comes with a fire pit mat and gloves


Easy to secure to the ground for stability

Reflective strips for visibility at night

Can be used on all surfaces

Professional quality

Floor Protective Mat,Fireproof Heat Resistant BBQ Gas Grill Splatter Mat Mat Backyard Floor...

This is a multipurpose fire pit mat that also protects the ground against food spillages while still being resistant to heat. It is one of the larger mats on our list with a total width of 124cm making it ideal for bigger fire pits. 

The Regun floor mat is also great if you’re travelling as it will roll up and fit easily into a car or can be carried since it’s so lightweight. 

We also love that this fire pit mat is anti-skid so much safer for whoever is managing the fire; far less risk of accidents. The non woven polyester fabric is incredibly durable and resistant and when well taken care of, this is a mat that will really stand the test of time 



Large size

Heat resistance isn’t as good as competing products

Can be used on various surfaces


Easy to transport and store

Anti skid

What To Consider Before Buying A Fire Pit Mat

You want your fire pit mat to be reliable and provide the ground below with adequate protection. For this reason, we wouldn’t suggest purchasing any old mat. As we have mentioned, most products are very similar and do the same job but there are some whose quality and effectiveness doesn’t quite measure up. To avoid problems, make sure that you consider the following before making a purchase. 

Heat Resistance

One of the most important features of your fire pit mat is that it is properly able to resist heat. This means looking at the type of material used to make it. They come in all sorts of materials including rock and stone, metal and heat resistant fabric. If it cannot provide you with heat resistance then it simply isn’t worth buying.

Is it Washable?

It’s to be expected that your fire pit mat will get dirty; after all, it’s on the ground outside exposed to heat. This means that you should look for a mat that is easy to clean. When things are clean and well maintained, they last longer and while a fire pit mat isn’t the largest investment you’ll ever make, you don’t want to have to keep forking out for a new one. 


When choosing your fire pit mat, make sure that you select a product that is durable enough to withstand its desired use. If you’re using a large, heavy fire pit then the mat will need to be able to support this without becoming damaged.


Fire pits come in different shapes and sizes so it’s essential to choose a mat that adequately covers the ground below. They come in a variety of sizes so be sure to check out the measurements before buying. You’ll need to make sure that the mat is slightly larger than the fire pit itself so that it offers protection from flying embers to the surrounding ground. 

Foldable For Storage?

If you’re buying a solid fire pit mat that is made from metal or rock then it isn’t going to fold. However, you should make sure that you have somewhere suitable to store it as leaving it exposed to the elements will shorten its lifespan. 

If you’ve purchased a fabric fire pit mat then you’ll want to consider whether it can be foiled for easy storage. These are also ideal if you’re on the go and make great accessories for camping. 


The best fire pit mats provide your grass, patio, decking or any other surface you are using your fire pit mat on with heat protection. If you want to use your fire pit safely, they are a must but choosing the best one does require a little thought and attention. Once you've decided exactly what you need, our top picks have something for everyone.