Find wild camping and good campsites – the best camping apps

There’s nothing like personal recommendation for finding good campsites, and especially for free places to stop in a campervan or motorhome.

We’re building a list of the best camping apps (Android and iOS) to help you find a place for the night while you’re on the road.

Please bear in mind Covid restrictions, be sensitive to the local area and to the people who live there. Check ahead, stay safe and keep others safe too.

Latest update: August 2020
Giles Babbidge camping

We haven’t included web inks where it makes more sense to use  your iOS or Android app store .

What3words – a miraculous navigation tool

What3words isn’t a campsite-finding app, but it’s an amazing way to share detailed locations without the hassle of grid reference numbers. Basically, every 3m square on the planet has three random words to identify it.


For example, here was our wild camping spot a while ago – hark.loads.symphony. Anyone we give those three words to will now be able to drive directly to our lovely spot under the trees.

We keep a list of everywhere we camp and you can also save locations in lists – so, good restaurants, lovely places to swim and so on.

Naturally, it’s a fantastic tool for the emergency services. People have also used it to pinpoint friends at festivals or in areas where landmarks are few and far between. And it’s free! You can find it on the web and in phone app stores.


OS Locate

If you prefer something a bit more traditional, OS Locate takes details from your mobile and converts your location to grid references that you can then share.

It’s astonishingly accurate and works without a phone signal. There’s a built-in compass and useful mapping information. A brilliant tool alongside a paper map.

Park4nightPark4night app

With searchable map, an ‘around me’ locator and more. Places added by users. Free version with subscription option for more features. More limited than Searchforsites, but better free version.

WikiCamps UK

Wikicamp appWorks offline, providing you download before you set off. Places added by users. 5,000+ UK sites. 99p. In-app purchases.

ACSI Campsites Europe

ACSI campsites app8,500 sites across 32 European countries. Works offline. Filter by facility. Packages for each country/region. €1.99 for the UK (580+ campsites). In-app purchases. Filtering can be a bit frustrating.

Wild Camping POI

Wild Camping POI appCovers the UK and France, with listings of wild camping spots, aires and motorhome-friendly pubs and water taps etc. Available to members of the Wild Camping website, but you can get a free demo to test if it’s for you.


Campmate camping appFind and book camping holidays, with filters for facility, pictures and directions. Free, but slightly limited in what you can find. Doesn’t seem to be available on Android?

Campr Beautiful Camping 

Focusing on lovely places with video and lots of images. Regions and sites are limited, and the app hasn’t been updated for a year.


The website and app lists motorhome parking spots throughout Europe (nearly 700 in the UK), and claims to be Europe’s biggest. Add details and reviews and search by best rated or free stopovers. There’s a free trial version, but otherwise costs £5.99 a year

Motorhome Wild Camping 

Not an app, but a lovely personal guide to spots to park up for the night, either for free or for under £10. Buy him a beer!


Camping and Caravanning Club SiteSeeker 

CCC campsites appFilter your results by location, price and on-site facilities. Available offline. Membership number unlocks certificated sites. Free, but not very popular!



A searchable guide to campsites, aires and stopovers with nearly 30,000 places listed in Western Europe (though some major omissions) and 15,000 members adding reviews and updates. Includes a five-day weather map for the locations too. 

App available, which is great BUT no mention of cost or subscription. There should be no need to trick people with a seemingly free service that turns out to be two-day evaluation only.  Pinches Britstop copyright info too.


One to avoid on Android but decent on iOS. Requires membership.

Please let us know if you’ve used one of these apps – with good or bad experiences! And if we’ve missed an app we should include, please share! There’s a comment box below.

Web-based alternative campsite finders

We’ve used and reviewed these:

The Wild Guides

A brilliant series of guides that help you discover lovely landscapes, places to swim and camp, unusual and special places to eat and more. Look where the French one took us!! See the full list below.

Can I walk there? Can I camp there?

The vast majority of England is out-of-bounds. By law of trespass, we are excluded from 92 per cent of its land and 97 per cent of its waterways, blocked by walls whose legitimacy is rarely questioned.

In The Book of Trespass, we follow lifelong trespasser and campaigner for access, Nick Hayes, over the barbed wire fences of the aristocrats, politicians, media magnates, and corporations that own England to reveal the real story behind its KEEP OUT signs.

From the historical enclosure of the commons that began in 1066, to modern-day acts of resistance such as the Greenham Common Peace camp and the Kinder Trespass, Nick questions the English orthodoxy that the ownership of land should come with the right to exclude everyone else, and argues that the root of social inequality – across class, gender and race – is the uneven distribution of land.

Part polemic, part passionate defence of our access to the natural world, this is nature writing for 2020.

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  1. There are some great apps with free maps which work offline (unlike OS maps unless you have purchased and downloaded maps) eg Munro Maps, Lake District Offline Map. Also for public transport Traveline. ED: Thanks, Dave. our favourite is Viewranger, which is also useable offline if you download your region in advance.

  2. @Robert Pratt, the searchforsites website is still free to use, only the app is chargeable and this is to cover the ability to use the data offline – same as many of the other apps listed.

  3. Robert Pratt

    I used to use Search for Sites and contributed reviews and added sites – I was then told I had to pay to access – OUTRAGEOUS!

  4. Charles Truman

    Yvonne’s August 1 2018 post on satnav add on to show wild sites prompted a reply from Ed that said nip to this forum on the website. B up no lie Nik and I can’t find the forum article. Can you provide more detail. ED: Try this:

  5. searchforsites left this comment, but please also read the details about their underhand behaviour in the main article!
    “Now available as an app and available in the iOS App store and Google Play store for Android.
    It works offline and features some unique features. It includes a route planner and built in navigation system so you can get directions right to the entrance.”

  6. Hi can anyone tell me how I go about downloading an app on to my satnav that tells me of free places I can camp for the night. I was talking to a motorhome owner the other day who was visiting in knaresborough and came from Devon I think. He showed me on his satnav how it all works. He said just to get in touch with wildcamping .com but I’m at a loss how I can download this on to my satnav, I am not very computer literate and hasten to addd I haven’t even bought a motorhome yet. Can anyone please adv me. I really wish I had asked the guy for his phone number now.
    ED: It’s actually quite easy, Yvonne. Nip to this forum on the Wild Camping website and you’ll see other people have asked the same question. There are the answers there too!

  7. William Francis Harvey

    There’s a great app, free or subscription. Took me around Europe last summer and never missed a beat. Camperstop.

  8. I’ve been a member of Wild Camping for a few years now and really enjoyed it. I work most Saturdays so I don’t get many weekends away but I’ve been made very welcome at the few Wild Camping meets I have been able to attend.
    You do have to be a full (paid Up) member to get access to the wild Camping POI’s but You can save more than the cost of the annual subscription over a couple of weekends away by becoming a “campsite dodger”

    The owners of Wild Camping have also started another site to coordinate the organisation of larger rallies.
    I spent the Spring Bank Holiday at their meet at Hereford Rowing Club and had a great time, meeting old friends and making new ones, sitting around a big campfire in the evenings.

    The Rowing Club is a great location for anyone wishing to camp at Hereford, in the middle of the city and right on the bank of the river Wye. Facilities are basic but adequate and good value at £6 per person per night. As well as the Motorhomer group there was another Club The Welsh Wanderers who also return every year, and a few independent visitors in caravans.
    Plus a group of tent campers who were canoeing down the river doing a Duke Of Edinburgh award task.
    ED: Thanks, Dave. Great information and lovely to hear about someone getting out and meeting other campers.

  9. david martin

    suggest Britstops (pay for book, web??), France passion (pay for book, web), Archies camping (free: web, GPX files, also app)


    Thanks for including our Campmate iPhone app in your round up. We’re up to 850 sites listed currently, with a similar number of sites in progress with their listing already.

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