Best Caravan Wheel Locks/Clamps

If you own a caravan, or if you are considering purchasing one, it must be secure when parked. Caravan wheel locks and clamps help to keep your caravan secure. 

They will help to prevent any unwanted rolling which could potentially be dangerous for both you and others. In some cases, wheel locks and clamps are essential to have when it comes to insurance. They also help to prevent theft.

If you are unsure of what wheel clamp or lock you should purchase, we are here to help. In this article, we have chosen five of the best wheel clamps and locks so you do not have to. If you are looking for campervan & motorhome security we've already wrote a guide for that too.

We have also included a useful buyer’s guide which includes everything you should look for in a good wheel clamp and lock.

In a hurry?

If you are in a rush, here is our top pick for the best wheel lock/clamp:

Purpleline Nemesis Ultra High-Security Caravan Wheel ClampAvailable to purchase here

We have chosen this wheel clamp because it is particularly durable and bright. It is a lightweight clamp that is particularly easy to install. It comes with a carry bag and can be installed with ease.

SCM European Security Standard Approved which is reassuring, and it prevents the caravan wheels from moving when in use.

Being fully resistant to gas-freezing, drilling, and cutting, you will have no problems with theft when this clamp is used. 

Overall this is a fantastic option that is easy to install and is particularly durable. We would certainly recommend purchasing it.

Product Reviews


FullStop Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp

The Purpleline Nemesis Caravan Wheel Clamp is a particularly great choice for your caravan.

It is bright orange, which is great as it is easily noticeable and will likely deter potential thieves. It is a popular choice with caravan owners.

Its full dimensions are 44.2 x 31.6 x 13.2cm. It weighs a total of 4.7kg. It is lightweight to place in your caravan and transport when not in use, but it is still durable and difficult to remove when in place. 

Overall it is fairly small in its size and it will fit in a shoebox for reference. However, it does come with its storage bag which is useful and will help to prevent it from getting damaged during transportation.

This wheel lock is SCM European Security Standard Approved so you can be reassured knowing that it is a suitable wheel lock.

This particular design is suitable for use with alloy wheels. Given this, it is worth ensuring that you have compatible tyres before purchasing. 

It features a patented design which is very successful in preventing the caravan wheels from rotating or being removed while it is in use.

Although this may be a fairly small wheel lock, you should not underestimate its power. It is completely resistant to gas-freezing, drilling, and cutting.

This is great as you know that your caravan will be secure. It is particularly easy to assemble, you simply locate the universal wheel bolt, place the wheel clamp and secure it shut. You will not need to adjust the wheels at all. 


  • Easy to install
  • Particularly lightweight
  • Resistant to gas-freezing, drilling, and cutting


  • Although this clamp is universal, it is intended to fit caravans with alloy wheels. Given this, you will need to ensure that it is suitable for your caravan before using. 


MILENCO 2745 Compact Wheel Clamp, 5.0 cm*51.0 cm*29.0 cm

The Milenco Compact Wheel Clamp is another popular choice. When looking at the price, it is fairly expensive in comparison to some of the other clamps that we have featured.

However, the price is certainly reflected in its overall quality.

This clamp is made from durable alloy steel and it has a yellow painted finish. The yellow is bright and certainly attracts attention which you want from a clamp. The Milenco has the following dimensions 51 x 5 x 29cm. 

Given its size, it is suitable for use with caravans that have wheels anywhere between 12 to 16 inches in size. This clamp should fit on the majority of caravans.

However, you should always make sure to measure the size of your tyres before purchasing. This clamp is suitable for use with both steel and alloy wheels, which allows it to suit a wide range of caravan models.

The size of the tyres this clamp is suitable for are 145 to 225 tyres.

This clamp is relatively lightweight, weighing 3.92kg in total. Given this, it is easy to install and transport when not in use.

The only downside to this clamp is that it does not fold, so is a little more cumbersome in comparison to other brands. 

The Milenco comes with an adapter for Bailey tyres, and an adapter and small hole for larger tyres.

The hand crank is included in the design and the clamp locks using the integrated locking mechanism which is particularly safe and durable.

The lock is made with corrosion-resistant brass which allows you to use this clamp in all weather conditions. 

Overall it is easy to install and use and will lock in place. It has foam backing to protect your tyres when in use, and the steel used is hardened.

This ensures that the clamp can prevent freezing and sawing. It also comes with a useful carry bag.


  • Corrosion-resistant brass
  • Can be used with both allow and steel tyres
  • Easy to use


  • It is not foldable


Stoplock Wheel Clamp HG 400-00 - Anti-Theft Lock Device for Small-Wheeled Cars Caravans Trailers...

The Stoplock wheel clamp is painted bright yellow, making it very easy to recognise and see.

This is great as it is more likely to deter thieves. When looking at the price, this is one of the more affordable wheel clamps that we have featured in this article. 

What is great about the Stoplock Wheel Clamp is that it is guaranteed to not become faulty for five years. This is excellent as it will give you peace of mind upon purchasing.

This wheel clamp will fit caravan wheels that are between 330 to 382 mm. We would recommend that you ensure that it is suitable for use with your caravan before purchasing.

When looking at its dimensions, they are 58 x 30 x 12.9cm. In comparison to some of the other clamps that we have featured in this article, it is slightly larger and therefore a little more cumbersome to carry and store.

However, it is still fairly small overall.

When looking at its weight, it is 5.25kg. Again, while this is not overly heavy, it is still heavier than some of the other clamps and locks we have featured.

Given this, it may not be quite as easy to attach. However, it is durable and robust and will last for a good number of years.

Overall, this clamp is fairly easy to attach to your wheel and can be done with little to no issues.

This wheel clamp comes with a flashing LED which will draw further attention to the clamp, and it has three keys in total. This is great as it will ensure that you are less likely to lose the keys and be unable to open it. 

The lock has 10,000 key combinations, and additional keys can also be purchased which is great if you should run into any problems with the set provided.

This clamp does not come with a quarry case but is compact enough to fit in the boot of a car with ease.


  • LED Light 
  • 3 keys, with the option of purchasing additional keys
  • Guaranteed to last for 5 years at least


  • It is a little heavier in comparison to other models and does not come with a carry case. 


Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp Suitable for Cars, Vans, Motorhomes, Caravans, Trailers Tyre Width 175...

The Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp is another popular choice. It is available in one size and being universal it should fit the majority of caravan tyres with no issues at all.

What is great about its design is that it can be easily adjusted to fit all different tyre sizes. 

It is bright in its colour and will draw attention. This clamp will fit tyres that are 175 to 225mm in width. Its overall dimensions are 41.2 x 25.6 x 10.4cm, and it weighs 3.62kg in total.

It is fairly lightweight, and easy to transport when not in use. One connected it remains firmly secure to the wheel of the caravan. It does not come with a carry case, however. 

When looking at the materials it is made from, this clamp is durable and also has a soft PVC coating. This coating helps to prevent any damage to the wheel when the clamp is in use. 

When looking at the price, this wheel clamp is very reasonable and is great for those shopping on a budget. It comes with two keys which is great as you will have a back up if one gets lost. 


  • Bright yellow and red
  • Lightweight
  • Soft PVC coating to help protect the wheels


  • Does not come with a carry case


Car Motorhome Trailer Wheel Clamp Extendable Heavy Duty Anti Theft Protection 2 Keys Alca Germany...

The Car Motorhome Trailer Wheel Clamp is another product that is fairly inexpensive to purchase. It is a bright yellow to help deter any potential theft. It has a painted finish. 

When looking at the overall dimensions, they are 51.5 x 30.5 x 7.8cm. It is a reasonable size. Weighing only 2.34kg, this wheel clamp is particularly lightweight and easy to carry and transport when not in use. 

The only downside is that it does not come with a carry case, but given its size and weight this is not too much of an issue.

This wheel clamp is suitable for tyres with a width from 180cm to 285cm. What is great about it is that it is extendable to allow you to use the clamp on bigger caravan tyres with no issues.

It is a heavy-duty clamp which features level 3 advanced protection. This ensures that it is very difficult to remove without a key. 

The clamp is easy to use and install. It locks in place without the need for keys and can be done in just a few seconds.

The adjustable claws move seamlessly and are easy to operate. The locking system is reliable and it comes with two keys, which is great.

The wheel clamp is made from durable materials and can be used with both aluminum and steel rim tires. The clamp has rubber claws to protect any damage from occurring to the rims.  


  • Can be used with aluminum and steel rim tires
  • Reliable locking system
  • Level 3 advanced protection


  • Does not come with a carry case

Buyer’s Guide

Before you purchase a wheel clamp or lock for your caravan there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration. 


Before purchasing, you will need to take into consideration the cost of purchasing a wheel clamp or lock.

While the majority are fairly reasonably priced, some are more expensive than others. In addition to this, while some may seem good value, it is worth looking into how successful and strong they are.


Before purchasing a wheel lock, you should always ensure that it is suitable for the caravan that you own.

While many wheel locks and clamps are universal, you should ensure this before purchasing. 

Quality of the Materials Used

Following on from the price of a wheel clamp or lock, the materials and the qualities of the materials that are used are essential to check.

You will want to ensure that the materials are particularly strong. After all, they are intended to hold your caravan safely in place. 

You will not want to purchase a wheel clamp or lock that is flimsy or likely to break. Ideally, the wheel clamp will be made from durable metal that will not become damaged.

As the wheel clamp or lock will be used in all weather conditions it should not damage or rust over time. 

Type Of Wheel Lock

It is worth noting that not all wheel locks are the same. Depending on the caravan that you own, the type of wheel lock you require may vary.

It is worth noting that caravan wheel locks and clamps can vary. While some are fairly big and cumbersome, others are fairly small. 

Axle Wheel Locks

Axle wheel locks are some of the most popular locks for caravan wheels. They connect to the caravan wheels by attaching to the chassis of the caravan, through any of the alloy wheels. 

Once they are in place, these wheel locks are particularly secure and they help to stop the caravan from moving when it is static. The wheels are no longer able to move or rotate.

Not only does this keep the caravan secure, but it should deter caravan theft as they are not simple to remove.

As these locks can take some time to place on, they tend to deter thieves. The only downside to these locks is that you will need to raise the wheel to install this lock. This is worth taking into consideration before purchasing this wheel lock. 

Axle Lock Enabled Settings

It is worth noting that more modern models of the caravan have axle lock enabled settings.

If your caravan is “axle lock enabled”, this means that it already has a receiver built-in that will allow you to attach an axle lock. 

This is particularly useful and if your caravan has this receiver already, an axle lock would be the best lock to purchase. 

While you will still need to use this along with a locking insert or plate, it is a significantly useful feature to have. 

If you are unsure of whether or not your caravan has this feature, it is fairly easy to find.

On your nearside wheel, you will notice that there is a small post or yellow plug. This is the designated area in which you would attach the lock. 


When you are purchasing a wheel lock, first you will need to look at the finer details of your caravan’s insurance.

While you may think that wheel locks or clamps have no bearing on your insurance, this is completely incorrect. 

Wheel locks and clamps can have both a positive and negative effect on your insurance. This is why it is so important to read the small print in your insurance before installing and purchasing a wheel clamp or a lock.

Some insurance companies and policies require that you install a wheel lock when your caravan is stationary. If you do not comply with this and there is damage caused to the caravan, this can affect your claim. 

Other insurance companies may insist that you use two-wheel locks or one at the least. Some insurance companies even offer a discount on your insurance if you have a wheel lock fitted.

This is likely because less damage is likely to occur if the caravan wheels are locked and secured.

However, some locks or clamps can affect your insurance. This is why it is important to not assume and to check your policy before purchasing.

In addition to this, there are many wheel clamps available to purchase that have been approved for use with insurance which is worth taking into consideration.

Lock Key

One of the most important things to remember when you are purchasing a wheel lock or clamp is the lock key. Without the lock key, it will be very difficult to take off the clamp or lock. 

Given this, before you use your wheel clamp or lock, you will always need to ensure that you have the lock key to hand. This is very important as you will need to keep this safe.

The majority of wheel clamps or locks have completely different keys to keep your caravan as safe as possible, so keeping the key that you own safe is imperative. 

Locking System

In addition to keeping the lock key safe, you will also need to be aware of the type of locking system that the wheel clamp uses.

Typically there are two different types of locking systems, the internal locking system and the padlock system.

The internal locking system takes place inside the clamp itself. This type of locking system features ten different pins and is particularly difficult to break into and damage. 

It fits closely around the wheel and it cannot be easily sawed or broken off, for example. You will need a key to open this king of the wheel lock.

In contrast to this, the other type of locking system is a padlock. This is fairly self-explanatory and will require the use of an external padlock to secure the wheel lock.

In comparison to the internal locking system, this lock is secure but not as secure. The padlock could still potentially be broken off or cut off. 

Ease Of Use

How easy the clamp or lock is to fit is important. Ideally, you will want to choose a clamp/lock that is not too difficult to attach and remove. If the lock is difficult to use, if it is placed incorrectly on the wheel this could potentially lead to damage. 

You should always check whether or not the lock needs to secure in place with or without tools. Some may require tightening to ensure that they are completely secure and you may need to purchase these separately. 

In addition to how easy the clamp is to secure, you should also take into consideration the weight of it. While you may assume that you need to purchase a heavy-duty wheel clamp, this is not necessarily the case. Many lightweight locks that are just as good.

In addition to this, they can be equally as strong but with a smaller weight, they are far easier to transport when not in use. The lighter the clamp is, the easier it will be to install too. 

The clamp that you purchase should come with a good instruction manual that will explain how to attach this to the wheels in a way that is easy and clear to understand.


When purchasing any item it is always important to check whether or not it comes with any warranty.

Given the purpose of a wheel clamp it is useful if it is ensured should anything become wrong with it.

While some companies will offer insurance, others will not so it is worth considering this and double-checking before purchasing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked questions that you may have. 

What If I Lost My Wheel Lock Key?

As we have mentioned above, wheel lock keys are important to keep safe. However, there may be an occasion where you have lost your key.

While this may seem worrying, there are three main solutions to this problem.

1. Spare Keys

While this may not help if you only had one set of keys, you should always consider having a spare set of wheel lock keys cut.

This will help in the instance where you lose your main set of keys.

2. Calling a Locksmith

If you have lost the key, the best thing you can do is call a locksmith. This is the best solution to the problem.

However, this will come at a cost and depending on the situation, it can be fairly expensive when you take into consideration what will need to be done. 

Typically locksmiths will charge anywhere from £50 for a call out, and if they need to purchase a key or additional equipment to release the lock, this charge will be added to your final bill too. 

3. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders can be used in certain instances if you have no other choice. However, this can potentially cause damage to your caravan and the wheel.

This is far from ideal and should be avoided where possible. Acquiring an angle grinder if you do not already own one can be difficult too. 

Do You Need Wheel Locks?

Wheel clamps are particularly useful to purchase, not only for certain insurance policies but for your security and peace of mind too.

They will help to keep your caravan in place and secure, they help to prevent towing, theft and provide good overall security.

Considering that the majority are easy to transport and place on to the caravan wheels they are certainly worth purchasing.

While you can technically not use the clamps, this can potentially be dangerous and go against the advice from insurance companies.

Are Wheel Clamps Effective?

Yes, overall wheel clamps are effective. However, you will need to ensure that they are secured properly otherwise they will be less effective.

They help to deter theft and prevent your caravan from moving when static. Given this, they are effective and will help to keep the caravan secure.

They also help to prevent access to wheel nuts when secured, which is good.

Can Rims Be Stolen With Wheel Locks?

Following on from the question above, wheel locks help to prevent rims from being stolen. This is because they prevent access to the wheel nuts.

To steel rims, the person would need access to this, which is prevented with wheels locks, making them a great deterrent.