Best Water Containers For Motorhomes And Caravans

You can’t go camping without water; there’s simply no way to survive or complete daily tasks like washing or cooking without it. Of course, when you’re on the go, you’ll need a decent container to transport water and there are some excellent products out there. But you must choose carefully and think about the features of the water container to ensure that it will be functional and meet your needs.

Water Containers Top Picks

We have been checking out some of the best water containers for motorhomes and caravans and we’ve put together a list of our top picks. Whatever you are looking for, we’re sure one of these containers will be suitable for your needs.

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If you’re looking for a water container that has it all then you won’t go far wrong with this huge container from CStern. It holds up to 53 litres and has a wealth of features to make accessing your water a cinch. The large capacity means that this is perfect for longer trips or for bigger groups of people. 

For example, the long 10 foot hose allows you to place the container out of the way while still having access to your water where you need it. What’s more, the container sits on wheels so it’s super simple to move around your campsite; especially important as the container will be very heavy when filled.

It’s made from plastic so there’s no worry about rust or corrosion and being durable, this is a water container that will serve you for many adventures. It’s amazingly easy to operate with a reliable pump system and shut off valves for safety. 



Large capacity

We couldn’t find anything we didn’t like about this water container

Durable build quality

Easy to use

Sits on two sturdy wheels

10ft hose included


Leisurewize LWACC501 Watermate Water Carrier - 40L, Food Grade Polythene Water Carrier with Large...

If you looking for something that gives you ease of carrying you water from the tap to your caravan or motorhome you might want to look at one of these, the handle comes off when not rolling it to its destination. These can be really handy if you can't lift things or if you often find yourself parking far away from where the water supply is and filling up before you leave home isn't an option or indeed for longer trips when you may have to fill up when you are at a site. With a 40 Litre capacity it is a good size. The container is lightweight when empty but does not fold so you would need some space to store it.



Very durable

Large to store away

Rolling handle for transporting when full

Great capacity


Two screw top options


WANLIAN Large-Capacity Water Container Collector Barrel Water Storage Bladder Tank Bag Foldable...

This is a truly huge water container that is largely designed for commercial use. However, if you’re heading off on a very lengthy adventure then there’s no doubt in our minds that this is the ultimate product! Holding up to 330 litres, there’s no way you’ll run out of water for large family trips. 

While it is a very decent size, the foldable design means that the water container is far easier to transport that you might imagine. It is made from durable, high density PVC which won’t easily tear or damage so, while it is a rather expensive container, it’s one that will see you through many trips. 

It comes with a wealth of accessories like a rain mat and a water outlet as well as covers. It’s super lightweight and very versatile. When you’re not using it for camping, the water container is ideal for use in the garden. 



Very durable


Lightweight and easy to transport

Huge capacity


Accessories included


ElifeAcc Collapsible Water Container with Spigot (10L, BPA Free) - Portable Camping Water Carrier...

If you’re leaving your caravan behind for the day to go and explore the countryside; perhaps spending a night camping under the stars, then you will need a water container that is lightweight and easy to carry. This one from ElifeAcc is perfect for such an occasion. 

It has a much smaller capacity of 10 litres but this is more than enough for a single night of exploring. The container is fully foldable so you can pop it into your pack and fill it at a stream or river once you reach your destination. 

The container is made from food grade materials and is durable enough to stand up to the challenges that outdoor life throws at it. What’s more, it’s super easy to use with a spigot that offers excellent water flow. 



Very affordable

To small for use inside the caravan or motorhome


Perfect for hiking


Easy to use


REDCAMP 18.5 Liter Plastic Water Container with Tap, Portable Water Bottle Carrier with Spigot for...

When you’re going to a short weekend break in your caravan or motorhome, the last thing you want is bulky equipment that takes up too  much space. That’s why we love this 15 litre container from redcamp which is perfect for an impromptu weekend away. 

It’s a plastic container made from food grade material that offers safety and durability in equal measures. The container is fitted with a spigot for easy access to your water and a large inlet opening for easy filling. This large opening also means that it’s very easy to clean the container so there’s no worry about contamination or bacteria build up. 

The redcamp water container isn’t foldable but thanks to its compact size, it isn’t going to take up a huge chunk of space. We also love the fact that it comes with a 12 month guarantee; that said, it’s super affordable especially when you consider the quality. 



Lightweight and compact

Doesn’t fold

High quality materials

Easy to clean and maintain

Good water flow

Ideal for short breaks


Colapz 8L Premium 2 in 1 Collapsible Water Container - BPA Free Camping Water Carrier with Handle -...

A folding water container is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space but still need something that’s going to hold enough water for their trip. This is the main reason that we love this 2 in 1 container from Colapz. It folds down completely flat for super simple transportation and storage but still holds 8 litres of water which is ideal for couples and short breaks. 

The container is fitted with a handy tap and a level indicator so you know when it’s time to refill. In addition to this, it boasts a carry handle so you can freely move it around the camp; it’s certainly one of the most user friendly on our list. 

But  perhaps one of the most attractive features of this water container is  how durable it is. It’s designed to last a lifetime, according to the manufacturer and from what we’ve seen, we’d have to agree. The material is resistant to the elements, it won’t become damaged by UV rays and doesn’t succumb to frost damage; this is so important for outdoor gear. 



Extremely durable and resistant

Small capacity

Comes with a carry handle

Folds flat


Good water flow from tap


Tebery 4 Pack 5L Collapsible Water Container, Portable Camping Water Carrier with Tap, BPA-Free...

For one reason or another, you may prefer to have a selection of smaller water containers. Perhaps you like the idea of each camper having their own supply or maybe you’ll use each container for a different purpose; one for drinking, one for cooking and so on. But whatever the reason, this is by far one of the best multi-packs of water containers we have seen. 

Each container holds five litres of water which is great for individual use or short trips. What’s more, the containers fold down using an accordion style design so they’re flat and convenient to transport. Made from a high quality, food grade plastic, you don’t need to worry about whether they will stand up to the challenge. 

We also love that these water containers are so versatile. In terms of temperature, they can be used in conditions as low as -20 degrees and up to 80 degrees. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever be exposed to these extremes when camping, it’s still good to know the containers are designed to withstand anything! What’s more, they can be used for BBQs, camping, hiking, caravanning and so much more.



Compact and easy to carry

Not suitable for those with large capacity needs

Set of four

Ideal for individual use

Extremely durable and resistant



RISEPRO Collapsible Water Container with Spigot, 10L BPA Free Water Storage Jug Water Canteen for...

If you have a large capacity water container for your motorhome or caravan but want something smaller for emergencies, then you’ll need a container that isn’t going to get in the way. That’s exactly what this one offers. It boasts a space saving design that you can easily stow away in your vehicle for when you need it. 

With a ten litre capacity, it’s ideal as a water supplement or if something happens to your main container. It’s also great for taking on days out such as picnics, hiking or a single night camping. 

We really love the spigot on this one as it’s one of the best leafproof designs we have seen. No need to worry about water dripping out when you don’t want it to. But when you do need to access the water, you get a steady, easy flow. What’s more, the container is made from food grade material that is durable and resistant, meaning that this is a product that will serve you for many years.



Folds flat

Small capacity not suitable as a main water container


Good water flow


Doesn’t leak

What To Look For In A Water Container

We are super confident that our top picks will be everything you are looking for and more but there are a few things that you should consider before making a decision. 

What Material Is The Container Made From?

Generally speaking, a water container for a caravan or motorhome is made from some type of plastic or fibre material. This is because these materials are durable and are perfect for use outdoors. In fact, a lot of your other camping gear is probably made from similar things. 

It’s important to look at the safety of the material as well as the durability and with a lot of food grade containers now on the market, this is certainly something you should consider, especially for drinking water.

You may find water containers that are made from metal and these are great if you’re camping somewhere very rugged where your equipment needs to stand up to heavy duty use. However, do keep in mind that this type of material is going to be heavier and so may not be suitable for things like hiking. 

Moreover, you want to make sure that the container isn’t going to spring a leak. The durability of the material will play a huge role in this but you’ll also want to look at how well it seals. The cap needs to go on firmly and tightly without any water spilling out. Losing water isn’t only frustrating, especially if you’re trying to make it last but there is also a chance it might cause damage to your other equipment. 


Choosing a water container with the right capacity is a must to make sure that you have enough water to last the duration of your stay. If you’re camping with a smaller group of people then you probably won’t need anything bigger than five gallons but larger groups might need a container that can hold up to 20 gallons.

Of course, you may also choose to purchase a number of smaller containers if this better suits your needs. 

When hiking, you need to really think outside the box as the last thing you want is a massive container weighing you down. In this case, we would suggest a collapsible model that can be easily refilled when you come across a natural body of water. 

How Easy Is It To Transport?

One of the most important things to think about when you are choosing a water container is whether or not it is going to be easy to transport. After all, you’re going on the road with it. There are some that are collapsible which is perfect if you need something space saving and this design doesn’t mean that you’ll have to sacrifice size as many foldable containers can be as big as 20 gallons.

This is great news if you don’t go off on an adventure very often but if you’re out on the road regularly then you might look for something a little more durable. 


When you buy anything, you’re naturally going to set a budget and it’s no different when choosing a water container for your caravan or motorhome. However, the cost of your container will depend on several factors with the capacity playing a large role in how much you’ll pay.

You wouldn’t typically expect to pay anything more than £80-£100, even for the largest and most well made containers but there are some that will test this budget. It’s important to think about what you need and set a budget according to this. 


When you go off on a camping adventure in your motorhome and caravan, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right supplies. Water is one of the most essential things but getting it from one place to another isn’t always easy. Investing in a good water container is essential in moving your water around and keeping it safe and clean.