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Our 4 Top Black Friday selections – Great outdoor finds

Black Friday comes but once a year… unless you count Cyber Monday! Even though for many, its usually considered the wrong time of year to be thinking of heading outdoors, we wanted to help you find some bargains to add your kit.

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Discover for our 60 Camping Gear best finds.

Recycled Ripsaw Travel Blanket
Let’s face it, it’s freezing outside and how many times have we all thought I could do with a wearable sleeping bag right now? Well, Voited has the solution, this amazing compact 100% recycled travel blanket could be the answer to your dreams.
A pillow, a blanket & a sleeping bag water-resistant with a hood! What’s not to love.
Bargain at €66,90 (about £59.61)
Usual Price €89.90
Tentsile Connect Tree Tent
Tentsiles are unique. They hang from three trees so that the floor is kept absolutely flat and taut.
With rainfly and insect mesh, they’re the all-in-one option for sleeping in the trees. As featured in our Which bivvy hammock? A head-to-head tree-tent test 
Perfect for ultra-comfy car camping, weekend trips, and single-location basecamps.
20% off Black Friday £399.20 (£100 off!)
Depending on what tier you end up in this car-mounted awning would be a great solution to meeting loved ones outside whatever the weather.
This is a quick set up shelter easy to pack away, waterproof and extends out 2m. Available in a few sizes to fit various car and optional extra to get sides too.
 10% off sitewide today use code
Lightweight and compact backpacking stove
The Solo Stove Lite is a fantastic easy to use stove using just a few twigs, sticks or cones! A must for those out hiking on these cold days to easily whip up a hot brew or a burger. 
Very efficient, it doesn’t just burn wood, it cooks the smoke of the wood and then burns the smoke twice!
£75 (usual £90) 17% off
More deals too from BaseCamp Food 

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