Camping storage – the best cupboards and camp kitchens

This is what we’re here for! To save you the time and effort of researching to find the best camping kit.

So, let’s talk camping storage…camping cupboards and the best camp kitchens.

Folding camping cupboards

Latest update: June 2020

Campart Valencia 2  –  the Campfeuer kitchen stand is identical, seemingly cheaper, but watch delivery costs!

Which camping cupboard should I buy…and why?

It’s satisfying to have something that makes it easy to get at cooking equipment, toiletries or general bits and pieces when camping. Rummaging around in overstuffed boxes and bags gets a bit wearing – especially on longer campsite stays.

We’ve used an Andes kitchen storer for years. It has compartments and is light and packable Great if you’re after a smaller storage option that doubles as a picnic carrier.

The Vango folding organiser is a lightweight, smaller option.

But if you need something more substantial, read on…

Which camping storage works best?

We liked the look of the concertina folding camping cupboards that don’t take up much space in the car or campervan. These can be carried flat and then put up inside a tent or awning.


Add a Kampa universal-fit windshield to make a cooking area

Many come with pull-down legs that are good for adjusting on uneven floors, but we didn’t find a single one of these that wasn’t wobbly.

So, we’ve opted to look more closely at the flat-bottomed cupboards with shelves. If you need to turn a basic storage cupboard into a kitchen, you can always add a windshield. The Kampa windshield shown here is universal-fit and sticks on with suction cups.

Now aren’t you glad you didn’t spend three hours finding out that…

…Guess what? Camping cupboards are all pretty identical apart from fabric colour and the colour of the top and shelves…oh, and price. There are a couple that stand out from the rest, so read on….
Joint top choice

Zempire camping cupboards and kitchen – from £50

Probably our joint number one choice with Campart. We’ve been impressed by Zempire’s tents and their storage options are great too.

  • Aluminium frame (steel on Lowstow)
  • Bamboo top on the single cupboard
  • One-shelf – 75W x 49D x 82H (cm) – 9.8kg
  • Lowstow – 97W x 48D x 56H (cm) – 7.8kg

Isabella double cupboard – around £115

  • Aluminium frame
  • Two shelves
  • Organiser pockets
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • Side-opening doors
  • Carrybag included
  • 84W x 50D x 81H (cm)
  • Max. load of 30kg
  • Weighs 11kg

Campart Toledo cupboard and kitchen– around £60/£85

CamPart camping cupboard

  • Aluminium frame
  • Two shelves
  • Side opening door
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • 60W x 48D x 81H (cm)
  • Max load unknown
  • Weighs 7.7kg

Top for choice of size

TecTake camping storage – from £65

  • Aluminium frame
  • Five different models to choose from
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • Roll-up doors
  • Carry bag
  • Kitchen unit with windshield – 76 x 53.5 x 107cm; 7.1kg, 30kg load
  • Double store low – 97 x 47.5 x 56.5cm; 6.7kg, 30kg load
  • Double store high – 97 x 47.5 x 78cm, 8.6kg, 30kg load

Outwell Padres XL kitchen unit – around £140


  • Aluminium frame
  • Windshield
  • Bamboo top
  • Pockets and pull-out washing bowl holder
  • Side-rolling doors
  •  100 x 49 x 82cm
  • Weighs 13.5kg
Joint top choice

Campart camp kitchens – £70-£110

Our joint top choice for camping kitchens, thanks to the light weight and the aluminium top with windshield. Brilliant. 

  • Aluminium frame and work surface
  • Two shelves, plus gas bottle store in the larger one
  • Sink included in the larger version.
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • Roll-up doors
  • Sink
  • 102 x 48 x 85/116cm
  • Weighs 5.4kg /7.2kg
Fully featured kitchen

Campart Granada outdoor kitchen – around £85

  • Great value workhorse of a camp kitchen
  • Lid can be a worktop or windshield
  • Folds into a flat bag
  • Two cupboards and built-in sink
  • Aluminium frame
  • Adjustable legs
  • 100W x 50D x 76H
  • Weighs 11.9kg

Campart CU-0719 – around £60/£80

  • Aluminium frame
  • Two shelves
  • Mesh for ventilation
  • Side-opening doors
  • 57W x 47D x 97H (cm)
  • Max load unknown
  • Weighs 4.5kg
  • DIFFERENCES – lower weight than most, aluminium edged shelves. Madrid double cupboard/kitchen available too for around £70.

Campfeuer camp kitchen and cupboards – from £60

  • Strong and stable base
  • Two cupboards and shelves
  • Rear mesh
  • Carrybag included
  • 102W 47D 82H
  • Weight not stated, but lightweight aluminium frame
  • Kitchen unit is identical to the Campart Valencia

What about a macho storage idea from the angling world?


 The TF Gear workstation has table flaps, loads of storage and pockets. Around £60.

This NGT Deluxe has two tiers, a separable table and costs under £50.

For campervanners and van converters…

Packing a VW California Beach campervan

For anyone with a campervan (especially VW California Beach owners), you could consider one of these camping storage units for use in the van.


We’ve tested one sitting on the multiflex shelf in the back of a Beach.

Providing it’s on a non-slip surface (we have grey lino in place of the padded mattress) and it’s positioned to one side (so you can see out of the rear-view mirror), it seems to work well as a permanent campervan cupboard.

 You do need to pack it well to stop rattling and it’s not terribly elegant, but it makes getting at plates and pans very easy. Read more about how to use and pack a VW California Beach campervan.

A shopping tip…

We’d seen a lot of good reviews for an insulated picnic bag called the BeFit, so we tested it. Very flimsy and poor quality. 

If you see an item with a large number of five-star reviews, just have a read through some of them. Over-enthusiasm and dodgy English MAY be a sign it’s a fake review. Other clues are that the reviewer has only ever posted five-star reviews or has never posted anything before.

Blow-up camping cupboard

Now here’s an interesting idea. An inflatable cupboard for your tent or awning.

140cm high and 80cm wide, the cupboard has shelves inside and pockets on the outside. It comes with a handy carrying bag too. Around £50.

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  1. Anne Whitefield

    Starting to camp at ages 65 and 75 respectively budget was uppermost…. In case we didn’t cope!!😂 So we opted for the aldi camping kitchen which cost approx £40 and then bought the aldi camping fridge at similar price. Having used them for 2 years for many week long trips I can honestly say I have been delighted with their performance. ED: Hi Anne. Those were a great buy! It’s a bit hit and miss with Aldi gear, but there are some bargains now and then that actually perform well. We try to get a range of options at different prices when we recommend the best camping equipment. Everything that works brilliantly for us goes into our ‘camping must-haves’ article…and then disappears if it lets us down.

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