Camp On Private Land? HomeCamper Makes It Possible

We’ve already introduced Campfire Magazine readers to Nearly Wild Camping and to CampSpace, now we’ve discovered Gamping/Home Camper – private camping spaces all over the world.

Camp in gardens, woodlands and special places

Gamping map

HomeCamper does for camping what Airbnb has done for rentals (that’s what CampSpace say too, by the way!). Basically, it allows campers to find inexpensive private camping spaces in locations all over the world.

 So far, there are 30,000 locations in 42 countries. Gamping was founded in France – and the country naturally has lots of camping spots to choose from. There’s less choice in other parts of the world, and very little in the UK – a driveway in Clitheroe doesn’t particularly appeal, but since Gamping joined forces with HomeCamper, choice could be about to get better.


You can sign up for free (though our verification email didn’t arrive, so be prepared to persevere!).

You search using an interactive map. Each host lists facilities and describes their place.

There are categories for tents, motorhomes and campervans and readymade outdoor accommodation (with no equipment needed). Other than that, it looks and works almost exactly like AirBnb.


It could be the perfect way to try out one of our favourite camping experiences – read all about that in our special feature on bivvy hammocks. We’ll be trying out a few locations soon.

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