Best buys for campervan and caravan vacs

Sand between your toes, muddy boots, well-soaked dogs…all signs of a great and active camping trip, but most of us would prefer not to have all that muck spreading into our sleeping bags or duvets.

We’ve been testing lots of handheld and cordless vacs for keeping campervans, caravans and tents grit- and dust-free.

Latest update: December 2019

Testing the Dyson V7 in the van. The motorised carpet tool works on carpets and hard floors. But it’s not our top choice. Read on…

Which are the best cordless vacs?

It’s tempting to go for the cheapest, thinking it’s just for the van or the car. A good handheld vac, though, soon becomes indispensable in the house too – more than justifying the extra cost.

Sadly, we can’t recommend any of  the super-cheap, low-powered models because the few we tried were useless – no suction and batteries flat within a few minutes. 

It’s all in the batteries and the bag

Lithium-ion batteries mean you don’t have to run the battery down completely before recharging. In the listing below, we’ve given the manufacturer’s claimed run-time and an indication of what our testers actually found. Cyclonic and bag-free just make suction better and life easier.

The tools you’ll need:

  • Crevice tool for getting into narrow places
  • A general dusting type tool
  • A carpet tool – possibly with a motorised head (though this shortens run-time considerably)
  • A long extendable hose can be useful, but we found that suction was pretty poor with these.

A crevice tool lets you get into…crevices. And there are lots of those in campervans and caravans. This is the Hoover Freedom making light work of our tester’s crumb-strewn VW.

Our top choice handheld vacs

These are the cordless vacs we tested. Our top choice is the Vax Blade 2, but it’s expensive. We justified buying this to use in the campervan ONLY because we started using our test model at home too, and loved it.


The best cheaper option is the  Hoover Freedom Handy. We liked the design of the Dyson V7 Trigger, but found the Vax Blade (for around the same price) offered more versatility.

We’ve included our runners-up too – Black and Decker and GTech.


Hoover Freedom Handy cordless vac

Very much like the Dyson V7 to look at, but not quite as refined. However, it beats the Dyson on affordability.


The Dyson, for example, sits solidly because the base of the dust chamber and the handle are at the same height. 

The balance in the hand is also not as comfortable. However, these are small design issues and the Hoover is cheaper and has great suction. Like the Dyson, it has a trigger control, but also has a slide-across continuous power button.

It comes with a motorised carpet/pet hair tool, a crevice tool and a dusting brush, and is easy to empty. Filters are easily changed too.

  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Suction/power: manufacturer doesn’t state this, but it’s a 22V battery
  • Use time: 25 minutes (20 minutes)
  • Price: From around £90

The motorised carpet head gives this handheld vac some extra oomph, but does use charge more quickly of course.

Crevice tools are essential for car and campervan cleaning.

Vax Blade 2 Max

Our top choice overall is the Vax Blade 2 Max 40V, and you can probably justify the price if you’re looking for a new home vac too.

It has the longest run time and the most suction of any we tried, but at a price. Best price, delivery and aftercare, by the way, was from John Lewis.

It looked a beast out of the BIG box so we were prepared to think it was overkill for a campervan. However, we realised that it would make a lot of sense for someone planning to replace their home vac. You’d then have just one efficient machine you could use for the house and for the van or car.

From handheld to lightweight upright

How? Well, you hold the motor and dust chamber, but attach a long, lightweight nozzle that then takes the carpet brush-head. Remove the long nozzle and you have a handheld you can still use with the brush-head for stairs, but which is also perfect for the van with its crevice and upholstery tools.

Great suction

The Vax Blade very sucky with everything except the not-so-useful transparent hose attachment (we couldn’t hold the machine and also manoeuvre the pipe at the same time). You can boost power with one button and choose whether to have the brush-head powered (for carpets) or not (for hard floors).

The Pro tools set includes a crevice attachment with an extending flexible end that we found invaluable for nooks and crannies, especially in the van under seats and in the sliding bed rails.

The strip on the textile/upholstery tool came unstuck after one use, but it wasn’t an essential tool for us; others did the job better. Some kind of pet-hair head would have been useful to include, though.

Just enough run-timer

45 minutes run time is promised and we got close to that with a full charge and on standard power. It was long enough to make light work of a fairly clean house. You get a much shorter time with power boosted and with the brush-head powered, of course.

  • Weight: 3.1kg 
  • Suction/power: Not stated but 40V battery
  • Use time: 45 minutes (less in boost mode and with the powered head)
  • Price: From around £195 (you can get 32V and previous models more cheaply – at around £130-£160)

It makes sense to have just one vac for the house and van. Our Vax is now our only vac for all jobs.

The flexible crevice tool was great for inside the bed rails and the sides of seats.

You can use the brush in handheld mode. Here it is cleaning our van rug.

Dyson’s V7 handheld vac

When we tested our Dyson handheld, there were a lot of V models in a rather confusing array. Now, for pure handheld, it’s just the V7 Trigger. Best prices we found were at John Lewis and Amazon.

The V7 was quick to recharge, light to carry and the super-sensitive trigger means you save the battery by starting the motor exactly when you need it. They’re not quiet, but the noise is quite a low pitch, so not annoying. They sit nicely on the base and motor (unlike the Hoover) and feel balanced in the hand.

Useful tools

We used the motorised carpet brush, which was very effective, the crevice tool and the dusting/upholstery tool. The flexi-nozzle attachments don’t offer great suction, and the ‘heavy dirt’ tool’s hard bristles create a gap between floor and suction.

There are standard and turbo settings, and the latter eats up battery life more quickly. Emptying is easy and clean, the filter is washable and the whole thing feels well-made and not cheap and plasticky.

Overall, we were impressed with the power and sturdiness.

  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Suction/power: 21AW (100AW in Max)
  • Use time: 20 minutes (six minutes in Max mode)
  • Price: £200.

Black & Decker Lithium Ion 18V Flexi

The Black & Decker cyclonic is unusual in that it has an integrated hose so you can reach further and higher.

The hose wraps around neatly when not in use and it boasts “smart charge technology”, which apparently makes it faster to charge. There are two crevice tools and soft brush and an easy-to-open side door for dust removal. 

We found it rather noisy and suction drops off when the dust-bowl starts to fill. It wasn’t our top choice for pet hair (though there’s also a pet tool package). It’s quite heavy. Very good value, though, and there are even cheaper lower voltage options.

  • Weight: 2.28kg
  • Suction/power: 18V (suction not stated).
  • Use time: 15 minutes (more like 10)
  • Price: Around £75 (£95 with pet tool), less for lower powered models.

Heavy, but good value Black and Decker Lithium Flexi

Black and Decker Lithium 35W handheld vac

This Black and Decker vac is a little underpowered, but a good budget-buy.


The simple pull-out nozzle gives you an extended crevice tool and it’s super-easy to empty. There’s a charging base station, a battery indicator and a filter indicator to tell you when it needs cleaning. There’s also a boost mode.

Power is obviously not as good as the Vax, Dyson and Hoover, but it’s the cheapest and lightest of the lot.

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Suction/power: 10.8V, 27W
  • Use time: 15 minutes (nearer to 10)
  • Price: Around £55

GTech Multi MkII cordless vac

GTech are always advertising in the caravan magazines, so they clearly think this is the device for houseproud campers. We weren’t so sure.


The tools are clever (they all store in the machine itself) and the long nozzle is useful, but suction didn’t impress us as much as the others we tried.

We did like the battery indicator, which is missing on the Dyson and Hoover (there is one on the Vax), and battery life was good. It’s niftiest feature, though, is a spotlight. Now you can vac your tent in the dark!

  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Suction/power: 22V (suction not stated)
  • Use time: 20 minutes (pretty close to that)
  • Price: Around £150

GTech‘s nozzle is a nice touch, but at a price.

Got another option we should include? Do leave a comment below. Happy vaccing!

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