7 Best Fire Pit Tables

You don’t need us to tell you that having a fire burning in the garden or on a campsite can bring a comforting and welcoming atmosphere. But of course, you cannot simply set up a fire on the ground, you will need the right equipment. A fire pit table is a decorative yet highly functional piece of equipment that will serve you and your guests for many happy gatherings.
The problem is finding the best fire pit tables among a sea of some which, unfortunately, might not live up to your expectations. While there are many excellent products out there, we have narrowed them down and would love to introduce you to some of the best fire pit tables money can buy.

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What Is A Fire Pit Table And Why Do I Need One?

OK, we aren’t here to tell you that you absolutely need a fire pit table and your life is going to fall apart without one; but we can’t impress enough that a fire pit table will make life easier and will bring many hours of joy. If you’re looking for something to spice up your evenings spent in the garden and that will keep you warm, you’re on the right track. 

A fire pit table is considered to be a decorative item that features a central fire pit as well as a rim that can be used as a table. These luxury items are considered to be essential for anyone who wants to add an inviting air to their garden social space and have a range of advantages attached to them. 

Owning a fire pit table will, of course, give you the benefit of warmth as the evening turns chilly. Even during the hot summer months, once the sun goes down, things can get rather cold but many of us still want to enjoy our outdoor space. Rather than investing in a patio heater, a fire pit table provides you with the heat you need as well as having a more rustic feel. 

In addition to this, most fire pit tables are typically much more affordable than a gas patio heater. Not only this, but purchasing wood or coal for your fire pit is going to be much less expensive than having to replace gas bottles. That being said, there are some excellent gas fire pit tables so if you prefer this method of fuel, then you certainly have options.

What’s more, a fire pit table is a great source of entertainment. There is something special about watching flames flicker and this is a brilliant way to bring the family together and spend some quality time together. Whether you simply want to sit around the table, chatting away while basking in the warm glow of the flames or you want to get creative and have a fire pit cook off, there are plenty of ways that you can entertain yourself with a fire pit table. 

Safe Use Of A Fire Pit Table

While these pieces of outdoor furniture do have a wealth of plus points, there is the issue of safety to think about. For the most part, your fire pit table won’t cause any accidents; let’s face it, it’s normally human error or not controlling the fire that causes problems. However, to fully reap the benefits of your new fire pit table, we would always suggest following the below safety rules. 

  • Never place your fire pit table underneath an overhanging structure such as a tree branch or gazebo. While the flames may not reach as high as the structure, fire can be unpredictable and it takes just one uproar or hot particles flying off the fire to cause a nasty accident. 
  • Children should never be allowed near the fire pit table. While it may be acceptable to have a child sitting safely with an adult, they should never be left unsupervised and should not be allowed to run around the fire pit table. 
  • It can be tempting to light the fire pit table when you are feeling cold after one too many drinks at a family garden party. However, if you are under the influence of alcohol and your judgement and coordination is affected, we would always suggest thinking twice before lighting that match. 
  • When using your fire pit table, always make sure that you have something to hand that you can use to extinguish the fire, should it get out of control. You don’t need a fancy fire extinguisher, although these can be used, something as simple as a bucket of water will be sufficient. 

The Best Fire Pit Tables

Choosing a fire pit table can feel a little overwhelming when there is so much choice online and in stores. If you don’t want to face the stress of being stuck in a sea of fire pit tables, allow us to throw you a life line.


Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit Low Table Burner, Smokeless Firepit, Patio...

If you prefer to have a gas fire pit table owing to how easy they are to light, then there are many options out there. However, we think that this one is pretty special and it certainly has a lot to offer. The Peaktop fire pit table is a 35-inch square fire pit that is designed using resin to mimic a wood effect. 

It boasts a quick start as well as a 3 metre gas hose so that the canister can be kept well away from the fire when in use. What’s more, the fire pit table comes with 3kg of lava rock which can be placed inside to help retain heat, making this one very energy efficient. 

The table comes with a 6 month warranty for your peace of mind as well as a handy PVC cover to keep it from being battered by the elements. 



Stylish design

Some durability issues reported

Very stable

Energy efficient 

Comes with a cover

Long gas hose


Buycitky Firepit Outdoor Fire Pits for Garden Large, 3 In 1 Square Fire Pit Table BBQ Grill, Ice...

The Buycitky fire pit table is excellent for anyone who needs something mutli-functional; it boasts a 3 in 1 design that can be used as a BBQ, ice bucket or a fire pit. Use it to store your drinks on a hot summer afternoon and as the sun sets, remove the ice and throw on some logs to create an excellent source of heat. 

This fire pit table comes with a great range of accessories to make using it incredibly easy. It features a grill grate, poker and a protective screen for safety. What’s more, it features drainage holes at the bottom for easy removal of water after using it for ice. 

The table measures 32 inches on all sides and the frame is made from solid metal that offers robustness and longevity. It is rust-resistant and easy to put together. 



3 in 1 function

Lightweight design may feel a little flimsy


Large enough for bigger gatherings 

Comes with accessories

Can be used with coal or wood


Centurion Supports NUSKU Luxurious and Premium Multi-Functional Black with Ceramic Tiles 360°...

For anyone who prefers the elegant curves of a round fire pit table, this incredibly stylish design might be right up your street. It boasts ceramic tiles around the edges that are heat proof and look stunning. The table is made from an alloy steel that offers durability as well as being very stable. 

The NUKSU fire pit table comes with a great range of accessories including a poker, grill grate and a mesh lid. It also features a waterproof cover for when the fire pit is not in use. The materials are rust resistant so you needn’t worry about the unpredictable British weather causing unnecessary damage. 

This fire pit table can be used with both wood and coal so it offers a good degree of versatility. Furthermore, it can be used for BBQing as well as for filling with ice to keep your drinks cool on a hot day. 



3 in 1

Some users have noted that the welding on the legs is weak

Rust resistant

Comes with a waterproof cover

Ceramic tiles add a nice aesthetic

Comes with accessories

Very sturdy


No products found.

Even if you have a smaller patio or decked area, that shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on owning a beautiful fire pit table. Far from it, this compact design measures just 26 inches in diameter and will fit into smaller gardens perfectly. 

What’s more, it is made with a robust metal frame that offers great durability as well as featuring a pretty mosaic pattern on the table top. The fire pit comes in a choice of colours so you can perfectly match it to your garden decor.

What’s more, this fire pit table has 3 in 1 function and can be used for cooling drinks, cooking and for creating a heat source. It also comes with a grate. 



Pretty pattern

Legs are a little unstable

3 in 1 

Durable metal frame

Can be used with wood or coal

Perfect for smaller spaces

Fire Pit Table, Built-In Fire Bowl with Wood Table, Outdoor Patio Heater, Metal Bonfire Firepit,...

If you are looking for something that can serve just as much as a conversation starter as it can a fire pit then this gorgeous table could be what you are looking for. This is an elegant and beautiful fire pit table that comes in a choice of pine or cypress to suit your style. The fire pit table is incredibly lightweight at just 4.5kg all-in making this ideal for camping since it is so portable. 

The table is made from wood but the bowl is made from thick steel which offers durability and is easy to clean. When you are not using it as a fire pit or BBQ, this one can also be used for ice to keep snacks and drinks cool. 

This is a compact table that measures 19” x 19” further adding to how easy it is to transport. But that doesn’t mean that it is flimsy; far from it, this table offers excellent stability thanks to the four sturdy feet. 



Lightweight and portable

No accessories included

Can be used for BBQing

Beautiful aesthetic


Easy to assemble

Pure Garden 50-LG1204 30” Outdoor Deep Fire Pit-Round Large Colored Steel Bowl, Mesh Spark Screen,...

The Pure Garden fire pit table is a slightly more unconventional design that would look great in a modern garden. It boasts a copper-coloured bowl that is durable and heat resistant as well as a powder coated steel frame that will not rust. 

This fire pit table is 30” x 30” so makes an ideal solution for medium-sized spaces and thanks to its lightweight design, it can be moved easily from place to place making it perfect for camping or other outdoor adventures. 

The table comes with a mesh screen cover, grill grate and poker so you will have everything you need from the get go. With a deeper than average bowl, the fire will be well-contained, making this a very safe fire pit table.




Legs are a little unstable

Deep fire bowl

Comes with accessories


Ideal for medium sized spaces

Wood Fire Pits Outdoor Round Outdoor Wood-burning Fire Bowl, Portable Campfire Pit, 86cm Large...

This is a beautifully presented fire pit table that boasts a natural coloured mosaic table and a round shape. It comes with a solid steel fire pit that is durable and is suitable for use all year round. What’s more, if you want to store the fire pit table during the colder months, it will easily come apart into three pieces. This also makes this an ideal option for people who are travelling or camping. 

The fire pit can be used with wood or coal and is easy to clean. If you prefer, it can be used for storing food and drink on ice as well as for cooking BBQ style. The fire pit table comes with a good range of accessories including a poker, mesh screen and a grate making it incredibly easy to use. 



3 in 1 function

Very low to the ground

Made from durable steel

Four season use

Comes with accessories

Easy to store and transport

What To Look For When Choosing A Fire Pit Table

When you are thinking about purchasing a fire pit table, there are some very important things that you will need to consider before taking the leap and hitting checkout. Everyone will have different needs and so you must think about these and compare them to the features of the fire pit.


Fire pit tables come in all shapes and sizes and this is so that they can heat different sized areas. If you are looking to heat a large patio, you will need a considerably larger fire pit table. Some can reach up to 40 inches and these are excellent if you plan on having large gatherings. A smaller fire pit might not have the ability to heat such a large area and unless you are planning on installing more than one fire pit, it is definitely worth investing in the largest size possible. 

On the flip size, if you have a very small outdoor area, you won’t want a huge fire pit table taking up all of your available space. The good news is that there are many compact fire pit tables ideal for little gardens. 


When choosing your fire pit table, you will likely want it to blend in with your existing garden decor. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful fire pit table designs that range from modern to rustic and everything in between. In addition to this, there are also choices when it comes to shape. For the most part, fire pit tables are either square or circular but there are some rectangular ones on the market too. Having the ability to choose the style of your fire pit table will help you to create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. 


Since your fire pit table is going to be put through the wringer in terms of heat and exposure to the elements, it is essential that it is made from durable materials. In the main, fire pit tables will be made from steel, or some sort of steel alloy. This enables the manufacturer to keep the weight of the product down so that it can be easily moved around; but more on that later. However, there are also some fire pit tables that feature a cast iron bowl and these are much more durable. 

Another thing that you should look at when testing the durability of the fire pit table is how well assembled it is. For the most part, some self-assembly will be required and this is normally pretty easy. But where parts have been welded together, you should look at the integrity as this will ensure greater stability. 

Furthermore, it is important to look at what is included to help prolong the life of your fire pit table. For example, many of the ones we have looked at in this guide come with a cover for when the fire pit is not in use. While many are rust-resistant and can withstand a good amount of exposure to the weather, ultimately, they do need protection. 


If you intend to use your fire pit table in the same location at every use, then you likely won’t need to think about how portable it is. There are many heavy fire pit tables that can be installed onto a patio and remain there all year round. 

Conversely, there are some homeowners who would prefer the option to use the fire pit table in different areas; perhaps one day in a courtyard and the next a decked area at the top of the garden. What’s more, if you are looking for a fire pit table that you can take camping or to your caravan, then you will need something that is lightweight enough to move around. 

In addition to this, you will need to think about whether the fire pit table comes apart as this can make moving it and transporting it so much simpler. 

Fuel Type

Many people like the idea of gathering around a ‘true’ fire that runs on wood but it is important that these can take some work to get up and running. However, the rewards are great since a fire fuelled by wood will burn much hotter and will typically last longer. Coal is also a great option and often much easier to light. 

However, if you want the utmost in convenience, you might prefer to go for a gas-powered fire pit table. These will come with a hose which can be connected to a gas bottle or canister, which is typically sold separately, so you will need to factor in this additional cost. 


A fire pit table provides homeowners with a centrepiece for their patio, decked area or campsite. These diverse pieces of equipment can be used as a simple source of heat, for BBQing or for storing food and drink. Not only this but they create a source of entertainment as your family and friends can gather round and enjoy the experience of an outdoor fire. 

While there are many different fire pit tables to choose from, each buyer will have varying needs so it is important to look at the features of each potential table to ensure you are always getting something that is best suited to you.