Best Walking Shoes For Older Men

As we get older, our physical needs change but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the same activities as we did when we were younger. The key is to make sure that you have appropriate gear and one of the most important things is what you are wearing on your feet. 

If you don’t wear the right footwear when walking, there is a heightened risk of injury or discomfort. Not to mention the fact that age-related foot conditions could be made worse which could then lead to you being off your feet altogether.

Why Staying Active In Later Years Is Important

Staying active as we get older is extremely important. It can be tempting to spend your golden years in that comfortable chair but why would you want to when there is a whole world out there just waiting to be discovered? If you are limited by physical restrictions, you don’t need to head off into the mountains for self discovery, a walk around the local park is just as effective. 

Walking has been proven time and again as being one of the best and most accessible forms of exercise. It will help to keep you in good physical shape by strengthening your muscles and is a viable way to keep off the pounds; because, let’s face it, as retirement approaches, there is never a better excuse to dine out and enjoy a gastronomic diet! It’s all about balance.

And speaking of balance, did you know that walking has been shown to strengthen the lower limbs which in turn can improve your balance!

The physical benefits don’t end there either; walking can promote a healthy heart and lower the risk of cardiovascular conditions which may become more of a problem as we age. 

In terms of mental health, walking is a great exercise. It allows you to get outside into the fresh air which can lift your mood and walking can also be a social activity. For many people, as they get older, loneliness becomes a problem but by getting out into the world and meeting new people, this isn’t such an issue. 

What Problems Do Your Feet Face As You Get Older?

It’s no secret that, as we age, our physical health deteriorates. Of course, living an active lifestyle, as we have discussed, is a great way to improve your health and fitness but there are some conditions that can’t be avoided and as you get older, you are at much higher risk of these. 

If you have developed diabetes in your later years then there are a plethora of foot conditions that are related to this. You may find that you suffer with pain and discomfort and that walking becomes much less easy than it once was. However, by choosing comfortable and supportive footwear, you may be able to counteract these problems and remain on your feet. 

What’s more, older adults are susceptible to things like ingrown toenails, bunions and heel pain. All of these conditions can make it difficult to walk but once again, proper footwear will offer the support you need to stay active. 

Poor circulation is a common problem in aging men and while walking is a great way to boost your circulation, you need to make sure that you have the right gear to get out there and walk. We imagine you’re probably starting to cotton onto the idea that good footwear is the answer.

Of course, there are also plenty of other ways that you can look after your feet so that you aren’t knocked off them. Ensure excellent foot hygiene and make sure that you address any issues that arise as quickly as possible to prevent them from becoming worse. 

The Best Walking Shoes For Shoes Older Men

There are so many different types of walking shoes that it can be a little overwhelming to choose. But to save you the hassle, we have put together a list of some of the best shoes for older men that offer the comfort and support your feet need.

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Mountain Warehouse Voyage Mens Waterproof Shoes - IsoDry, Lightweight, Quick-Dry & Breathable...

We absolutely fell in love with these walking shoes from Mountain Warehouse as they are not only pretty affordable but they also have a great range of features that would suit an older gent down to the ground. 

They are beautifully lightweight so you won’t feel weighed down and with an EVA midsole, you’ll feel like you are walking on air. Shock is easily absorbed even on more rugged terrain so these are a great choice if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. 

What’s more, the shoes are waterproof and feature mesh panels for increased breathability. This makes them versatile enough to be used in all weather conditions. Furthermore, the solid rubber outsole with great traction means the shoes are suitable for all types of terrain. 



Easy lace up system

We couldn’t find anything wrong with these shoes

Versatile shoe

Excellent durability

Bouncy cushioning

Lightweight and comfortable


Mens Ladies Hiking Trail Walking Trekking Style Triple Touch Close Strap Trainers Shoes Size 3-12...

A good pair of walking shoes doesn’t have to break the bank and that is evident when we look at these shoes from Foster Footwear. They come in a choice of stylish colours and are suitable for men and women, but this is just the beginning of their versatility. 

The shoes have a well-made rubber outsole with decent lug depth that makes them suitable for various types of terrain. No matter what adventure you are planning, these shoes will be your go-to pair. They’re pretty resistant to the odd rain shower but aren’t waterproof and come with mesh panels to improve breathability so they’re great in various types of weather. 

But what really stands out about the Foster Footwear hiking shoes is that they have an easy velcro fastening. If you struggle to get down to fasten shoes or your dexterity isn’t great, this is an essential feature. 



Suitable for year-round use

Not suitable for wide feet



Easy to fasten

Stylish design


Merrell Men's Nova 2 GTX Waterproof Walking Shoe, Granite, 9.5

Merrell is one of the most well-known walking shoe manufacturers on the planet and it’s not surprising when you consider the quality of the shoes. Yes, they may be a little more expensive than some of the alternatives but you get what you pay for and in this case, it’s evident. 

The Nova 2 is a lightweight walking shoe that boasts an incredible fit and extreme comfort. With a mesh upper, the shoes offer great airflow keeping the feet cool but the high quality materials offer amazing protection for the feet keeping them in position so the shoes don’t rub as you move. 

What’s more, these walking shoes have a vibram sole which is one of the most durable and gripping types of sole out there. They will make walking on moderately rugged terrain a breeze and the easy lace up system is great even for people who may struggle a little more. 



Comfortable fit



Easy to fasten


Choice of stylish colours


Mountain Warehouse Adventurer Mens Boots - IsoDry Waterproof & Breathable Shoes with Heel & Toe...

If you want to really make the most of walking in your later years and get onto some of the more demanding hiking trails then you’ll need a strong and reliable pair of hiking boots. Shoes like this are designed for more rugged terrain and this pair from Mountain Warehouse are perfect in the way of durability and comfort. 

No matter what the weather, these shoes are ready for action. With a waterproof membrane, they will keep the feet dry in wet weather and breathable mesh panels keep the feet fresh and free from moisture. 

What’s more, these shoes have a heavily cushioned footbed for maximum comfort and shock absorption. At the heel and the toe, there are rubber bumpers to prevent injuries on rough terrain and the deep lugs give you excellent grip.



Very durable construction

Lace clips are weak

Heel and toe protection


Good shock absorption



JACKSHIBO Trekking Shoes Womens Mens Hiking Shoes Breathable Walking Boots Lightweight Low Rise...

For many older men, foot pain is a real problem so it is important to have a good pair of walking shoes that will counteract this. The most important thing to look for is a good level of cushioning and the JACKSHIBO walking shoes have this by the bucket load. 

But what makes these walking shoes stand out more than anything else is how much protection they offer. With a curved edge design they will prevent impact while walking and the deep, gripping lugs give you amazing tration on a variety of surfaces. 

With all of this, you might expect them to be a heavy shoe but they are so lightweight and easy to wear making them ideal for everything from camping and hiking to a quick walk to the local shop. We also love the fact that they feature a waterproof membrane and breathable materials for use all year round. 




Lace system may not be suitable for those with limited dexterity. 


Good cushioning

Stylish design

Good foot protection

What To Look For In Walking Shoes For Older Men

Since different pairs of walking shoes offer different things and may be more suitable for different needs, it is important to look closely at the features and ensure that they will be right for you. Whether you have a pre-existing foot condition, need shoes that are easy to fasten or want something that provides you with extreme comfort, there are options out there. But before you choose, be sure to keep the following things in mind. 


The weather should not determine whether or not you get out and enjoy a good walk. But if your shoes are not up to the challenge then you’ll end up being extremely uncomfortable. This is why it is important to look for shoes that are suitable for all conditions. 

You will want something that has good protection against moisture and that will remain waterproof even if there are water crossings or a heavy shower. It is important to keep in mind that waterproof and water resistant are two different things with the former offering the greatest protection. 

You must also look for shoes that are breathable so that the feet do not overheat when you are walking in hot weather. This can be uncomfortable and all that moisture can lead to certain foot conditions like athletes feet. What’s more, if the feet are moist, there is a greater risk that the shoes will rub and cause blisters and sore spots. 

Goretex lining is a good thing to look for as not only will this offer water resistance, it is also incredibly breathable and will serve as a way of keeping the feet cool and comfortable.

Easy To Fasten

As we get older our dexterity may begin to suffer. If this sounds familiar to you then you’re not alone. However, this does mean that you should look for shoes that are easy to fasten and don’t require too intricate work. Laces are fine if you can manage them but it might be a better idea to look for shoes that have a velcro fastening. 

For people whose cognitive function may have begun to deteriorate, this is even more important as it will allow them to retain their independence much longer. 

Moreover, while a lace system will offer a more tight and secure fit, it can put strain on your back when bending down to tie them. With something like velcro, you won’t need to be bent over for more than a few seconds. 

Comfort And Cushioning

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when buying walking shoes and this applies at any age but even more so when we are older. The last thing you want are shoes that chafe or rub, especially if you are going on a longer walk. 

Look for shoes that have bouncy cushioning as this will better help absorb the shock with each step as well as feeling great underfoot. If you have arthritis or other joint problems, shock absorption becomes even more important. 


Depending on the terrain, you may need walking shoes with extra grip on the outsole. This additional traction will ensure that your feet don’t slip even when on wet or rugged ground.

Different walking shoes have different levels of traction and this can be determined by the depth of the lugs on the outsole of the shoe. The deeper the lug, the more traction you’ll have but it is also important to look at the pattern. More complex lug patterns offer better grip whereas something like simple lines would be more suited to day to day walks on smooth, even terrain.  


The last thing that anyone wants when walking is a pair of shoes that weighs them down. This will feel uncomfortable and will take away from the enjoyment of your walk so should be avoided. The good news is that there are a lot of lightweight shoes out there.

What you don’t want, however, are shoes that are so lightweight that certain features are left out. There are some running shoes out there that are designed to feel as though you are running in bare feet, while these are potentially some of the most lightweight, they don’t have the cushioning and support that your feet need. 


It is important to consider the width of the shoes. A wide toe box is important in a lot of cases and as we get older conditions like bunions may mean we need more room at the front of the shoe. You might also find this a handy feature for conditions like hammertoe as a wider toe box will ensure that your toes have plenty of room and aren’t pinched together which could cause pain and discomfort. 


Having a good pair of walking shoes is the key to enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle in your later years. These shoes will help to keep you comfortable and prevent injuries to the feet as well as offering support for any foot conditions that you may already have. 

We have browsed a large selection of walking shoes for older men and feel that the ones in this list offer the best of everything. So, pick your favourite pair, tie those laces and get out into the fresh air.