Our Best 5 Caravan Steps (Our 2022 Best Of Guide)

Whether you have mobility issues that limit your ability to get in and out of your caravan or whether you simply want to make life easier, a caravan step is the obvious choice. There are a lot of products out there but a step is a step, right? In theory, yes, and while there isn’t too much difference between steps, there are some that have that little extra something. 

If you’ve been thinking about buying caravan steps and would like to know a little more about how to find the best product then you’re in the right place. We’ll be giving you some top buying tips as well as showing you some of the best steps available today.

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Why Do I Need Caravan Steps? 

Some caravans have quite a high step up to get in and this can be difficult for people who have limited mobility. Even if you don’t have a disability, constantly having to take a giant step in and out of your caravan can be a pain so caravan steps just make life that little bit easier. It’s especially important if you are going away for a longer period of time.

These steps will also give you a stable way of getting in and out and many have a non-slip surface which provides you with greater safety. If you have serious mobility problems then you will also find your step invaluable when getting out of the car. 

The only real issue with using caravan steps is that, when pitched on grass, there is a chance that they will sink. However, there are some simple ways to prevent this including looking for steps that have a wider surface area as this will make it more difficult for the feet to sink. Alternatively, you could use an old board to lay underneath the steps to create a more stable base. 

The Best Caravan Steps For Your Weekend Away

If you’re looking to buy caravan steps then you’ll have noticed just how many options there are out there. It might feel a bit overwhelming so we have put together some top picks that have seriously impressed us.


Royal 199200 Deluxe Double Step Non-Slip, Grey

Durability, stability and safety are all combined with these brilliant caravan steps from Royal. Not only this, but they look the part as well so if you want to keep up with the Joneses and have your pitch looking as high-end as possible, these are a great choice. 

They are made from a steel alloy so the steps are extremely strong and the support bar around the base of the steps gives you brilliant stability even on less even or soft ground. Add into this the fact that the steps have a very effective rubber non-slip surface and you’ve got something very safe to use. This makes the steps ideal for those with limited mobility or for small children. 

While the steps don’t fold for storage they aren’t hugely bulky and with a double platform, they provide you with a much easier way to access your caravan. 



Made from durable steel that won’t rust

We couldn’t find anything wrong with these steps

Non slip surface

Attractive design

Great stability

Lightweight 3.5kg


Folding Step Stool (Aluminium Single Step Foldable Adjustable Multi Purpose Collapsible Lightweight)

One of the first things you’ll notice about this step is that it is a little more expensive than some of the other options on our list but there is a good reason for this increased price. This step offers far greater versatility than others and adjusts to one of four heights. What’s more, it’s incredibly durable and is an investment that’ll last you for many adventures. 

The Secure FIx Direct step features a large platform which may be better for people who are a little less steady on their feet. The rubber tipped angled legs offer improved stability and they will fold down when the stool is not in use so it’s super easy to store. 

This step is made from aluminium which is an extremely lightweight material, ideal for travelling. It is very robust and will resist the elements well. 




Feet may sink in soft ground


Large surface area

Good stability



Unibos Single Step Stool Folding Steps Ladder Foldable Design – Ideal for Home Kitchen Garage...

Caravan steps should not be an outdoor accessory that breaks the bank and while you don’t want to go for cheaply made, great value for money is a different matter entirely. This single step from Unibos offers an affordable solution to getting in and out of your caravan with great stability and a compact design. 

The step folds down flat for storage making it one of the best space saving options but the angled legs still ensure that it gives you a stable surface to stand on. The feet also feature anti-slip caps and the surface is made from rubber giving you great grip. 

We also really like that this stool is super strong. It has a weight capacity of 150kg which is more than enough for most adults, even those who are slightly larger. The steel structure offers increased durability and the material will not easily corrode so it’s perfect for outdoor use. 



Lockable legs

Base may sink in soft ground

Non slip

Good weight capacity


Rust resistant


Fiamma Heavy Duty Motorhome Caravan Campervan Camping Step 02950-01-

If you prefer a plastic step, it’s important to keep in mind that some may not have the durability or weight capacity of some of the metal steps out there. But that’s not to say that there aren’t high quality plastic caravan steps like this one from Fiamma. 

Designed for heavy duty use, this step will handle most tasks and is perfect for weekends away. What’s great is that the material won’t ever be susceptible to rust but it is worth keeping in mind that plastic may weaken when heavily exposed to direct sunlight, so you should store this one under the caravan when not in use. The great thing is that this is perfectly doable thanks to the compact design at just 23cm. 

In terms of stability, this step is ideal and comes with a solid base that features peg holes so that it can be secured to the ground. This is great if the ground is soft and you want to prevent the step from sinking. 



Heavy duty

Less durable than metal

Compact size


Rust resistant

Good value for money


CrazyGadget 2 Step Stool Metal Anti Slip Rubber Mat Lightweight Safety Non Slip Mat Heavy Duty Steel...

This step stool is incredibly versatile. While it will work well as a caravan step, it’ll also serve you at home too; in the kitchen, the garden and many other places. It is made from heavy duty steel meaning that it’s very durable and will take a decent amount of weight. The double platform design makes it much easier to get up and down safely.

The Crazy Gadget step stool features a non-slip surface so, even though it won’t fold down and must be left exposed when not in use, if it rains, the water won’t affect the grip. You’ll also notice that this one has cross bars at the base, another feature that makes it great for use in wet weather when the ground may soften. This bar will prevent the step from sinking which can be a problem with other products. 





Very durable

Non slip

Won’t sink easily

Heavy duty

What Should I Consider When Buying Caravan Steps?

You’ll probably agree that caravan steps are not the most complex piece of equipment you’ll purchase for your adventures. However, there are still a few important things to think about before making a decision and it’s important to look at your own needs as well as the features of the step. 

Step Material

Looking at the material that the step is made from is crucial as this will tell you a lot about its durability. But it’ll also tell you a good deal about how easy to use the step will be. Typically, a lot of caravan steps are made from metal and this is usually steel or aluminium. The latter is a softer metal but during manufacturing it will have been treated to ensure greater strength and stability. Because of its very nature, aluminium is the more lightweight option so if you are looking for something that won’t break your back when moving it around, this is a good choice. That said, steel isn’t exactly the heaviest material on earth. 

Steel is a durable material but it will damage far more easily and your step may begin to look worn long before an aluminum equivalent. But if you want something cheap and cheerful then steel is definitely the way to go. 

You should also note that aluminium is much more resistant than steel and it’ll take a lot more for it to corrode and rust. This is great news since you’re going to be using the steps outside but because of this and other factors, you’ll find that aluminium steps are a little more pricey.

Now, if metal doesn’t appeal to you, there are also a number of plastic steps on the market. These are very lightweight and there’s no risk of them rusting. However, while they do offer a degree of durability, they aren’t quite as robust as their metal cousins. 


If you choose plastic caravan steps, you’ll find that these usually come as a solid piece whereas many metal steps can be folded. If you are limited on storage space then it is vital that you choose something that isn’t going to eat too much into this. Folding steps, in this instance, are a must. 

Number Of Steps

When choosing caravan steps, you will notice there are generally two options; those with one platform and those with two. The steps that have two platforms are naturally much bigger so you will need to compare this to your available storage space. Again, looking for steps that can be folded will eliminate any storage problems you may have.

The great thing about double steps is that the distance between each step tends to be smaller which is good news if you struggle to take larger steps. They’re also a good choice for those who are taking pets and children on a caravanning break. 

It’s also a good idea to compare the height of the steps to your caravan door. In some cases, especially if the pitch is not even, you may find that the steps are actually higher than the threshold. This will pose a safety hazard and will make it very difficult to use the door.

On the other hand, you might choose a single step, but it’s important to note that these offer less stability so should be used by adults with good physical ability. In addition to this, the step up into the caravan will be larger so this type of step won’t be suitable for people with mobility issues or young children. 

However, the good thing about single platform steps is that they are much more lightweight so they’ll be easier to store. When you head off out for the day, you can pop them underneath the caravan so they won’t be in the way. 


Having a stable set of caravan steps is crucial where safety is concerned so this is one of the most important things to think about. You’ll be able to tell a lot about the stability of a step by looking at the legs. If the legs sit at more of an outward angle then this gives the step a larger base, therefore making it more stable. Even when someone is standing on the step, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll tip over.

It’s also important to think about where you will place the steps. If the ground is very soft then this is going to affect the stability. Again, looking for steps that have a larger base is essential here but there are also some designs that come with a base frame which will stop them from sinking. There are also some steps out there that have pegging points so they can be secured and the stability improved. 

Non Slip

Another aspect of safe use that you’ll need to consider is whether the step is non-slip. This is even more important where the user has balance or mobility issues. You’ll find that many steps feature a rubber tread or metal mesh that gives greater tread and grip. Rubber tends to be the more effective option, so do keep this in mind. On plastic steps, this grip is usually moulded into the design.

However, if your step doesn’t have adequate traction then there are ways you can improve it yourself. A lot of people opt to stick some carpet to the surface to provide better grip. Of course, this will require maintenance to keep clean and dry and you’ll need to replace it often. 


While caravan steps might not be the most high-tech or top of the range piece of caravanning equipment, they are certainly indispensable, especially for children, pets and adults with mobility issues. There’s not too much difference between designs but we would recommend checking out the features of a step before making a final decision.