12 Hacks to Create Better Caravan Storage

Are you getting the most out of your camping trip? If you're still getting used to travelling in a caravan or have only recently begun to explore this new mode of transportation, we have some exciting news for you!

Our lives have always been made easier by hacks and tricks. We've compiled a list of some of the most useful hacks for improving your caravanning experience. Let's have a look at what they have to offer.

We've compiled a list of 12 caravan storage solutions to help you maximise your interior space, enjoy your vacation, and relax comfortably and safely.

Get Tools Which Help in Ordering Your Stuff

Most sited static caravans for sale come with some form of storage space, but it's usually restricted. 

If you want a more easy way to organise your caravan, invest in a couple of storage stools and tables. These will provide you with a convenient place to store objects such as books, laptops, and other small items that would otherwise end up on the floor.

It's best to choose furniture that has concealed storage places so that you may use it while still having enough space to store your belongings.

Investing in some plastic bins or boxes for your caravan is another method to increase storage space. Most shops sell these for a modest price and will provide you with a space to store all of your tiny stuff, such as toiletries. 

You may also use them in the kitchen to store tins and containers.


Campart Camping Cupboard Bordeaux – 3 compartments – 4 adjustable feet – Carrier handle...

This campart table/cupboard/storage is super handy and it folds neatly down into a little case to store away when not in use. Weighing just 4.5kg this is a great addition to your caravanning kit if you are looking for some extra storage and doubles up as a table too. Size is just 60 x 48 x 81cm so will fit in the corner in some caravans or happily in your awning if you have one.

Magnetic Strips

Magnetic tapes have been tested to hold 1lb per inch based on their physical qualities. This means they can hold kitchen knives, tools, keys, and anything else you can think of.

It also comes with the benefit of being self-adhesive. As a result, you can place these strips wherever they'll be most handy, such as above the kitchen counter, beside the door, or alongside your bathroom cabinet.

Everything will be much more organised and accessible with the magnetic tape strips. Much more so than if it was crammed into an already overflowing drawer!

Magnetic strips are a great alternative to caravan storage boxes for keeping metallic things together. Examples are scissors, knives, screwdrivers, keys, jars with metal lids, bottle openers, and even fire-lighters.

Ottoman Beds

Your choice of ottoman bed will have the most impact on your family and you if you have a static caravan. 

If you get this right, you can all benefit from your purchase. You might be able to free up some room in your caravan storage. This would free up space for other hobbies or perhaps additional furniture. This means spending more time online exploring websites and perhaps visiting your local shopping centre indulging in more caravanning activities.

Creating the correct atmosphere in the caravan would assist your children or company. The purchase could be the beginning of a wonderful living experience for the entire family and your caravan companions.

If you have visitors, this style of bed may be useful to them as well. If you provide an ottoman bed for them to use while staying the night, it may be useful for storing their belongings. This could help maintain the rest of the house clean and clutter-free. 

It could be a huge relief for both you and your guests. Consider all of the other things you could be doing instead!

Hooks, Hooks, and Hooks

If you have a bunch of hooks, you'll probably find space in your van that you didn't realise it had. 

Hanging objects like cooking utensils and keys from hooks are not only a functional addition that helps you to identify items easily, but it also saves room in your caravan. Clips or suction caps, on the other hand, are equally beneficial.

It's dubbed a 'quick-drop zone' by those in the industry. Items you use frequently should be kept near at hand. Hooks behind the caravan door store keys, hats, jackets, dog leads, headphones, and chargers. This keeps them out of drawers and cabinets and makes them easy to reach when you need them.

Pay attention to the weight limit rating of the glue you're using if you're using stick-on hooks, and make sure you have the correct strength. There are various excellent solutions available, but it's best to be on the side of caution and acquire the largest, strongest hook you can or use double-sided adhesive from a hardware store or take a look at these sunction hooks we found.

Shoe Racks

Purchase a hanging shoe rack (shoe racks that hang from the ceiling) to take your game one step further. 

This one falls into the so-simple-yet-so-effective category when it comes to space-saving measures. Small items such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and food can be stored on hanging shoe racks. 

This technique not only saves you room but also ensures that you have ready access to these things when you need them. Hanging baskets and tiny hammocks, which can be used to store fruit and vegetables, are also ideal for reducing clutter.

Overhead Storage

When you look up, you'll realise how much room there is in your caravan's ceiling. 

It's an excellent spot to store seasonal items that won't be used for several months. Overhead storage is ideal for holiday decorations, winter sports equipment, beach chairs, and coolers. 

Don't limit yourself to off-season things, though. There are numerous items that would be better stored up, up, and away. Ladders, storage bins, and fishing poles are all viable alternatives. What about all those household items you picked up at the RV store? They're kept out of the way in overhead storage until they're needed.

Creative Shelving and Storage Solutions

Fabric organisers are great for keeping little goods that you want to have within easy reach while camping, both indoors and outdoors, such as glasses, smartphones, charging cords, pencils, tissues, torches, and other small objects. 

There are many various sorts to pick from, such as those that hang on the backs of front seats or on empty wall spaces in caravans or mobile homes.

Why not create your own little shelf if you're searching for a practical and robust option for keeping thread, spices, or other small objects in your motorhome? Simple screw jam or olive jar lids to the underside of a cabinet or shelf can help. The jars are ideal for holding little goods and can be quickly screwed on and off.

This approach does have one disadvantage: glass jars are heavy and can break — for example, a child could drop one by accident, creating a mound of broken glass in the camper, which could be dangerous.

Going Digital

If you're a voracious reader, your trailer is likely to be overflowing with books and magazines. However, with the introduction of eBooks, you'll be able to avoid some serious storage issues!

To make extra space in your caravan, consider purchasing more eBooks. You may have more books at your fingertips on one device with a digital reader, and you can even store them in the cloud! The same is true with photographs, periodicals, and newspapers.

Avoid Overpacking

If storage is still an issue after following all of these suggestions, you can always fall back on a tried-and-true trick: fight the urge to over-pack. 

Consider what is truly necessary for your vacation. Instead of reading straight from the Armageddon survival kit guide, make a constructive list. You can avoid overpacking by utilising wall space.

Slat Systems

Installing a slat system on the walls provides the ideal location for rakes and brooms to be hung vertically. Hoses, big tools, and other items can also be hung on a slat system using specialised hooks. 

Small storage boxes will also slip right on, allowing you to stash nuts, bolts, nails, jewellery, and whatever else comes to mind. In addition, slat systems come in several colours to match the interior of your caravan.

Custom Cabinets

Heavy objects or items that you want to keep out of sight might be stored in custom cabinetry. 

Towels, clothes, jewellery, electronics, vehicle fluids, tools, and various other products work well in mobile cabinets. You may even add cupboards with a work surface to make your trailer genuinely functional. 

Cabinets can also be fitted with slat systems. Smaller tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches, can be stored in the slats, so you always have what you need.

Custom cabinets come in a number of finishes to give your trailer a sleek, modern appeal.


Toss balls, sports equipment, toys, or even gardening materials in a wall-mounted basket. Getting these objects off the floor not only frees up room in your mobile home but also eliminates a tripping danger.

When it comes to RV organization, don't forget about the ceiling and walls. You may not have understood how easy these areas may be tailored to your requirements.


Can I Use Hooks in A Caravan?

Yes! Not only are hooks useful to hang stuff in a limited space, but they are also really versatile with regard to the point of application. 

If you have a plethora of hooks, saving space in a caravan becomes a child’s play. Hooks will allow you to hang keys, wallets, purses, laundry, towels, etc. 

Needless to say, you should always purchase hooks with suction cups instead of drillable screws, which tend to mess up your van and make living conditions not very waterproof.

Are Nets Useful in A Caravan House?

Yes, needless to say, hooks can serve as a great tool in your caravan house. 

A net built for caravans is simple in design: it's a net that attaches to fabric surfaces with Velcro. It has a plethora of applications, and because of its versatility, you can acquire storage exactly where you need it. 

This is a vital space-saving device for caravanners, whether you put it near your bed to charge your phone overnight or on the side of the sofa to hold the TV remotes.

How to Manage Toiletries?

When living in a static trailer, many people believe they don't have enough storage space. This is so far from reality! To make additional space, utilize every nook and cranny accessible.

Using a shelf or drawer under your sink, for example, is a smart method to store your toiletries. You can also hang racks on the wall of your shower to hold all of your bottles.

Small hanging pods are the greatest options for separating your toiletries. They take up less space and make it easy to keep everyone's amenities separate.

The Takeaway

We hope these hacks find their way into your caravan life and help you have a more enjoyable trip.

The majority of these are smart yet simple, making caravan travel easier. The best time to buy a new caravan or renew an existing one is right now! Prepare yourself well before embarking on an exciting journey.