Best Lunchbox Backpack For Adults

No matter whether you are heading off for an outdoor adventure or simply need something to keep your lunch in for work, a lunchbox backpack is a great option. These are a little more grown up than a traditional lunch box and have plenty of room for your favourite snacks as well as other bits and pieces. 

We’ve been looking at some of the best lunchbox backpacks and have discovered something for every style, occasion and budget. So, if you’ve been trying to find a backpack lunchbox then you’ve come to the right place; let’s get started!

Top 5 Backpack Lunch Boxes

It would be easy to fall into the trap of buying any old backpack lunchbox but there are some that really stand out from the crowd. Instead of spending hours researching products, why not take a look at our top picks? No matter what you’re in the market for, we’re sure there will be something here you love.

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ACTION PACKED® Insulated Cooler Backpack 32L. Dual compartment rucksack, a must have for picnics,...

This is a 32 litre backpack that is ideal for those who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re going camping or spending a day at the beach, the Action Packed cooler bag gives you plenty of space to store your favourite food and drinks. The bottom compartment is fully insulated and can hold up to 24 cans, making this a brilliant choice for larger groups and families.

But we know how important it is to have somewhere to keep your everyday essentials so the fact that this one comes with a handy standard compartment for your phone, keys and other bits and pieces is a real bonus. 

This lunchbox backpack is one of the most user friendly on the market. It comes with padded mesh straps that offer comfort and breathability meaning it can be carried over long distances with ease. What’s more, it’s super easy to clean and is very well made.



Large capacity

We couldn’t find anything wrong with this backpack

Heat treated seams for durability

Separate compartment for essentials

Food grade lining


Best Small Lunchbox Backpack

10L Insulated Cooler Backpack Camping Picnic Rucksack Beach Ice Cooling Bag (Grey)

If you’re using your backpack for work or school then the chances are that you aren’t going to need a massive amount of space for your daily sandwich, salad and bottle of water. But of course, you’ll still want to keep your food fresh and this compact cooler backpack is just right for the job. 

We really love how affordable this backpack is and yet it doesn’t sacrifice quality or practicality. The main compartment is fully insulated so gives you just the right amount of space for your food and the additional uninsulated compartments allow you to pack your other things. 

The Geezy backpack features food grade lining and is lightweight yet durable. The straps are padded and can be adjusted for optimal comfort. What’s more, it’s easy to wipe clean so it's ideal for daily use. 



Ideal for daily use

Straps could be stronger

Compartments for other items

Easy to clean


Choice of colours

Best Value

28L Cooler Backpack, Insulated Picnic Backpack Large,Oxford Waterproof Cool Bag, for BBQ/Outdoor...

You don’t need to spend your life savings to get an excellent lunchbox backpack and this one is a perfect example of this. With a massive 28 litre main compartment, this is a great choice for groups or days out. What’s more, the soft padded and adjustable straps mean that it won’t cause discomfort over long distances. 

If you’re looking for something that you can take out in any kind of weather then this is a great option as it is waterproof and breathable. We think that this is one of the best lunchbox backpacks for camping and it’ll hold an impressive 33 cans!

In terms of additional storage, you certainly aren’t limited and this bag comes with several extra pockets for things like keys and your phone. Moreover, there’s a hand mesh side pocket for bottles, suncream, and anything else you might need to take with you. 




Some users report that the zips lack durability

Large capacity


Aluminium lined for maximum insulation


Best Large Lunchbox Backpack

Estarer 35L Cool Bag Backpack Large Insulated Cooler Rucksack Leakproof Picninc Bag for 4...

If you need something super sized then this lunchbox backpack room Estarer is ideal. With a whopping 35 litres of space, you’ll be able to take enough food to feed the 5000 - well, almost! What you do get is enough room for 15 cans, 10 small bottles, 5 cartons and two large bottles, so you’ll definitely be well stocked up!

There are extra compartments and the backpack is 100% leak proof so there’ll be no tricky cleanups or wet clothes as you’re walking around. What’s more, the outer material is water resistant so it’s a good option when the conditions are less than reliable. 

The backpack features a breathable material at the back to keep you comfortable and the straps are padded and super supportive. This is a great choice for long distances if it is comfort you are looking for. 



Large capacity 

Some durability issues

Choice of colours

Water resistant and leak proof

Very comfortable and easy to carry

Chills food for up to eight hours

What To Consider When Buying A Backpack Lunchbox

When it comes to choosing the best backpack lunchbox, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Take a look over our handy buying tips so that you can confidently choose a lunchbox that will meet your needs. 

Type Of Backpack Lunchbox

There’s more to choosing a good backpack lunchbox than you might think and it begins with selecting the right type. Generally speaking there are three types of backpack lunchbox including the backpack with a detachable lunch box, the backpack with a built in lunchbox and the lunchbox cooler backpack. The type you choose will depend on your needs and what else you might use the backpack for. 

If you are looking for something that is a little more versatile then a backpack with a built-in lunchbox might be right for you. These backpacks have compartments for your other bits and pieces like a laptop, keys, wallet and notebooks making them ideal for people at school, college or work. This means that you won’t need to carry two separate bags and is far more convenient.

These are great for daily use and feature a cooler compartment alongside the regular compartments. They come in different sizes so can also be used by people who might be heading off on a weekend adventure and need something to carry the basics as well as some food and drinks. 

If you don’t like the idea of your backpack having a built-in lunchbox then you might opt for a backpack with a detachable lunchbox which features a removable cooler compartment. What’s great about this type is that you don’t always have to take the entire backpack. Let’s assume that sometimes, you need to travel with a lot of other equipment; this type of backpack provides you with the space to do this. However, for times when you need nothing but your lunch, you don’t have to lug around the whole pack.

Finally, a backpack lunch box cooler is an excellent option for people who need a little more space. These backpacks work in a similar way to a coolbox but can be carried on the back. If you’re going out for a long time or carrying food and drink for several people then this is by far the best option. 

They’re excellent for things like hiking or camping and are designed to minimise the strain on the shoulders so can be carried comfortably for long periods of time. 


You’re likely going to get a lot of use out of your lunchbox backpack so you need to make sure that it is designed to withstand everything that daily life throws its way. You’ll need to search for a backpack that is made from high quality materials that won’t rip or tear easily. This is especially important if you’re looking for something for hiking, camping or other outdoor pursuits. 

Moreover, you should look at the quality of the stitching and ensure that the backpack is well put together. One of the most common problems reported by backpack users is that the seams come apart prematurely which is the last thing you want when you’re out and about. 


A good lunchbox backpack will have fully adjustable straps so that you can get it to fit you perfectly. This is essential as an ill-fitting backpack can put undue pressure and stress on the shoulders, making it uncomfortable or even painful to carry. This is especially important if you are carrying a heavy backpack over long distances. 

For much larger backpacks,you should look for chest or waist straps as these provide muhc greater weight distribution and support. Straps should be padded for further comfort. 


Each of the different types of backpack we have discussed so far come in a variety of sizes. If it’s just you and you want to carry a single meal for your working day then the last thing you want is a ginormous backpack that weighs you down. Unless you also need a lot of additional room for other things which we will discuss in more detail later. 

However, if you and the family are heading to the beach for the day and you have a lot of snacks and beverages to carry, you’re naturally going to need a much larger bag. Typically speaking, product listings should tell you how many cans of drink the bag can hold which is a good indicator of its size and suitability.

Families and those heading out on lengthy adventures may find that a cooler backpack is the best option as you certainly won’t be limited on space. 

Carrying Other Items

You need to think about what else you might be carrying with you. If you want a backpack that gives you plenty of room for things like your laptop, spare clothes and other essentials then you need to find a lunchbox backpack with several compartments. 

The great thing about a lunchbox backpack with either a built-in lunchbox or a removable one is that these versatile bags usually have a plethora of other compartments aside from the insulated one. Choosing a backpack like this will eliminate the need to carry more than one bag. 

However, if you only need something to carry you lunch then there are also plenty of backpacks that are compact and built purely for carrying food and drink. 

Easy Cleaning

One of the things that is essential to look for when choosing a lunchbox backpack is that it is easy to clean. Since you’ll be keeping food inside, you must ensure proper hygiene but some materials can be far more difficult to clean than others. 

Look for lunchbox backpacks that feature wipe clean materials and that don’t have fiddly seams where crumbs and dirt can accumulate. It’s also worth thinking about the design of the lunchbox backpack. Those that feature a removable lunchbox are typically much easier to keep clean.


When you’re on the go, carrying snacks, lunch and drinks with you can be a pain. But by using a backpack lunchbox, you are able to keep your food fresh and cool while still having plenty of room for your other essentials. 

Choosing one of these backpacks is pretty simple and there are various types to suit your unique needs. We’ve selected some of the best products on the market so now you’ll be able to take your lunch on the go, wherever you go!