Caravan Dog Enclosures – Make The Right Space for Your Furry Friend

Why should your furry friend miss out on the family vacation? When camping, one of the biggest concerns for dog owners is where to keep their pets. After all, you can’t leave your dog free to roam around the campsite. 

In fact, many camping sites require that you have a proper enclosure for your canine while you are parked. 

For the sake of neighbouring caravans and the comfort of your dog, a caravan dog enclosure is an investment you need to make for your next camping trip. A safe and secure enclosure for your dog is important to have at all times, at home and on the road. 

If you don’t know where to start or what type of enclosure to look for, you’ve come to the right place. And saving the best for last, we’ve even included our top picks for the best Windbreaks. Getting an easy-to-install and secure enclosure for your canine has never been simpler. 

What to Look For in A Caravan Dog Enclosure?

For years, campers would use a dog stake to keep their canine close to the caravan at camping sights. However, the ropes would not only tangle up the dog's legs, but this solution also proved unhelpful in keeping them contained at the campsite. 

When it comes to modern solutions, here are a few features you should keep in mind while creating an enclosure for your dog. 

  • Space: Your dog needs their space, even on the road. Avoid enclosures that keep your dog cooped up and prevent them from moving around. 

  • Safety: Choose a setup that is safe for your pet. Avoid the use of ropes to pitch a boundary or fence that can result in dogs getting their legs tangled and risking injury.

  • Height: Make sure that your enclosure is high enough to prevent your dog from jumping out. 

Constructing Your Caravan Enclosure

If you are taking up the task of creating a good space for your dog yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You can apply different solutions to create a caravan enclosure depending on the time, resources, and space you have available on your camping trip.

Temporary Fences

If you are willing to construct a boundary for your enclosure from scratch every time, temporary fences are the fix for you. You will have to carry around some wooden sticks or poles as well as netting to create a makeshift fence around your caravan for your pup to roam free in. 

This allows you to create variable-sized enclosures depending on the kind of space your dog needs and the amount that is available. Additionally, the netting allows your dog to see through it which can make them feel less contained. 

If you want to make your life easier, you can purchase a portable camping fence for your dog to pitch around your caravan. There are many different brands and models available on the market but a few considerations must be made before making a choice. 

  • Material: The materials the fence is made of must be durable but lightweight and easy to carry. A bulky fence such as a wooden one can be a hassle to carry around as you travel.

  • Entrance points: Make sure your fence has a gate or door that is wide enough for your dog to easily move through. 

  • What your dog likes: The enclosure you create should be comfortable for your dog. Get a fence with a see-through mesh for your furry friend to be able to view the outdoors and not feel cooped up. Fences with flooring can be useful as they discourage them from digging into the ground 

Portable Playpens

Children love them and so will your dog! A portable playpen is a cheap and easy to assemble solution for an enclosure. 

Best suited to smaller dogs and puppies, a portal playpen can be used as an enclosure on your camping trip, with enough space for your canine to move around in and walls high enough to prevent jumping. Once you leave the campsite, you can easily disassemble the playpen and store it in your caravan without taking up too much space. 


Amazon Basics Portable Octagonal Soft Pet Playpen, 114 cm, Grey

A compact solution here and folds down to a compact size, has pockets and pouches for toys and treats.

Dog Crates

If you're looking for a temporary solution for your dog's enclosure, dog crates might be your answer. Suited best for smaller dogs, this solution is useful for a short amount of outdoor time. Make sure you don't leave your dog in one for more than half an hour. 


AllPetSolutions Dog Crate - Heavy-Duty Metal Wire Dog Cage - Foldable, Portable Kennel - 2 Front &...

Ideal for the smaller dog this crate is mde from durable metal and folds down flat with a handle so should be easy to store in the caravan. Very easy to clean and comes in 5 different sizes.


A windbreak is one of the safest and most easy-to-use solutions for an enclosure as you travel with your dog. Check out our comprehensive guide to wind breaks.

It’s an investment worth making if you camp with your dog regularly. Their versatile design allows you to lay them out however you want, depending on the area you have and the space you need. The high walls prevent your dog from jumping over and keep them safe and comfortable. 

Here is a list of some of the best windbreaks on the market for use with dogs for you to invest in before your next camping trip. 

Jormax Windbreaks

The Jormax Windbreak can be installed without the use of any ropes preventing any hazard of tripping or getting paws tangled in for your pup. The windbreak is installed using aluminium poles and a mesh creating a strong boundary for your dog's enclosure. Additionally, this mechanism makes them very fast and easy to erect on your campsite. 

The 4 ft walls are sufficiently high to prevent small or large dogs from jumping. You can buy a model with gates and draught skirts that is best suited to the model and size of your caravan.

Cornish Windbreaks

With durable and tear-resistant materials, the Cornish Windbreak is an investment worth making for your home on wheels. The water and rot-proof windbreaks are easy to clean and provide a safe enclosure for your pup. 

The lightweight material and easy to install design makes this brand of windbreaks practical and easy to carry around during travel. The unique use of tension bars allows the windbreaks to stay upright without the use of any ropes. 

Kampa Rally Enclosure Windbreak

A favourite amongst campers, the Kampa Rally Enclosure windbreak offers an easy-to-install and reliable solution for a caravan dog enclosure.

The standard size of 4 ft prevents your dog from jumping over. Furthermore, this design ensures that no trip hazards occur as you travel. Users commend the sturdiness of the enclosure due to its top and bottom rails. The robust aluminium poles have hardened tips that provide the required bracing bars. 

The simplistic waterproof design comes in many neutral colours, giving a clean look outside your caravan. Investing in this windbreak means you never have to put up with the eyesore of flimsy makeshift fences outside your caravan ever again.

Final Thoughts

As responsible dog owners, it is important to be mindful of your neighbours if you are staying at a camping site with your dog. A caravan dog enclosure is necessary to ensure that your pup does not roam about unattended while at the campsite. 

Investing in a proper enclosure for your camping trip saves you the trouble of creating a makeshift set-up at every new campsite. 

Buying a windbreak or portable playpen allows you to transport your setup easily and pitch it in no time as soon as you arrive at your campsite. Furthermore, the safety measures are also better ensured, guaranteeing the safety of your canine at all times. 

If you’re someone who travels often and spends days outdoors you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of your enclosure.