Guide To Wheelie Bin Screens (And 3 Of The Best)

Your wheelie bin does provide you with a place to put your rubbish ready for collection by the council. However, they’re hardly the most attractive item on your property and if you’ve spent time creating a beautiful outdoor space, your wheelie bin is likely to spoil this.

But since it’s a practical item that you can’t get rid of, one of the best things you can do is to conceal it. A wheelie bin screen is an easy and effective way to do this and they come in many different forms. What’s even better is they’re not too expensive so they provide you with an affordable way of making your garden look as beautiful as you had intended. 

What’s The Difference Between A Wheelie Bin Screen And A Wheelie Bin Store?

A wheelie bin screen is exactly what you would imagine, a screen that is designed to cover your wheelie bins. The great thing about them is that they tend to come in a standard size which is compatible with the bins handed out by most councils.

Wheelie bin screens can come in all shapes and sizes. Things like trellis and woven panels are popular choices. While you can buy these screens, it’s also just as easy to make one yourself. 

On the other hand, a wheelie bin store is a more permanent fixture, typically made from plastic. They are a little more expensive than a wheelie bin screen but can be fixed to a wall and offer greater security. 

Where a wheelie bin screen goes around the bin, you would place the bin inside a wheelie bin storage.

Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Wheelie Bin Screen

Wheelie bin screens are a great solution for hiding those unsightly bins. However, they may not be suitable in every situation. Before buying a wheelie bin screen, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions.

Will You Need To Move The Screen?

Some people have one fixed place for their wheelie bin and in this case, you won’t need to worry about moving the screen around. 

However, for some people, there may be several locations where the bins are kept. Maybe you need additional space in the summer for garden loungers and furniture so you move the bins to another location. In these situations, you’ll need to make sure that the wheelie bin screen is portable and easy to relocate. 

Will The Screen Be Secure?

One of the problems with wheelie bin screens is that they’re not the most robust pieces of equipment. If your bin is in an exposed spot, a gust of wind could blow the screen over which can be hugely annoying. 

If this is the case, it might be worth looking at what is around the area so that you can secure the screen to something and keep it more secure. 

How Big Does The Screen Need To Be?

Most councils now give homeowners more than one bin. You’ll typically have one for general waste, one for recycling and one for garden waste. This means that you’re going to need more than one screen or something that’s large enough to cover all of your wheelie bins. 

The good news is that manufacturers make a range of wheelie bin screen sizes including single, double and triple. 

Is A Screen Going To Protect Against Scavengers?

If you live in an area where there is a lot of wildlife then you may have issues with foxes, birds and other animals getting into the bins. In this case, you may find that a wheelie bin screen isn’t going to give you the security you need. For this, you might need to consider getting a wheelie bin store instead. 

What Type Of Screen Do You Prefer?

The great thing about wheelie bin screens is that there are so many different types to choose from. You really want to think about your personal preference before making a decision as you’ve got to like the look of the screen and it’ll need to fit in with the current theme of your outdoor space. 

However, it’s also important to consider the functionality of each type of wheelie bin screen as some have more benefits than others in terms of performance.

If your garden is home to a lot of flowering plants then a trellis style wheelie bin screen might be worth considering. This will fit in with the theme and you can grow plants up the trellis which will better cover the bin and help it to blend in. 

There are wooden and plastic screens available on the market and both have their good and bad points. For example, wooden screens offer a more natural appearance but they won’t resist the elements as well as plastic. If you do decide to go for a wooden screen then we would recommend treating it for a longer lifespan. 

That said, while plastic will resist things like moisture, it’s not as durable against UV damage which  means that it’s likely to fade over time. The result will be an appearance that doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as when you first installed it.

3 Of The Best Wheelie Bin Screens


Willow Wheelie Bin Screen (Double)

The Selections wheelie bin screen is great if you want something natural looking. The weaved willow screen fits in easily with the rest of the garden without being too obvious. It’s a double screen so ideal for most homes that have a general waste bin and a recycling bin to cover up. 

What’s really great about this wheelie bin screen is how lightweight it is. If you need to move your bins around your outdoor space for whatever reason, this screen can be picked up and moved without the need for any tools or hassle. Since the four panels that make up the screen are connected via hinges, this means that you can also easily fold the screen for storage when needed. 

However, while this screen does look great and is easy to use, it’s not the most structurally integral. If you’re placing the screen in an open area that’s exposed to winds, you may find it doesn’t hold up well. For this reason, we’d suggest this one for areas that are partially covered or protected from the elements. 

And speaking of elements, we love the fact that the Selections wheelie bin screen is made from totally natural materials. This means that it can be coated with a wood treatment to ensure it stands up against UV rays and precipitation without degrading. 



Looks natural

Not very stable

Easy to store

Can be treated with wood preserve

Holds two bins

Lightweight and easy to move around


Welsh Green Screen Ivy Artificial Screening Leaf Hedge Panels on Roll Privacy Garden Fence, Green,...

If you’re looking for something to fit in with a garden that’s filled with greenery then these artificial ivy screens might be just what you’re looking for. Unlike the wooden screen we have just looked at, these aren’t free-standing but are on a roll which you can attach to walls, fences, posts and anything else which creates a hidden space for your wheelie bins.

The main problem with this is that putting the screen up is quite a bit more complicated than just using a freestanding screen. However, if you do have a permanent place you wish to keep the bins then this screen will help you to achieve what you’re trying to. 

The leafy green screen looks brilliant in any outdoor space and is perfect if you’re not looking to plant a live hedge. It’s far less maintenance once installed, that’s for sure. 



Great for plant-filled gardens

Takes some effort to put up

Creates a more permanent wheelie bin shelter

Low maintenance

Comes on rolls so you can choose exactly how much you need


vidaXL Triple Wheelie Bin Shed 240L Impregnated Wood Patio Container Cover

If you have three wheelie bins then you’re going to need something bigger that’s designed to accommodate this. The VidaXL triple wheelie bin shed is more than sufficient for this need and is a strong and stable screen that’ll stand the test of time. 

Unlike the other screens we have looked at, this wooden structure is not only designed to screen the bins but wrap all around them providing full cover. That said, this one isn’t going to be as easy to move around as the Selections screen we looked at earlier so it is best to find a suitable permanent place for it. 

The screen comes ready-treated to stand up against the elements so you’ve got far less work to do from the off. Yes, you’ll need to put it together but constructing the VidaXL screen isn’t a mammoth task. There are three front doors to the structure so you can easily take the bins in and out so once it’s erected, it’s super simple to use.



Very stables

Can’t be easily moved around

Comes with lockable doors

Pre-treated wood

Looks attractive

Easy to put together


Wheelie bins are an essential practical item that we all have in our gardens or on our driveways. However, they’re not the most attractive things and they can attract animals if they’re not protected. 

A wheelie bin screen is a great way to disguise your bins and there are even full stores if you’re looking to deter wildlife. While there isn’t too much difference in the design of wheelie bin screens, in order to find the best, you’ll need to look at the quality of the materials, the size and other factors.