Top 7 Best Fire Pit Bowls (Our 2023 guide)

As summer approaches, more and more of us are eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine (when it finally decides to turn up!) But as night falls, things can get a little chilly and you’re probably going to want some sort of heating on your patio.

A firepit bowl is a compact and convenient way to have a fire in your garden for warmth, cooking and of course, ambience. There are many out there, but finding the best firepit bowl means a little research; but we’ve done all of that for you!

Latest update: May 2021

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Outdoor Fire Pit, Garden Patio Heater Charcoal Log Wood Burner, Steel Fire Bowl for BBQ Camping...

We were blown over by the Sunlife outdoor garden patio heater for many reasons but one thing that really caught our attention was how quickly this thing is to put together. In less than a minute, all three legs can be attached and you’re ready to go. Whether you’re taking it out of the garden shed after the winter or unloading it from the car on a camping trip, there’s no messing about. 

Moreover, this firepit bowl boasts a multi-purpose design meaning you can use it for heat and cooking as well as using wood or coal to fuel it. If you’re looking for something diverse that won’t break that bank, this has got it all. 

A sturdy firepit bowl is a safe firepit bowl and the solid legs on this one mean that it can be safely used on a variety of surfaces. We would suggest that this makes it perfect for travel but you should keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a carry bag making it that little bit less portable. 

That said, you’re getting a very durable bit of kit that is made from lightweight steel and finished in a heat resistant paint. Where some firepits may tarnish after a couple of uses, this one will retain its look for much longer. So, if you’re after a centrepiece, this is one worth considering. 



Durable and heat resistant

No carry bag

Suitable for use on all surfaces

Comes with a grill and BBQ skewers

Easy and quick assembly

Handle for easy emptying


Blumfeldt Oreos - 2-in-1 Fire Bowl and Grill, Ø 75 cm Fire Pits For Garden Firepit, Removable Spark...

There is nothing wrong with investing a little more in a firepit to get something that looks and feels extra special. Where the Blumfeldt is concerned, you are getting the best of both of these things.

This lightweight yet large firepit would make a perfect addition to this garden and at 75cm is great for larger gatherings and families. It comes with a decent-sized grill meaning that it can also be used for cooking. While most firepits do function this way, not all come with a grill rack  making cooking much more difficult. 

The Blumfeldt also boasts an incredibly durable design which can be left outdoors when not in use thanks to its high weather resistance. It is fitted with robust legs that also feature feet, something our previous firepit did not benefit from. If your surface is a little more uneven, this is a good feature to have as you’ll get much greater stability. 

But what we loved most about this firepit was the 360º view of the fire, allowing you to create a much more social experience. That said, the mesh guard means that no flying embers will pose a risk making this a great choice for those with children. 



Very stable

Takes 20 minutes to assemble

Comes with a grill

Larger size

Very safe with a spark guard

Complete fire view from all angles


Outdoor Fire Pit Tripod Cooking Tripod with Hanging Grill and Tripod, Charcoal Barbecues Swivel...

While the main purpose of a firepit is to create heat, many people also want something that looks the part and while many compete to be the best looking, the La Hacienda blows everything else out of the water. 

This is a tripod design with a hanging firepit, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it doesn’t function as well practically. Because it does!

At a fraction of the cost of the Blumfeldt, which is also a nice looking firepit bowl, the La Hacienda benefits from a supersized 80cm width giving it the ability to create warmth for many more people than its competitors. It also boasts fantastic stability but due to its large vertical height, it may not be suitable for taking on the road. At least not without taking up masses of space. 

The firepit bowl is made from laser cut steel which means that putting it together is a dream. Moreover, this material is highly durable so if you are looking to invest in a firepit bowl that will stand the test of time, this is a worthy contender. 



Easy assembly

Not portable

Lightweight yet durable

Comes with a grill

1 Year guarantee included

Beautiful aesthetic


Köhko fire bowl & decorative bowl Braga ø 45xH 20 cm cast iron with rust look with 3 feet for...

A firepit bowl doesn’t have to cost the earth to be good. If you are shopping on a budget but don’t want to miss out on the essential features that a firepit should have, the Kohko is sure to impress. One of the first things you will notice is the unique design. Where most of the other firepits we looked at were painted black, this one features a bronze aesthetic which would look great in a rustic-style garden. 

The firepit is incredibly lightweight at just 2kg so would be ideal for taking on a camping or hiking adventure. That said, it functions just as well as a shallower planter in the garden, making it extremely multipurpose. 

The Kohko is German-made and so you can feel sure that it is robust and very well constructed. Made from iron, there have been rave reviews about the quality of this bowl and while it is much smaller at just 45cm, it will certainly stand the test of time. 



Very durable




Stable legs



Yaheetech Fire Pit Heavy Duty Fire Bowl Large Fire Pit with Mesh Poker for Outside Patio...

Yaheetech makes just about everything so you didn’t think that we wouldn’t find a firepit bowl from this highly reputable company, did you? Now, while you could, in theory, take this firepit bowl camping, we would suggest keeping it in your garden as a centrepiece owing to the heavier design. Furthermore, this is an incredibly beautiful firepit bowl far outdoes its competitors in terms of looking good so if you want to make a statement to the neighbours, this is how to do it!

Looks aside, the Yaheetech firepit bowl comes with an extremely solid base. Rather than having three legs and a tripod design like other bowls, the one piece base offers much greater stability.

Made from iron, you will also notice how durable and resistant this firepit bowl is. That gorgeous design won’t easily be tarnished by heat thanks to the use of this incredibly robust metal. Furthermore, with a mesh cover that acts as a vent and safety feature, there isn’t much missing from this firepit bowl. 



Very sturdy

Not portable

Good looking

Safety guard

62cm width for larger parties

360º fire view


Amagabeli Large Fire Pit Cast Iron 60cm Large Capacity Fire Bowl Portable Outdoor Heavy Duty Steel...

Stability is important when looking for a firepit bowl, especially if you're going to be using the equipment on ground that isn’t perfectly flat. While some products come with very flimsy legs the Amagabeli boasts a design that is low to the ground meaning that it will not tip over very easily. Furthermore, cast iron legs give a solid base for your fire, no matter where you are. 

The Amagebeli also benefits from a large width of 60cm which is perfect for larger gatherings but not too large that it cannot be easily transported. While this is slightly more on the expensive side when compared to things like the La Hacienda or the Kohko, you are getting an incredibly heavy duty bowl.

The metal is fully heat resistant which means it will keep its appearance for longer and won’t weaken with each use. What’s more, it’s slightly heavier weight means that it just feels much better quality. That said, it does make it a little more tricky to move around. 



Large width


Low profile for stability

Heavy duty

Can be used as a BBQ

Easy to assemble


Cheshire Onsite Welding Fire Pit Stainless Steel Rust Resistant Durable 60cm Diameter Brazier...

f you’re heading off on an adventure such as camping, you’re going to need a firepit bowl that is easy to transport. One of the most standout features of this firepit is that it requires no screws or bolts for assembly. When you’re on the go, this can make getting set up so much quicker.

That said, the lack of secure bolts means that the bowl has a tendency to move around on the legs making this one much less sturdy. However, it does have a lot of other excellent features that more than make up for this. 

The Cheshire Onsite welded fire pit is one of the most durable we have seen. While it is made from a lightweight alloy steel, the powder coating makes this a robust piece of equipment that will resist weather and heat. What’s more, with excellent airflow and a drainage hole at the bottom, your fire will stay lit for longer. 



Large 60cm width, ideal for bigger groups

Stability is not great

Easy to transport

Durable materials

Can be used with wood and coal

Unique leg design

What To Consider When Buying A Firepit Bowl

While we are confident in the firepit bowls that we have shared with you in this guide, you will still need to choose between them. It is important to consider how you will use the firepit and where in order to help you make the right decision. 


If you are buying a firepit bowl to leave on the patio, then its weight isn’t as much of a factor. However, if you intend to pack it into the car and head off on an adventure, you are going to want something much lighter. 

Typically, the materials that are used will play a significant role in how lightweight a product can be. For example, cast iron is much heavier than something like steel. That said, the size of the firepit will also impact its weight so this is something to keep in mind. 

Easy Assembly

Putting your firepit together shouldn’t take hours. The last thing you want is a complicated set of instructions and a pile of screws that don’t seem to fit anywhere, especially when you’re likely keen to start your first fire. 

Check out our guide to starting a firepit

Most firepit bowls require nothing more than the legs being screwed on and you’re good to go. However, some of the more elaborate designs may require a little more work during assembly. Again, if you are going to be keeping the firepit in one place, it might not matter as much if the assembly takes a little longer. Conversely, if you need to take it apart and put it back together for camping, you will want something as simple as possible. 


The more people that will be sitting around the fire, the larger the firepit needs to be. You’ll also find that a bigger firepit bowl with a grill will serve more people quickly when you are cooking. 

Typically, firepit bowls are anywhere between 50cm and 80cm with 60cm being average. A 60cm firepit should be more than enough to comfortably entertain between four and six people.


If you want a firepit bowl that does nothing more than contain a fire then there are plenty of simple, no-nonsense designs that serve a very practical purpose. These are great for when you are travelling and need a practical solution. 

That said, if you are choosing a firepit bowl as a patio centrepiece, you might want something a little more pleasing to the eye. As we have seen in this guide, there are many beautiful designs but always be sure that an elegant aesthetic doesn’t mean a loss of functionality. 


Some firepit bowls come with accessories for cooking and managing your fire. At the most basic level, you would expect to receive a poker and perhaps a grill. However, there are some models that come with grilling tools, skewers, and other things to make cooking easier. 

It is also worth looking for a firepit that comes with a safety mesh, especially if you have children. This will prevent hot embers from flying off the fire and causing injuries. 


The last thing you want is to light a fire only for it to go out and there is already damage to the firepit bowl. These pieces of equipment are usually made from metal which is highly resistant to heat, but the type of metal and how it has been treated means that different bowls will have varying levels of durability. 

You should look out for things like powder coated steel which is far more durable than steel that has not been treated as well as metals that have been treated with heat resistant paint.  We wrote an article around having a fire pit on grass, which is worth checking out.


A firepit bowl is a great way to have a safe and convenient fire in your garden or on your campsite. They are compact and often very lightweight meaning that they are very easy to transport and with a multi purpose function, they will double as a grill. 

When you choose a firepit bowl, there are several things you should consider to make sure that the product you are getting will meet your needs and be of the best quality.