Everything for camping…including the kitchen sink

We love washing up time at campsites. It’s a chance to chat to fellow campers. But you do need a decent washing up bowl that you can carry over to the sinks…or use when wild camping.

Here are the best camping sinks we’ve found. Avoid the impractical round folding bowls and collapsing (when-you-don’t-want-them-to) buckets unless you really need super-lightweight. 

Don’t forget to look at our recommended water carriers too.

Sea to Summit Ultrasil

The tiniest, lightest sink you’ll find. 10-litre capacity and perfect for backpackers. It opens up to a round bowl with a wire rim. Really needs to be full to hold its shape, but if weight (just 49g) is important to you, it’s ideal. Around £20.

Folding drainer

A collapsible drainer NOT a sink. Around £10. There are draining holes in the base and no drip tray so you can’t stand it on a decent surface. Folds to just 5cm. Size 31x36x13cm when in use.

Multipurpose box

Really Useful boxes are...really useful. This 18l one with a lid makes a great sink and you can store your stuff in it while travelling. Around £11. 48x48x20cm

Outwell Collaps

This Outwell Collaps washing bowl comes in a few colours and costs around £16. Slightly small at 12x38x28cm, but simple and handy...and part of a range of other Collaps goodies.

Collaps with a lid and handle

We saw a Swiss couple using this over the summer and it really won us over. Lots of uses, big enough for proper washing up and the handle is VERY helpful. Not cheap at around £35, but a good buy all the same. We did spot them at Simply Hike for under £30, so maybe worth a look – not many left, though.

Kampa basics

Cheap and OK at £7, but not terribly strong or big. 30x30x17cm. They tend to collapse as you fill them with hot water, so not our number one (or two!) choice.

Beldray wash and drain

A cheap version of the Joseph+Joseph washing bowl. This one costs around £9. 34x24x17cm and a rather small 8l capacity. Use it as a colander too, though.

Stainless camping sink

And then you can go a step even further with a stainless steel outdoor sink for nearly £100. Barbecue area in the garden maybe? Well, we just had to show you!

Orbit folding sink

Not much to choose between this collapsible folding bowl and the Outwell one, except that this is half the price! Around £7.

A sturdy washing bowl

Strong and practical, the Yachticon has handles, folds flat and costs around £25. Holds 15l and sized 33x33x17cm, though. Pretty robust for carrying camping kit when you're not washing up.

Joseph+Joseph beauty

This one has a drain rack inside and a cutlery holder. Around £30. Black or white. Only for single campers or couples as it’s small (but beautiful). 25x38x20cm

A real sink?

Definitely a bit of overkill unless you're camping in one spot for three months! Connect your water and a canister to collect the waste. Would you, really? Around £50.

Colapz 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 buckets

Dave and his mates have thought of everything. Their Colapz buckets come with a lid, tap and bung (the 2-in-1) or all of those plus watering can nozzle. Great for washing up small items (though plates won’t fit in), storing water and for using with their brilliant portable shower. They even do a mains water adapter kit for caravans and campervans.

See-through wash bowl

We like this one. Use it as a sink or to carry stuff. Lightweight but with support rods so it doesn't lose its rectangular shape or collapse under the water's weight. Handles and a mesh pocket. Folds almost flat. 18l. Around £15

J+J drain sink

A bit simpler than the white one, this portable sink has a plug for draining. The square shape is handy. Around £28 and in a choice of colours. 31x31x20cm and holds 10 litres.

Joseph & Joseph wash and drain

The J&J washing up bowl with plug, with the addition of a draining side for sponges and liquid or for cutlery. Around £35.

For washing clothes

The Scrubba bag is an ingenious sort of wet drybag with a scrubbing area inside. Fill it with water and clothes and get agitating! From £40 and a choice of colours. 

Don’t forget your pegless clothesline!

And what about portable camping showers? Solar-heated bags, pumps that you stick into a bucket or bowl or even powered ones? Here are our favourites that REALLY work.

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