Where to buy your camping gear – the best camping stores

When we’re planning what new camping gear we’ll need for the year’s trips, we’ve been a bit disappointed by supposed camping ‘superstores’ that really don’t offer much choice.

So, we’ve compiled a list of all the best places to shop for camping equipment, along with returns and delivery details. We hope it helps!

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus insulated mat
Did you know…

If you pay by PayPal for an item and the retailer doesn’t offer free returns, PayPal will refund the cost? There’s a limit on the number of transactions and you have to make a claim via your account, but it’s easy and it works!


Ebay isn’t just for secondhand camping gear. Many real-world shops also have Ebay shops.
Returns are usually simple and payments are really well protected.

It’s a good place to check prices, though don’t assume everything is a bargain. We’ve sometimes found cheaper at some of the other stores and on Amazon.


One of the best ranges of walking shoes and boots we’ve found. And prices can be good too. Certainly not just sports or running, and outdoor clothes as well as footwear! 

SportsShoes delivery is £4.99, so factor that in. Returns are easy, with lots of options and a 100=day promise. The cheapest is via Hermes drop-off at £2.95.

Ordnance Survey

Whether you prefer maps, apps or books, the Ordnance Survey has them all. We came across it when researching for our article on apps for walkers and cyclists.
Did you know that buying a real map gives you access to digital versions for your phone or tablet too?

All maps are delivered for free.

Leisure Lakes Bikes

For a massive range of road, mountain and electric bikes and good prices, Leisure Lakes Bikes is fantastic. They also have ten actual shops. Free delivery if you spend £10 or more.

Cotswold OutdoorCotswold Outdoor

Cotswold is a sister company to Snow + Rock and another that has real-world branches in some places. Bigger branches usually have a few sleeping mats and bags to try out, but the ranges are quite limited.

They also do some tents and camping accessories, plus lots of walking jackets and boots. Sales are good!

Delivery is free over £50 (express and free over £100) and you have to pay for returns unless an item is faulty.


You probably haven’t heard of Wildbounds? We hadn’t. It’s a newish and smallish company that specialises in some unusual and top-quality brands for camping and outdoor equipment. 

More adventure camping than family trips, but lots of lovely things, including some of our favourite bivvy hammocks and backpacking stoves.


An unbelievable range of sports, outdoor and camping gear and fantastic prices too. Decathlon‘s Quechua and Arpenaz tents are virtually all you see on mainland European campsites – and the reason is that they’re affordable, easy to put up and have some clever features.

Free delivery over £30 and 365 days to return (free to some locations).

Bell Tent Boutique

Gorgeous canvas tents and accessories for a more luxurious sort of  camping – Bell Tent Boutique is great for the non-backpackers!!

Canvas tents in all sizes and everything from chandeliers to rag rugs. Free next day shipping, but no free returns (use Paypal to benefit from their refund on return costs).

Outdoor Gear UK

A lesser known online store for camping gear, although they’ve been selling equipment since 1906 (not online, of course!). Fantastic range of brands – everything from wellingtons and socks to tents and sleeping mats – and good prices too.

Delivery is £1.95 and free after £50, all next day. No-fuss returns. You pay the cost, but if you want to exchange, postage back to you is free.

Ultimate Outdoors

Ultimate Outdoors has a fantastic range of camping equipment, outdoor clothes and more. Prices are very good on many brands too.

Free delivery over £70. Returns within 28 days and you pay the postage back. Not the greatest rating for service, but you might decide a bargain is worth it.



We’d always advise against buying a bike online unless you’ve tried it out and have a local bike store or person willing to set it up for you.

For top-notch bikes and accessories, though, Tredz is great. Free finance options, 365-day returns and all bikes fully built. Lots of offers too.


Love it, hate it, can’t live without it? Amazon is almost unavoidable, but it’s often our choice because returns are usually trouble-free and the range is enormous. 

Be wary of reviews

The reviews can be helpful, but many are fake. If you see an item with masses of five-star reviews, just have a look at the author of a couple of them. If they only ever post glowing reviews and if they harp on about the features in a way that sounds unlike a regular customer, be wary.

Check prices

It’s a good way to check prices, but isn’t necessarily the cheapest. We usually put links in to products on Amazon if we’ve found their prices are good (and we get a small commission to help pay for the running of the magazine), but it does pay to shop around.


Definitely not just food, but their range of expedition and camping meals is the best in the UK.

As well as those, they specialise in high-quality, lightweight gear for wild camping, backpacking and serious expeditions. Stoves, pots, water bottles and more. 

We bought our fantastic Solo Stove Ranger smokeless firepit from them. Great service. Prices are competitive, delivery is free. Returns up to 30 days, but at your own cost.

Norwich Camping

Our current ‘real-world’  favourite (though a five-hour drive away) is Norwich Camping and Leisure.

As an indication of their range, they have more than 70 barbecues to choose from. As well as every bit of camping equipment you can imagine, they also sell all those tiny odds and ends that just have to come in useful for something.

Free next-day delivery over £100. You have to pay for returns (and original delivery cost isn’t reimbursed). See the PayPal note above.

They also have an Ebay shop you can buy from onlline.

If you have a favourite real-world or online camping store that’s given good service, do let us know so we can share the good news!

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