Best Foldable Camping Trolley (Our Top 2023 UK Guide)

We all love a good trip out into the back of beyond to enjoy a little peace and quiet but if you’re going for more than a night or two, the equipment really starts to build up. You’re camping to relax and have fun not to have a physical workout but moving all of that equipment from the car to your campsite can feel more demanding than an hour in the gym. 

But don’t let that put you off your adventure, there are many camping trolleys that you can use to make moving your gear so much simpler. What’s even better is that a lot of these trolleys fold down when not in use so you can store them in your car without taking up any precious space. 

We’ve spent some time checking out the best foldable camping trolleys and have to say that we were overjoyed with what we found. Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution or want a trolley that’ll stand up to adventures in extreme locations, there’s something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll be introducing you to our favourite products and giving you some handy buying tips to help you choose the best trolley for your needs.

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Do I Really Need A Foldable Camping Trolley?

If you have been considering getting a foldable camping trolley, you may have thought that this is just going to be another investment that doesn’t get much use. Let’s start by saying that if you only ever really go camping for one night at a time and prefer a much more ‘cowboy’ approach to the situation then you probably won’t need a trolley. 

On the other hand, if you’re keen to get away for a long weekend or have a large family then you’ll know how much equipment you can end up taking. For the sheer convenience of not having to struggle with large loads in your arms, a camping trolley becomes instantly worth it. 

Much more than this, you’ll be able to get everything to your campsite without the need to make multiple trips to and from the car. And for people who have physical problems such as a bad back, arthritis or even a sports injury, this method of transporting your kit will put a lot less strain on your body. 

But it doesn’t end there. Have you ever found that your campsite quickly becomes overrun with rogue items that don’t have a place? Well, while you’re enjoying the outdoor life, your camping trolley could also serve as a little extra storage space. What’s not to love?

The 7 Best Folding Camping Trolleys

It’s clear that a camping trolley is always going to be a good idea but with so many on the market, it doesn’t take long before you feel as though you have too many options. Later, we will discuss some of the things that make a great camping trolley but before that, let’s take a look at some of our top picks!


TIMBER RIDGE Folding Trolley Cart on Wheels 100kg Capacity Collapsible Festival Wagon for Camping...

For weekend camping trips or slightly longer outings, the Timber Ridge camping trolley offers a versatile way to transport your things in comfort and security. The frame of this trolley boasts excellent durability and is made from a steel alloy which is rust proof and won’t warp. The trolley will comfortably handle up to 80kg so you have plenty of capacity for all of your camping essentials. 

The handle is fully adjustable so you can have it at a height that feels comfortable for you and the front wheels rotate 360º giving you greater freedom of movement. To top it all off, the trolley is covered with a strong fabric that won’t snag or tear.

There are cup holders and mesh pockets to keep your most important items separate and organised and the trolley folds down in seconds for convenience. 



Good weight capacity

We couldn’t find anything wrong with this trolley

Rotating front wheels

Durable materials

Folds down easily

Lightweight (9.6kg)


Gorilla Carts 7 Cubic ft Foldable Festival Wagon, Collapsible Durable All Terrain Utility Pull Beach...

This very spacious trolley is great for transporting all your essentials when you're on the go. It is much larger than all the other trolleys on this list at 7 cubic feet, meaning you can fit everything you need in one place. 

It conveniently and easily folds down to make it easy to store and transport with you when empty. It also has a very comfortable handle to pull the trolley along behind you, with easy steering to improve movement. It also comes with cupholders and mesh pockets for added convenience. 

What we really like about this wagon is that it comes with brakes on the wheels so you don't have to worry that it will roll away from you when you've stopped. It's really convenient and makes for a much safer option than some other trolleys. 




We couldn’t find anything wrong with this trolley

Brakes on wheels

Easy to steer

Good on all terrains

Lightweight (6.12kg)

TIMBER RIDGE Camping Trolley Detachable Big Wheels 100kg Capacity Folding Wagon for Outdoor Picnic...

This really handy trolley holds up to 120l of stuff, which is super convenient for taking all of your things on the go. It is easy to assemble, taking less than a minute to pop up and be ready to go. 

With a sturdy frame and convenient mesh pockets on the side, it also comes in lots of different colours which you can choose as you like. 

We especially like the heavy duty rubber wheels on this trolley, which rotate 360 degrees. This makes it great for trips to the zoo, park or beach, making it easy to manoeuvre around even when it is busy. 



Sturdy frame

Some issues with durability

Made from durable materials

Weight capacity 180lb

Comfortable, adjustable handle

Easy to assemble


Garden Trolley with Wheels Heavy Duty Foldable Pull Wagon Hand Cart Collapsible Garden Cart Folding...

If you are looking for a camping trolley that is going to offer value for money, you need to be careful that you don’t get ripped off with an inferior product. But that isn’t the case with the RUNOLIG trolley. While it does come in at a much more affordable cost, it has some great features that make it a worthy contender for being the best. 

For example, it comes with a massive 150kg weight limit which makes it ideal for longer trips or when you have a lot of equipment. The frame is made from steel so is robust enough to withstand anything that a demanding trip throws at it without warping or bending. What’s more, you get excellent rust protection so it is safe to use in wet weather. 

The trolley comes in a choice of colours so if you’re conscious about your style while camping, this is a good option. Furthermore, the RUNOLIG features a good brake system and comfortable handle for easy use. 



Large 150kg weight capacity

Slightly heavier than other models

Very durable

Comfortable to use

Weather proof

Folds away quickly

Portal Festival Camping Trolley Cart with Wheels Folding Garden Beach Wagon Foldable Pull along...

If you want the perfect balance between heavy duty and easy to use then the Portal trolley is well worth considering. With a good weight capacity of 100kg, it is perfect for those who have a lot of equipment. The steel frame is incredibly solid and gives you the confidence that the trolley won’t buckle even when you’re moving across more rugged ground. 

This design, coupled with the PVC wheels means a smooth and comfortable ride and of course, we can’t forget the super comfortable adjustable handle.

The Portal trolley folds up and down with ease and even comes with a handy travel bag to protect it when it isn’t in use. That is a nice added extra and not something we have seen on many other trollies. When you need to clean the trolley, it’s super easy thanks to a screw system that keeps the fabric in place. This makes maintaining and cleaning the trolly much more convenient. 



Comes with a travel bag

Steering control could be better

Easy to clean

100kg weight limit


Comfortable to use

Sekey Folding Wagon with 220LBS Large Capacity,Duty Beach Wagon Cart on Big All-terrain Wheels with...

This foldable trolley has a nice sturdy frame and comes equipped with extra-wide wheels which provide extra grip for all types of terrains. 

There are multiple choices for colour and the trolley itself is easily assembled with a one-click setup. This allows for ease of us, making it an extremely efficient option. 

The great thing about this trolley is that it has noise reducers on each wheel, so even when you are carrying heavier loads it will roll quietly and smoothly. 



Adjustable handle

Not great on sand

Extra wide wheels

80kg weight limit


Comfortable to use

LIFE CARVER Folding Camping Cart Garden Wagon 4 Wheeled Collapsible Festival Trolley, Portable...

This wagon folds down to just 8" thick which makes it fantastic for storage when not in use. This however does not take away from its large capacity when you are ready to use it. With a maximum weight capacity of 150kg it is on the larger scale for the trolleys. 

What's great about this trolley is that the fabric it is made of makes it super easy to clean, meaning you can transport whatever you like without the fear of not being able to get rid of dirt or spillages. 



Adjustable handle

Heavier than others at 10kg.

Extra large capacity

Easy to store


150kg weight capacity

What To Look For When Choosing A Folding Camping Trolley

Before you make a decision on the best foldable camping trolley for you, there are a few things you’ll need to think about. It’s pointless going online and picking the first trolley that appears in your search; you may end up with something utterly inferior and downright useless. So, take your time and explore your options, considering the following things. 


The great thing about camping trolleys is that they come in a brilliant range of sizes. It is important to think about what you will be transporting and buy something that fits in with your needs. 

However, the more important matter when it comes to size is how small the trolley is once it is folded down. If you’re going to be storing it in the back of your vehicle, you want to be sure that it isn’t going to take up a huge amount of space; that completely overrides the point of having the trolley in the first place. 

It is also important to think about the weight of the trolley. Can it easily be lifted into your boot? Much of this will be to do with the type of materials it is constructed from so it is worth once again considering the frame. You also don’t want something that is so big and cumbersome that once filled, it becomes almost impossible to pull along. 


The type of wheels that your trolley needs will depend on where you are planning to take it. If you regularly head off to remote areas that have demanding terrain then the last thing you want is something with weak castor wheels that loosen and fall off at the first sign of a bump in the road. 

However, if you only go to organised campsites with manicured grass and plenty of smooth pathways then you won’t need to worry as much about the quality of the wheels. Of course, you’ll still want something reliable that is easy to move.

If you are looking for ultimate durability when it comes to wheels, you should look for something wider as this will more evenly distribute the weight of the load. Moreover, wider wheels will give you greater stability when moving over uneven terrain and will prevent the trolley from tipping over.  

Where the wheels are concerned, you also want to make sure that your trolley is easy to control. Imagine when you are at the supermarket and you get a trolley with rogue wheels that seems to have a mind of its own; that’s not what you want when you’re out in nature and trying to transport your expensive camping gear. Sturdy wheels that are easy to control are an essential feature and you might also look for a good braking system as well as supports so that the trolley can be freestanding. 


When looking at the durability of any given camping trolley, you want to check two things; the frame and the fabric. 

The frame of the trolley will typically be made from either aluminium or steel. Both of these metals offer great durability but aluminium will generally be more lightweight. However, the compromise here is that it may warp slightly easier than steel. If you’re looking for something more heavy duty, we would recommend steel. But for those who need a lightweight trolley for a few essential items, aluminium is the way forward. 

In addition to this, you want to check the durability of the fabric. Oxford fabric is one of the strongest materials for this type of equipment and also offers great water resistance. However, you may also find canvas trolleys which are equally durable but may not be as water resistant. 


We have seen a lot of folding camping trolleys that come with added extras such as backpacks or cool bags. These are ideal if you have greater needs or are heading off on a longer trip. However, there is very little point in investing in trolleys that come with extras if you aren’t going to use them; you’ll only be left with even more equipment that you have nowhere to store. 

What’s more, some trolleys will come with a cover which is great if you are transporting items in bad weather. 

Load Weight

Camping trolleys come in different sizes, as we have already seen but this doesn’t determine how much they are able to comfortably carry in terms of weight. It is essential to look at the loading capacity of the trolley because if you try to overload it then the result will be you standing in the middle of a field with a broken trolley. Nobody wants that!

You will find that most average trolleys come with a weight capacity of around 100kg but this can vary massively depending on the model. 100kg should be more than enough for most moderate camping needs but if you’ll be transporting specialist or heavy equipment then be sure to find something that can handle this. 


As with anything, you will likely have a budget in mind for your camping trolley. Our advice would be to spend as much as you comfortably can. While it can be very tempting to choose a camping trolley that comes with an attractive price tag, this doesn’t always mean that you will be getting the best deal. 

Cheaper trolleys are also likely to be cheaply made with inferior materials and poor craftsmanship. This could result in the trolley failing at the most inopportune moment.


A foldable camping trolley is a great way to help yourself when carrying lots of camping equipment to and from your campsite. It’ll also come in handy in many other situations so is certainly something worth investing in, if only for its versatility. 

Of course, as with anything there are some products that are far better than others so it is vital to pay attention to the features of a trolley before parting with any cash. Once you’re confident that you know what you need, our top picks demonstrate some of the very best foldable camping trolleys out there today.