Top 5 Motorhome Wheel Clamps (Stop Your Campervan From Disaappering)

If you’re leaving your motorhome anywhere for a period of time then you are going to want to make it as secure as possible. The wheel clamp is a super simple device but one that makes moving the motorhome impossible without being able to remove it. 

But choosing the right wheel clamps can be the difference between peace of mind and wondering whether your motorhome is actually safe or not. In this guide, we’ll be running you through the most important points to consider when choosing a motorhome wheel clamp. We’ve also been scouring the web for the best products available right now and present to you our top picks.

Motorhome Wheel Clamps - Our Top Picks

Wheel clamps may all serve the same purpose but there are some products that are vastly superior to others. If you don’t want to spend hours searching for the best motorhome wheel clamps, then our top picks give you a narrowed down selection.


Stronghold Apex 15 Inch- 18 Inch Triangular Wheel Clamp Suitable for Caravans, Trailers, Horse...

This is an incredibly secure and reliable wheel clamp that is Sold Secure and approved by Secured By Design (SBD). If you're looking for something that gives you ultimate peace of mind then this is one we would highly recommend. 

Being a triangular wheel clamp, the Stronghold is considered to be the most secure style. However, do keep in mind that these wheel clamps can be a little more time consuming and fiddly to put on. That said, the instructions that come with it are very clear. 

But it’s worth it since this is an extremely heavy duty piece of equipment made from hardened steel so it’ll stand up to almost anything. The material is also weatherproof so there’s no chance of it weakening over time. 

The wheel clamp comes with a combination lock as well as three keys so you have total control over security. The only issue that we noticed is that when choosing the larger size, the legs don’t sit on the floor but this doesn’t massively affect functionality. 



Choice of sizes from 10” to 18”

Legs don’t touch the floor on bigger size when used with 16”+ wheels

Made from robust materials

Sold Secure and SBD approved


Suitable for a wide range of vehicles


Nemesis wheel clamp, parking claw, tyre claw, immobiliser

Coming in at a slightly more affordable price than the Stronghold but still just as secure is the Nemesis. We love this device for its sturdiness and robust design. It’s perfect for all types of vehicles and will fit wheels between 10 and 20 inches so there’s a good degree of versatility. 

Keep in mind that this is a pretty bulky bit of kit but the upside is that it does come with a handy carry case so you’re not going to struggle with where to keep it. Applying the wheel clamp is relatively easy but it does take a little time. But once you’re used to the process, you’ll probably speed up. It’s also worth looking at the type of wheel you have as some users have mentioned that with certain types of alloy wheels, the clamp does not fit through the holes. Take measurements before you buy. 

Being made from alloy steel, you’ve got a wheel clamp that is strong and weather resistant. In fact, some people have talked about how this product has lasted them longer than a decade so if you know you’ll be getting a lot of use out of your clamp, this is the obvious choice. 



Very robust and sturdy

Doesn’t fit all wheels

Comes with carry bag



Suitable for wheels between 10” and 20”

Long lasting performance


Xample® Tire Clamp Wheel Lock- Metal Boot Stabilizer Anti Theft- Wheel Chock Lock Car Trailer...

Let us start by saying that it is possible to get an affordable yet reliable wheel clamp and the reviews on this one tell us that it’ll do a decent job. What’s more, the presence of such a clamp will act as a deterrent to potential thieves. The only issue we have is that this one isn’t Sold Secure so you can’t have 100% peace of mind. 

But what you do get is a lightweight and easy to wheel clamp that’ll offer good protection against theft. If you’re parking your motorhome directly outside your home, then this will be more than enough. A thief isn’t going to want to attempt to remove the clamp and create noise. However, since this isn’t quite as secure as others, we wouldn’t suggest it if you’re leaving your vehicle somewhere much quieter. 

The clamp has a soft coating so there’s no chance of it damaging your wheels. We would highly recommend measuring your wheels before buying as this one only fits those up to 11 inches. 




Smaller than some other options

Easy to apply

Not Sold Secure

Great for short term or occasional use

Won’t mark your wheels

Made from strong alloy steel


Maypole 10'-16' Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp Suitable For Tyre Sizes 135 mm to 215 mm, Diameter 450 mm to...

If you’re of a smaller build or have any strength problems then putting the Nemesis on, that we have just looked at, could be something of a nightmare. Or will at least strain you somewhat. So, if you need something a little more lightweight that doesn’t compromise on security then the MP909 from Maypole is a great choice. 

This wheel clamp weighs under a kilo but is very heavy duty and made from robust materials. But what we really love is how protective it is for your wheels. It’s fitted with rubber pads so there’s no risk of scratching the trim and the pick-resistant locks make it almost impossible for a thief to get the clamp off.

The Maypole MP909 is designed for motorhomes with wheels up to 16”. This will serve many of you well but if you have a larger motorhome then this one might not be suitable. Again, it’s very important to take measurements before you buy anything. 



Lightweight and easy to carry

Not suitable for larger motorhomes

Heavy duty performance

Covers wheel nuts

Affordable price

Doesn’t scratch or mark wheels


Bulldog Em500Ss Euroclamp

If you’re looking for something that’s going to be easy to store in between uses then we think you’ll love this Bulldog wheel clamp. But just because it’s small, that doesn’t mean it’s not mighty. In fact, this is one of the most secure wheel clamps on this list. What’s more, it’s Sold Secure approved so you’ve got excellent peace of mind. 

This one is a little heavier than the Maypole at 5kg but it’s still not the heaviest product out there and most adults would be able to handle and fit it without any problems. Moreover, there’s no need for any tools to attach the clamp and it can be done in seconds so there’s no messing around. 

Another great thing about this one is that, like the Maypole, it won’t cause damage or scuff marks to your wheels. What’s more, it’s drill and pick resistant and your insurance company will favour this device. However, while it is Sold Secure Silver approved for caravans and motorhomes, it doesn’t cover the wheel nuts which is a plus of some of the other clamps on this list. 



Sold Secure approved

Doesn’t cover wheel nuts

Robust and sturdy

Easy to put on

Won’t damage wheels

Approved by insurance companies

How To Choose Motorhome Wheel Clamps

It could be easy to assume that all wheel clamps are the same. After all, they’re all designed to do the same job; stop your motorhome wheels from moving and therefore eliminate the risk of anyone driving off in it (go here for other campervan secuirty ideas). But there are a few nuances you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to get the best and most reliable product. 

Security and Reliability

Did you know that the average price of a brand new motorhome in the UK can be up to £80,000? If you’ve spent that amount of money on your mobile holiday accommodation then it goes without saying that you’re going to want to protect that investment. That’s why it’s really important to choose wheel clamps that are extremely secure and utterly reliable. 

But how do you determine this? It’s actually much simpler than you might have imagined. All you need to do is to look for wheel clamps that are marketed as ‘SOLD SECURE.’ This is a program established by both Essex and Northumbria police back in the early 90s. It’s further backed by the Home Office and tells consumers that the wheel clamp they’re purchasing has been tested and approved by police. 

This gives you much greater peace of mind. But what’s even better is that Sold Secure is owned by the Master Locksmiths Association who test all wheel clamps before considering them Sold Secure. If the product you are considering does not mention Sold Secure on its listing, you can check the Master Locksmith Association’s website where you will find details on all Sold Secure products. 

Keep in mind also that many insurance companies will require you to use only Sold Secure wheel clamps. If you do not and your vehicle is stolen, your insurance policy may not cover you. 

Type Of Wheel Clamp

There are generally three main types of wheel clamp that you’ll come across when choosing something to protect your motorhome. Each has its own pros and cons so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the different kinds and choose something that best meets your needs when you have a campervan stopover.

Triangle Wheel Clamps

The triangle wheel clamp has metal arms or chains and these are wrapped around the tyre. You’ll normally find that they also have chocks at either end of the wheel as well as a triangle cover which sits over the wheel nuts. These are considered by police to be the most effective and secure type of wheel clamp. 

What’s great is that these wheel clamps can be seen a mile off so just seeing them can be enough to deter thieves from even attempting removal. However, on the downside, they’re the most bulky style so can be a little tricky to carry around as well as requiring more time and effort to put  on.

Claw Wheel Clamps

The claw wheel clamp is made up from a pair of parallel metal arms. These arms are fitted inside and outside the wheel and a metal chock is present to prevent the wheel from turning. The major advantage of the claw wheel clamp is that it is so much easier to apply than a triangular wheel  clamp. 

However, they’re still quite bulky and heavy and many of the less expensive versions are not Sold Secure.

Limpet Wheel Clamps

This style of wheel clamp is normally reserved for things like trailers and caravans owing to the design. That said, there are some motorhomes whose wheels may be able to accommodate a limpet wheel clamp. Just be sure to check this before you buy. 

Unlike other types of wheel clamp that fit around the tyre, the limpet wheel clamp is secured with bolts. You’ll use a steel pole which goes through a gap in the wheel rim and directly under the motorhome chassis. This design means that limpet wheel clamps are incredibly secure and they’re far easier to put on than other styles. 

While they are very compact and take up far less storage space, you do have to consider that they aren’t suitable for all vehicles.


If you are buying a wheel clamp for your motorhome then you have to keep in mind that the wheels of your vehicle are going to be much larger than things like car wheels. This means that not all wheel clamps will fit your vehicle. 

When looking at online listings, the manufacturer will almost always provide details of size and which vehicles the product is suitable for. So, before you hit ‘buy now’, make sure you check this and compare it against your motorhome. 


You’ve got to be willing to invest a certain amount of money into wheel clamps if you want to get the most reliable product. That said, they’re certainly not going to break the bank and the average cost could be anywhere between £130 and £300.

It is more than possible to get wheel clamps much cheaper than this but you may find that they do not carry the Sold Secure logo. We’d recommend thinking very carefully about buying something that isn’t Sold Secure as you cannot be 100% confident in the effectiveness of the wheel clamp. It’s much better to spend a little more on these security devices than have to fork out for an entire new motorhome. 


Having a good set of wheel clamps for your motorhome is a must when looking to make it  more secure and reduce the risk of theft. There are lots of devices to choose from but our list introduces you to some of the very best motorhome wheel clamps out there today. Be mindful to consider the buying factors we have discussed to ensure you always get a top quality, reliable product.