Best Silent Generators For Caravans – No More Noise!

Most people take off in their caravans to enjoy a spot of peace and quiet but with loud equipment, the epace is quickly ruined. Not only will it disturb your owning holiday but having a loud generator will likely irritate anyone camping nearby. 

For this reason, manufacturers have developed a number of silent generators for caravans. They’re just as effective but will give you the tranquillity you are looking for on the campsite. Of course, you need to know exactly what you are looking for and that’s why we have created this handy guide on finding the best silent generator for your caravan.

Best Silent Generators For Caravans - Our Top Picks

When it comes to choosing the best silent generator for your caravan, you will notice that there is something of a decent choice. But if you’re new to this type of equipment, it can be useful to have a helping hand. So, we have chosen some of the very best silent generators and all you need to do is select the one that best suits your needs.


Böhmer-AG W5500i Petrol Inverter Generator 3000w Pure Sine Wave Instant Power 4-Stroke Engine...

Ok, let’s start by pointing out that this generator should be considered a bit of an investment. But if you’re a regular camper with higher power needs then this is the perfect addition to your gear. With a four stroke engine and 3000 watts, this little generator really has some get up and go. Plus it’s fitted with UK sockets so all of your appliance will be compatible

While this is a petrol generator, it comes with an electric key start so there’s no messing around once you’ve set up camp. Simply turn it on and fire up everything you’ll need for your stay. Moreover, this is a low emission generator so as well as being silent, you can feel confident that it won’t be damaging to the environment. 

It’s slightly heavy at 52kg, but that’s to be expected considering it’s such a powerful generator. But its compact size is perfect for caravans and there’s no concern of it getting in the way. What’s more, the camouflage design really helps it to blend into nature. 



Sine waves for sensitive electrical appliances


Compact size

Easy to start

Two year warranty as standard

UK plugs and 12v connections


Inverter Generator Petrol 4000W Watts RocwooD Portable Camping FREE Oil Quiet Silent Caravan...

The price of this generator is slightly higher than the Bohmer but you’re also getting a lot more power; 4000 watts to be exact. This is all driven by a powerful four stroke engine that is both quiet and robust so it’s built to last. 

We think that this is an excellent choice for caravanners with more intense needs and the excellent build quality means that no matter where you go, this generator will stand up to the challenge. Plus, with sine power, it’s suitable for all types of electronics, even those that are more sensitive. 

If you’ve never used a petrol generator before, you may be concerned that it would be difficult to start up. But that won’t be the case with the RocWood generator as the built in battery means that the device starts up at the touch of a button. 

We also love how easy this one is to transport. It’s got a built in handle that allows for easy carrying and at just 48kg, it’s one of the lighter generators we have looked at. 



Lightweight and portable


Powerful engine

Easy to start

Three different types of connection (UK mains, 12v and USB)

Runs at just 65 decibels


Briggs & Stratton 030801 Petrol Portable Inverter Generator PowerSmart Series P2400, 2400 Watt/1800...

If you’re looking for the very best quality and something that you know is going to be reliable then turning to a brand like Briggs and Stratton is a no brainer. They’re well known for their incredible petrol engines and this generator is no exception. 

The engine has a large fuel tank meaning that you’ll get up to eight hours of run time on a single fill. What’s more, with 2400 watts of power, this is the perfect generator for all different types of campers and caravanners. The power is smooth and efficient and is great even for more sensitive devices. 

Our focus here is on quiet generators and it doesn’t get much quieter than this; running at just 58 decibels, it is one of the most silent on our list. What’s more, there’s an auto function that adjusts the engine’s power according to what is plugged in. 



Intelligent engine


Superb quality

Very quiet operation

Several protective features including carbon monoxide protection

Large fuel tank


P1 P1000i Petrol Generator for Portable Power. 1000W Powered by Hyundai. Ultra Quiet 4 Stroke...

Sometimes you don’t need a hugely powerful generator but just something that’ll deliver enough oomph for your weekend camp. This one is perfect with 1000 watts of power and a compact size, it’s great for occasional caravanners. At just 14kg and with a telescopic handle, you’ll have no issues moving it from place to place. 

What we really love about this amazing piece of equipment is that it is fitted with a Hyundai engine. If you want to be reassured of the quality, this name will do that for you. It’s a reliable and powerful four stroke engine and there’s even an eco mode!

While this is a great weekender, it’s also incredibly versatile with a number of different connections allowing you to hook up as many different types of devices as you need. And don’t worry about overloading the generator as with a built in overload protection function, it’s perfectly safe to use. 



Several types of connection

Can be trickier to start than other generators

Digital overload protection

Lightweight and portable

Powerful and reliable engine

Eco mode


Instant Power Portable Suitcase Inverter Petrol Generator 4 Stroke 4HP 1200W 12V 230V – Pure Sine...

A lot of generators are, undeniably, very expensive. That’s fine if you’re using them regularly, but if you only take your van out on the odd occasion, you might not be looking to spend quite as much. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality and that’s demonstrated perfectly by the Nassboards Instant Power Portable Generator. 

It boasts 1200 watts of power and a super reliable four stroke engine that’s both quiet and will give you a long service life. We also love that it comes with accessories including engine oil and a spark plug removal tool which just makes the whole thing a lot more convenient when it comes to maintenance. 

The generator is super lightweight at just 14kg and has a range of safety features that give you excellent peace of mind. This includes an auto shut off function when the fuel or oil is running low. You’ll get six hours of use on one tank of fuel so it’s perfect for those weekend getaways. 



Lightweight and portable

Running time could be longer

Safety features

3 pin and 12 v connections

Eco mode

Comes with accessories

How To Choose A Silent Generator For Your Caravan

Even having seen some of the best silent generators for caravans, there are still a few factors that you are going to need to weigh up if you want to get a product that will perfectly match your needs. Here comes our top buying tips to help you make the most informed decision. 

Ease of Transportation

The weight of your generator is an important factor to consider since this will determine how easy it is to transport. There’s very little point in choosing a huge generator if you only tend to go away for a night or two at a time. On the other hand, if you often travel in your caravan for weeks at a time, you might need something more substantial. 

Generally speaking, 1000 watt to 2000 watt generators may weigh anywhere between 15kg and 30kg. It can be useful to look for products that have additional features that make them easier to move around such as strong carrying handles. 


Since we are considering silent generators, one of the most important things to think about is just how silent it is. Of course, any working piece of equipment like a generator is going to produce some noise but the products we have been looking at are among the quietest. 

You will notice that the noise output is measured in decibels and it’s a good idea to try to find something that is 60db or below. Anything higher than this and you’ll start noticing the noise levels rising and your peace being disturbed. 

Fuel Consumption

The last thing you want is to have to refuel your generator more often than expected. The good thing about most modern generators is that they are extremely fuel efficient so you’re in luck if you’re in the market to buy a new piece of equipment. 

But as well as efficiency, it’s also worth thinking about the size of the fuel tank as this can often have a bearing on how easy it is to use. While you may think that getting a generator with a much larger fuel tank is the best idea, you’ll often find that this makes the whole thing much heavier which goes back to what we were saying about how easy it is to transport. Try to go for a generator whose fuel tank is just the right size to meet your needs. 


A silent generator is ideal for keeping things peaceful and relaxing when travelling in your caravan. A noisy generator serves as a massive distraction, not only for you but for other campers and caravanners.

We have introduced you to some of the very best silent generators on the market today. With our handy buying guide, you’ll now be well equipped to choose the perfect generator for your and your caravan.