Best Waterproof Changing Robes

When you’re enjoying activities in the great outdoors, there’s a very good chance you’ll need to change your clothes. After all, you can’t go about your day in your swimming or sports gear, can you? But not all places have a private place to get changed and the last thing anyone wants is to have to change in front of a crowd of people. 

That’s where a waterproof changing robe is…well, a game changer. These robes allow you to get changed privately, no matter where you are. Their waterproof design ensures that you can still change, no matter what the weather and you’ll be warm and dry in the process. 

In this guide, we will be looking at the best waterproof changing robes that money can buy because after all, you want something that’s going to serve you time and time again. We will also be giving you some handy buying tips to make choosing between robes quick and easy. 

An Introduction To Waterproof Changing Robes

The concept of a waterproof changing robe is simple; it’s a garment that is worn over your existing clothing which offers privacy and comfort while changing. They are ideal for getting out of swimwear, sports gear and other active garments. These robes feature large arm holes and a super sized body so that you have plenty of room to change without having to struggle.

What’s great is that waterproof changing robes come in such a large range of styles and materials making them a great choice for lots of occasions. Use them on the beach when you’re done swimming, after a game of football or rugby or perhaps after a particularly muddy cycling or hiking trip.

There are some changing robes that don’t have the benefit of being waterproof but the waterproof ones we will be talking about in this guide are far superior as they can be used in all conditions. Moreover, the waterproof shell also offers protection against the wind and cold keeping you cosy as you change. 

We also love that there are several different types of changing robes giving you even more choice and allowing you to find something that truly meets your needs. For example, there are kid’s robes which are perfect for family days out to the beach or the lake and they’ll certainly stop the little ones from complaining about the cold as they get changed. 

You’ll also find a huge variety of styles including those that have zips and those that are seam-free for reduced irritation on the skin. Some waterproof changing robes have short sleeves while others have longer sleeves, some are fully lined while others are lightweight; essentially there’s something for all seasons.

When shopping for a waterproof changing robe, you will also notice that the lining varies between manufacturers. For example, some have a microfibre lining which means that they will double up as a towel and get you dry before you change into clean clothes. Some are fur lined so don’t perform as well in this sense but will offer superior warmth.

So, Why Do I Need A Waterproof Changing Robe?

One of the main reasons that adventurers find the waterproof changing robe to be such an important piece of equipment is how convenient they are. You won’t have to worry about struggling to retain your dignity when changing in a public place as your hands will be totally free. What’s more, you’ll never have to find somewhere private to change again; no matter where you are, you’ll be in dry, clean clothes in no time. 

Furthermore, thanks to the hands-free design, changing won’t take as long so you won’t be exposed to the elements for as much time. And we all know how uncomfortable that can be on a cold day! There’s also plenty of room to move thanks to the oversized design.

For kids, a waterproof changing robe can be a lifesaver. As parents, we have all had those annoying changes on the beach or in the park with children that are cold, wet and grumpy. That will certainly be a thing of the past when you have a waterproof changing robe!

The Best Waterproof Changing Robes

Since waterproof changing robes are such a convenient item, it will come as no surprise that there are a whole host to choose from. While there are many amazing products on the market, after some intense research, we have found some of the most elite! Here come our top picks.


Frostfire Moonwrap (Large, CAMO)

Coming in a choice of three sizes, the Frostfire Moonwrap is ideal for adults big and small. What’s great about this one is that it has been designed specifically with durability in mind and the manufacturer has taken into account just how muddy and extreme things can get when spending time outdoors. 

It’s made from super high quality materials that won’t tear or rip and the inner fleece lining is perfect for winter or windy days. You certainly won’t feel the chill when wearing the Moonwrap. What’s even better is that the Moonwrap has a zippered design to make it easy to take on and off. 

We also love the fact that this waterproof changing robe comes with two good sized pockets. If you need to have personal items close to hand when changing, you’ve got the perfect storage solution. And if not, these huge pockets are ideal for keeping your hands warm while you dry off. 



Large pockets

We couldn’t find anything wrong with this waterproof changing robe

Zippered front

Durable materials

Choice of sizes

Unisex design


Mi Adventure Kids Outdoor Changing Robe - Pink | Waterproof & Windproof Warm Long Sleeve, Sherpa...

If you have an active family that loves to be in the water then you’re going to need a great waterproof changing robe for everyone. Since the Mi Adventure robes come in a range of adults and kids sizes, you can get it all in one place. 

These changing robes are lightweight and yet offer excellent protection from the elements, keeping you cosy while you change. They boast a super soft and warm sherpa lining as well as a zip that will keep out both salt and fresh water; how versatile is that!

Inside the changing robe, you will find a selection of pockets to keep your things safe while you change and what’s more, the long sleeves offer the utmost protection. However, one thing we would point out is that this long sleeved design does make manoeuvrability a little trickier so we would recommend sizing up. 



Internal pockets

Arms are a little tight so may need to size up

Super soft lining

Great choice of sizes and colours

2 way resistant zips

Durable materials


SEASHELL Adult Waterproof Changing Robe with Fleece Lining - Waterproof Windproof Oversized Coat -...

If you’re looking for something that’ll feel a little more high end and perform way beyond what you expect then we’d recommend the Seashell changing robe. It is one of the more expensive products on our list but it’s well worth the investment when you consider how well made it is. 

The Seashell is made from a durable outer shell and a soft fleece lining giving you the best of comfort and warmth. What’s great about this one is that it can be machine washed although the manufacturer doesn’t suggest doing this after every use as this could affect the quality of the garment. 

The changing robe boasts a 2 way zip that makes getting into and out of the robe super quick and easy and the long sleeves are fully adjustable so that the wind and cold cannot get in through the cuffs. You’ll also find a selection of pockets to keep you bits and bobs close to hand. 



Large pockets

Limited sizes

Adjustable sleeves

Soft fleece lining

Durable materials

Machine washable

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AONYIYI Unisex Adult Changing Robe with Fleece Fabric, Windproof and Waterproof Changing Robe for...

If you’re looking for something that is affordable but will still perform amazingly well then we wouldn’t recommend anything more than this waterproof changing robe from AONYIYI. It comes in a stylish black design and features mid length sleeves that offer the best of both warmth and freedom of movement. 

The outer shell is made from a nano waterproof fabric that’s super effective when it comes to keeping out moisture while the inner part is fleece lined and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. Not to mention, it’ll keep you super warm. 

One of the things we really love about this one is how breathable it is and that’s thanks to a three layer design. This makes it perfect for all seasons and all types of weather. But if there’s one thing that lets the AONYIYI changing robe down it’s that it only comes in a medium or large which, when compared to other products isn’t the most diverse sizing we have seen. 



Three layers

Only comes in two sizes


Soft fleece lining

2 zip pockets

Great value for money


HUT Premium Green Change Coat. Waterproof, super-warm changing robe. Long sleeve, unisex, three...

It only takes a quick glance at the HUT change coat to see that this is a super snuggle, super warm garment that is ideal for colder climates. Whether you’re braving the surf on a cold day or are fearful of getting covered in mud on your winter hikes, this provides you with the perfect solution. 

The HUT changing robe is a little pricier than some of the other options on this list but you get the benefit of soft sherpa lining and a PU coated outer shell that offers superior waterproofing. There’s no way the elements will affect you when you’re wearing this! Moreover, the inner lining goes right through the hood and the large zip pockets give you somewhere to keep the hands warm. 

This is an adult's changing robe that comes in two sizes and while you might think that is pretty limited, they are very generous. This means that you’ll still have plenty of room to change inside the robe without feeling restricted. 



Good freedom of movement 


Very warm and ideal for cold weather

Reliable waterproof coating


High quality, durable materials


Frostfire Moonwrap Kids Waterproof Changing Robe (Extra Small (Age 5-9), Black)

The last thing your kids are going to want is to be drowned by an adult’s changing robe which is why it’s super important to get them their own. This one is ideal and is simply the junior version of the Moonwrap we looked at earlier. Since we were so impressed by the adult’s version, it’ll come as no surprise that the kid’s one is just as good!

The Moonwrap is suitable for kids between the ages of five and eight and features a super warm fleece lining to keep them protected from the cold. The waterproof coating is 100% reliable and you’ll also find two large pockets to keep their hands warm. Getting in and out of the changing robe is made simple via two way zips so there won’t be any struggling.

What we really love about this one is the three quarter length sleeves which gives the child freedom of movement when changing without overly exposing their arms to the elements. You really are getting the best of both worlds with this one!



Three quarter length sleeves

Only suitable for kids between 5 and 8 years old

Fleece lined and very warm

Stylish design

Durable outer shell

Two way zip

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Waterproof Changing Robe - Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing a waterproof changing robe, the good news is that there isn’t too much difference between products since the concept is largely the same. However, there are some intricacies that set the best waterproof changing robes apart from the rest and we would highly recommend considering the following points before parting with any money. 

What Is it Made From?

One of the first things you will need to think about when choosing between waterproof changing robes is the material from which it is made. As we mentioned earlier on in this guide, there are some that have a microfibre lining which makes them excellent for use as a towel as well. However, if you’re just looking for something to protect your modesty as you change then something fur lined is OK. Moreover, this material is ideal if you know that you will be changing in colder locations.

Since we are looking at waterproof changing robes, it’s important to check that they have that all important waterproof shell. Of course, there are non-waterproof options available if this is something you feel you would benefit from. 

How Easy Is It To Clean?

Your waterproof changing robe is going to see a lot of action and so it won’t come as a surprise to learn that it’ll get dirty pretty quickly. Being able to machine wash your garment makes life so much simpler but not all changing robes are designed to withstand this. 

Some, however, can be put through the washing machine at 40º although many manufacturers will suggest limiting the number of times you do this to avoid damaging the quality of the robe. 


Some waterproof changing robes may offer protection from the cold and wet but they’ll make you so warm that you quickly build up a sweat; nobody wants this which is why it’s important to look for one that is breathable. 

If the garment is made using layers of material then it stands a good chance of being much more breathable and this will make it suitable in both warm and cold weather. 


We would never suggest buying a waterproof changing robe just because it is cheap. More often than not you will get what you pay for so if the price is very low, there’s a good chance that the materials will be inferior and that the waterproof nature of the robe won’t do what you expect it to. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule but for the most part, it’s worth investing in something a little more high quality. 

That said, if you only need something for a quick change or will use the robe very occasionally then something more affordable might be just what you need. 

There are some waterproof robes that can fly into triple figures and while this may be a scary price to pay, it’s often worth it. These high end robes are normally made from much better quality materials and are better constructed. If you’re something of an adventurer then we’d suggest thinking seriously about one of these. 

Sleeve Length

You will have noticed when browsing through waterproof changing robes that they come in different sleeve sizes. There will be information regarding sizing on the product listing or packaging but it’s a good idea to get better acquainted with this concept. 

You see, the size of the arms will depend on things like the weather and how easy you want it to be to get changed. With longer sleeves, there’s no doubt that you will be warmer but this comes at the sacrifice of freedom of movement especially when compared to a short sleeve robe. These offer a much more hassle free way of changing but your arms will be exposed to the elements. 

Of course, you will also need to think about how big the body of the robe is, especially if you’ll be wearing lots of layers. The last thing you want is for it to feel overly tight once you’ve got everything on underneath it. Furthermore, the bigger the robe is, the more room you will have to get changed without feeling cramped. 

How Warm Is It?

The whole point of a waterproof changing robe is not only to protect your modesty but also to keep you warm and dry as you change. If the robe isn’t going to offer this warmth then there’s very little point in using it. This is even more important for people who will be outdoors in colder weather. Going back to our earlier point, robes that are fleece or fur lined will be much warmer. 


When thinking about storing your waterproof changing robe, there are two things to consider; how easy it is to store when not in use and whether it can be left out just before you need it. For example, let’s say you have gone swimming in the lake. Would you be able to leave the robe out on a folding camping chair or a large rock without it blowing away or getting wet? If the answer is no, then you might need to think about bringing a waterproof bag to protect it while you have fun. 

In terms of storing the robe between uses, you want something that is going to fold up and be easy to put into a drawer or cupboard. However, since these robes are, by design, rather bulky, it can be a good idea to use vacuum storage bags which is ideal when trying to save space. 


Having a waterproof changing robe allows you to change out of your activewear into something more comfortable, not to mention dry. This limits problems with having to find somewhere private to change as well as helps to keep you warm while you do so. 

There are a whole host of changing robes on the market and manufacturers will all tell you that their product is the best. While it’s true that many of them are good, there are some that really stand out from the crowd in terms of excellence. Our selection of the best waterproof changing robes gives you an introduction to some of the best out there but don’t forget to follow our buying tips to ensure you get something that meets your needs as closely as possible.