Best Patio Gas Fire Pits (And Fire Pit Tables)

Summer is on its way after what feels like a pretty cold and miserable winter and entrance into what is supposed to be spring. But even during summer, once the evening draws in, things can still get a little chilly. What could be more welcoming and comforting than having a warm fire right there on your patio?

There are some amazing gas fire pits out there; some even double up as a table. They’re ideal for evening entertaining, relaxing after a long day at work and even when they’re not being used, they make an eye-catching feature.

However, in recent years particularly, the gas fire pit has become an incredibly sought after product and manufacturers have met consumer demand. So, you will find that there are a lot to choose from but not all are what they’re cracked up to be. That’s why we have tested and reviewed several of the best patio gas fire pits so you know you’ll be getting exactly what you expect.  

Gas Fire Pits And Fire Pit Tables - Our Top Picks

Are you excited to get your new gas fire pit table? We aren’t surprised but the last thing anyone would want is for you to end up with an inferior product. But not to worry, our list of the best gas fire pits showcases some of the most amazing options available to you.


REALGLOW Warmpact Rattan Table Gas Fire Pit in Black - 13KW Square Table Propane Gas Fire Pit...

The Realglow fire pit table is truly a piece of art for your patio. If you’re looking for something super stylish then I’d recommend this one right off the bat. The square shape, sleek edges and rattan design make this look incredibly high end. 

But it’s not only looking good that this fire pit table does well. Being a 13kw fire pit, this is one of the more powerful products so it’s excellent for medium to large areas. It’ll kick out 44,000BTU of heat so everyone in your gathering will be kept warm. However, if you’ve got a very large area, you might need something slightly more powerful. 

What I really love about this fire pit is how versatile it is. While I wouldn’t recommend using a fire pit in extremely windy conditions, this one comes with a wind guard so if there’s a slight breeze, you really don’t need to worry. Moreover, the surrounding table has plenty of room for outdoor dining and drinks. 

You won’t need a degree in engineering to put the table together either. It comes with all the tools you need and takes no more than half an hour to set up. When it’s done, you’ve got something incredibly stable and the build quality is obvious. 



Great for medium to large patios

Not suitable for very large areas

Large table

Wind guard and cover included

Easy to assemble

3m gas hose


Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit Low Table Burner, Smokeless Firepit, Patio...

If you want something low profile then this gorgeous wood effect fire pit might be just what you’re looking for. It’s super stylish and ideal for a small space where you don’t want a huge fire pit taking over. There’s enough room on the table for glasses but it might not be large enough or high enough for dining so do keep that in mind. 

This is a 112kw/40,000BTU fire pit so it’s perfect for small to medium areas and with a length 3 metre gas hose, you’re not limited on placement. The only thing that’s a little disappointing is that owing to the height of the table, you won’t be able to put the gas bottle underneath so it will be on display. 

It’s so easy to use with a push button start. If you were worried about having to faff around igniting your fire pit, it really isn’t a concern. It’s also pretty efficient and a 9kg tank will give you more than 11 hours burn time so you won’t be getting through fuel at an alarming rate. 



Great for compact spaces

Have to have gas bottle on display

Cover included

Easy to start

Looks like natural wood

Long running time


Heyfurni Tabletop Fireplace,Bio- Ethanol Fire Pit, Indoor Outdoor Portable Ventless Fire Bowl Pot,...

If you’re like me and only have a small patio then it simply isn’t safe to have a massive fire pit table. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a warm glow when you’re relaxing in the evenings. This tabletop fire pit demonstrates exactly how you can do that. 

What really caught my attention was the safety guards on either side. Placing an open fire pit on your existing table is fraught with dangers so this is a nice touch. It’s also great if you’ve got children or pets and want something raised off the ground. 

However, you should keep in mind that this one isn’t the most powerful fire pit. With just 4000BTUs of heat, it’ll only warm up the immediate vicinity. That said, for a bistro table set in a small courtyard, for example, it’ll provide more than enough warmth. 

You’ll also love that this fire pit is safe for indoor use. Perhaps you want something for a summer house or conservatory. What’s more, it’s got a really simple yet stylish design so it’ll fit into any surrounding without looking garish. 



Suitable for outdoor and indoor use

Not the most powerful fire pit

Safety guards

Short run time on one gas tank

Durable powder coated finish

Stylish design



Teamson Home Outdoor Garden Propane Gas Fire Pit Burner, Smokeless Firepit, Patio Furniture Heater...

I’m in love with the aesthetic of this fire pit. It’s got a rustic charm that wouldn’t look out of place in a cottage style garden. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants something more natural and traditional looking.

The stone pillar with a gorgeous stone bowl on top doesn’t take up a lot of space so it’s ideal even if you’ve got a more compact patio. But despite being relatively compact, it still kicks out up to 40,000BTU of heat so you’ll feel the warmth even if you place it on a medium patio. 

There’s no table around this one so it’s not ideal if you want it as a centrepiece for your al fresco dining area. Plus, I was a little disappointed that the gas hose is just 1 metre unlike some of the others on this list which are three times the size. 

Since gas fire pits aren’t the cheapest items out there, you’re going to want something that’s durable and will stand up to the elements. That’s why this one is perfect; it’s made from a combination of high quality, robust materials including plastic, concrete and powder coated steel. While these are all hard wearing, the fact that it also comes with a cover will further prolong its lifespan. 



Beautiful design

No table

Small footprint ideal for compact spaces

Short gas hose

Powerful heat output

Easy to start

Gas bottle can be stored underneath


Fire Mountain Garden Fire Pit - Square, Outdoor, Gas Fire Pit Table, Regulator & Protective Cover...

I think this is the perfect choice for medium to large patios with 40,000BTUs and a large base, it makes the ideal centrepiece to keep everyone toasty. What’s more, there’s a good sized table surrounding the fire pit and since it’s a slightly higher piece of furniture, it’s perfect for dining. 

The design of this fire pit is stunning but it’s not too ‘in your face’ so it’ll fit in with any garden theme. It’s also incredibly safe with an adjustable flame, lava rocks for extra protection, a lockable gas bottle storage compartment and it complies with all EU safety regulations. If you have children then these features make this the perfect family fire pit. 

It’s made from alloy steel so it’s relatively lightweight compared to others at just 30kg but also has the durability to stand up to outdoor conditions. Of course, I would recommend using the supplied cover when the fire pit isn’t in use. 

Are there any downsides? There was one thing that slightly let this one down and that’s that it doesn’t come with a safety guard. On the highest setting, the flames get quite high and if there’s even a slight breeze, it can be dangerous. 



Great for larger areas

No safety guard

Lockable gas bottle compartment

Adjustable flame

Stylish design

Made from strong materials

Gas Fire Pit Benefits

There are wood burning fire pits on the market and these are often more affordable. However, they’re typically much less user friendly and far more dangerous than a gas fire pit. Fire pit bowls are also available but make sure to get a fire pit mat. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the great advantages of going for gas. 


There is always going to be a risk of a fire getting out of control or someone being injured when you use a fire pit. But a gas fire pit is typically a lot safer than a solid fuel fire pit. This is because it doesn’t create embers which could fly off and ignite nearby combustible materials. If you have children or pets running around the garden, it’s highly recommended to choose gas over wood or coal. 

Ease Of Use

One of the best things about having a gas fire pit is that you won’t spend ages struggling to get the fire going. If you’ve ever tried to light a wood fire pit, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Building your pile of tinder, kindling and logs is time consuming and getting things going is the stuff of nightmares. 

But you don’t have that problem with gas. Simply turn your fire pit on and relax. You won’t need to have a designated fire attendant either who has to keep adding fuel and ensuring the flames don’t go out. A gas fire pit gives you a continuous fire that you can simply turn off when you’re done. What could be easier than that?

Better For The Environment

Burning gas isn’t 100% safe for the environment but it’s far better than burning wood or coal. These natural solid materials give off immense amounts of fumes that can be incredibly damaging to the planet. Not to mention, the smoke that a wood fire pit gives off can really affect your health, especially if you have respiratory conditions. Compared to wood fire pits, gas fire pits emit up to 99% less fumes. 

Be Safe When Using A Gas Fire Pit

Provided that you use your gas fire pit correctly, there should be no reason that it isn’t completely safe. However, since it involves fire, it always pays to be extra vigilant and it can’t hurt to familiarise yourself with some basic gas fire pit safety tips. 

  • Before you use your fire pit, make sure to give it the once over. Make sure that no debris or leaves have fallen onto it and if it is dirty, clean it before lighting it up. 

  • Always have a way of putting out the fire should it get out of control. The best thing is to have a fire extinguisher within easy reach. This needs to be a dry chemical extinguisher, similar to the type you would use in the kitchen. Also remember that these devices need annual checks to ensure they are fully functional. 

  • When you aren’t using your fire pit, always make sure that the gas supply is turned off. This will prevent gas leaks and accidental lighting of the fire which could lead to a serious injury.

  • The weather will play a part in how safe it is to use your fire pit. If it is forecast to be very windy, then it’s probably not a good idea to light a fire, no matter how careful you are. 

  • Choose the right location for your fire pit. It should be no less than ten feet from any building or structure such as an overhanging tree or garden shed. If you are struggling to find a space, you may need to cut back trees.

  • If you have children of pets, ensure that they are allowed no closer than three feet to the fire pit. As you get closer, things can get quite hot and even if they don’t touch the fire pit, there is still a risk of injury.


What better way to relax in your garden after the sun goes down or on a slightly cooler day than lighting a fire? Gas fire pits are easy to use and maintain and provide you with a warm glow and a stylish look to your patio. 

Remember to always use your gas fire pit following the strict safety instructions. Then simply sit back, relax and enjoy!