10 Best Camping Fire Pits – Our Portable Camp Firepit Guide

Camping isn't complete without a comforting fire, providing warmth, light, and a cooking spot. While ground fires are an option, fire pits offer an easier and safer alternative.

Some may be bulky, but in this guide, we'll showcase the best camping fire pits, ensuring you make an informed choice. Rest assured, our reviews at Campfire Magazine are always independent and honest.

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La Hacienda 58106 Camping Firebowl with Grill, Folding Legs and Carry Bag - Black

If you are in the market for a camping fire pit that looks as incredible as it performs, then this could be a viable option for you. It is finished in a heat proof black paint that will compliment any outdoor camping area. What’s more, it comes with a BBQ grill, making this an extremely versatile piece of equipment. 

The camping fire pit is lightweight and compact and comes with a handy carrying bag. To make it even more portable, the fire pit features folding legs. It is made from steel which gives it it’s lightweight design but this material is also extremely durable so you can feel confident that this is a fire pit that will see you through many adventures. What’s more, it is incredibly sturdy and stable.



Mesh lid

Grill could fit more snugly

Durable and lightweight steel construction

Beautifully finished in a black heat proof paint

Comes with a carrying bag

BBQ grill included



Odoland BBQ Fire Pit Portable Campfire Pit Collapsible Camping Grill 304 Stainless Steel Barbecue...

While this may look like an incredibly sleek and lightweight camping fire pit, it is, in fact, one of the most heavy duty options on the market right now. This is a stainless steel pit that boasts amazingly durability and excellent stability, all in a compact and lightweight design. 

The fire pit is super easy to put up and take down and with just five components, this can be one in under 60 seconds! This makes it perfect for campers on the go. The materials are rust resistant and this is a fire pit that folds down to a very compact size making it easy to transport. 

When it comes to cooking, one of the biggest irks of campers is that the food gets stuck to the grill. Check out our guide to cooking food on a fire pit.That won’t be an issue with this one since it boasts a non-stick grill that is superbly easy to clean. 



Non-stick grill

Small size may not be good for cooking for larger groups

Compact and lightweight

Durable stainless steel design

Easy to put up and take down

Comes with a carry bag

Solo Stoves are beautiful things. The smaller ones are hugely popular with backpackers and wild campers who want to cook without carrying gas.

The larger ones are (almost) smoke-free firepits and even come with a lifetime guarantee. We’ve just bought the Ranger because the size is perfect for home and for taking in the van for picnics and camping. Not cheap but gorgeous.

WOLF GRIZZLY Fire Safe; Portable, Foldable Fire Pit for Camping Cooking and Backyard Bonfires

If you spend a lot of time hiking between campsites then it is vital that you have portable equipment. We were amazed at how compact and easy to carry this firepit is; it folds down to just an inch, allowing it to be easily stored in the carry case for campers on the go!

But this compact design doesn’t come at the cost of durability. This is a stainless steel camping fire pit that offers incredible robustness and a long life. It won’t rust not will it become warped by the heat of the flames. 

The fire pit has been designed with safety in mind and as such, the high sides act as a windshield. Not only is this safe, but it is healthier for your fire. The fire pit can be used with either wood or charcoal and promotes great airflow both above and below the fire meaning that fuel consumption is much more efficient. 



Stainless steel, durable design

Small size

Extremely compact

Comes with a carry case that has room for other fire equipment

Lightweight (2.2lbs)

Optimal airflow

FENNEK Hexagon | The mobile fire pit made of stainless steel | Easy to dismantle and stick together...

Not only does this camping fire pit have a unique shape and aesthetic but it is also created in Germany, which is a country that is renowned for its innovation and expert design. The fire pit is made from durable stainless steel with a 100% heatproof nature. 

Furthermore, this fire pit offers a portable solution for campers that need compact equipment. It folds down to a small size and comes with a carry bag. What’s more, the unique ‘plug-in’ system means that putting the pit up and taking it down is a breeze. 



Unique visual design

No grill included

Easy to assemble 

Stainless steel


Lightweight and compact


No products found.

What jumped out at us immediately about this fire pit was its simple design. There are no airs and graces here, just a stable, well-made camping fire pit that gets the job done. If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune but want a great product, this will be right up your street.

The fire pit sits on folding legs which makes it easy to put up and ideal for when you are on the move. The entire thing can be folded down in seconds and stored in the handy carrying bag. While the mesh top may not look very strong, it has a maximum weight capacity of 5kg, which is more than enough for your fuel. 

The fire pit is made from stainless steel making it very durable and the simple design means that it is easy to clean once you return home. 




Cannot place a grill on top

Foldable design

Comes with a carry bag

Can hold up to 5kg

Easy to clean

Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit with Stand | Low Smoke Outdoor Mini Fire for Urban & Suburbs |...

Solo Stove, recognized for its range of innovative outdoor equipment, has introduced the Mesa - a tabletop fire pit designed to provide warmth and ambiance to various settings. Compact, colorful, and crafted with attention to detail, the Mesa offers an enhanced outdoor experience, especially for people with limited space.  While the heat output and voracious fuel appetite might just kindle a few contemplations regarding practicality vs. price. Will the Mesa find a spot in your camping curation? 



Aesthetic Vibrance

Premium Price

Petite Powerhouse: Its diminutive dimensions (17,5 x 13 cm) and feather-light weight (635 g) 

Safety and Sustainability: Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, the Mesa promises steadfast stability and a spark-free serenity

User-Friendly Flare: For newbies and seasoned campers alike, the simplicity of lighting and maintaining the fire is a delightful detail, letting us focus on s’more important things

Large 55CM Steel Metal Fire Pit for Outdoor Garden Patio Heater Camping Bowl with Lid & Poker, Wood...

This is a very nice looking camping fire pit that is slightly larger than some of the others we have looked at. For this reason, we would suggest this for those who will be camping in one location for a longer period of time. The pleasing design will give your campsite a homely feel and the large size is ideal for bigger groups. 

The fire pit boasts a sturdy steel structure and sits on four stable legs. What’s more, with a beautiful black finish, the fire pit will resist heat and stay looking incredible for much longer. Assembling the fire pit is effortless, saving you time when you arrive at the campsite and with a grill and poker, you have everything you need for cooking and heat. 



Larger size great for bigger groups of people

Heavy (3.2kg)

Stable legs

Easy to put up

Great aesthetics

Comes with accessories

Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch |...

You have to love the simplicity of anything that has pop up legs, this fire pit weighs in at just 8lbs and offers a 24" area so it is a good size to heat a few people. It comes with a carry bag and can cool down in 90 seconds! They have designed it to have a good air flow creating the perfect fire.



Pop up design

Doesn't come with grill


Comes with Bag

Cools in 90 seconds

24" area

FiNeWaY.® Stunning Black Square Fire Pit Log Burner Heater - Comes With BBQ Grill Rack - For Garden...

It is difficult to ignore just how beautiful this fire pit looks. If you are looking to make your camping ground feel like home, then this is definitely a camping fire pit worth considering. It features a strong base and a very durable pit that can withstand heat up to 600ºc. Here at Campfire Magazine we like it hot!

The galvanised cooking grill is perfect for making your favourite camping foods and thanks to this design, it will stand up to the test of time. Being made from iron, this is one of the stronger products on the market. 



Strong iron construction


Comes with stable stand

No ventilation holes

Rust and heat resistant

Great looking

Removable base for easy transport

Lixada Camping Stove, Portable Folding Wood Stove Lightweight Alcohol Stove for Outdoor Cooking...

This wood-burning fire pit is beautifully compact and easy to assemble which makes it ideal for busy campers who don’t have time for complex equipment. That being said, it boasts durable construction and will stand up to heavy use. 

The camping fire pit has a unique and eye-catching design with a cut-out that allows you to slide in additional wood and provides great airflow around the fire. It is incredibly lightweight and compact, perfect for smaller campsites, and when disassembled will easily fit into your backpack for travelling. 



Very compact

Very small, may not be suitable for cooking large meals

Great looking

No grill

Good airflow

Easy to add fuel

Durable design

SUCHDECO Super Mini Outdoor folding Fire Pit grill, Portable barbecue grille, Mini grill for...

While this is an incredibly compact camping fire pit, it gives you everything you need to stay warm and cook. It comes with a mesh grill that is ideal for singles or couples. Furthermore, the stainless steel construction means that this is a lightweight yet very robust little camping fire pit. 

It is extremely easy to put together and take down and requires no tools so if you are on the go, this will be something of a lifesaver. The build quality is exceptional and each piece is perfectly designed to ensure that ash will not drop through. It is also easy to clean when you are done. It folds up to a small size and will easily fit into your pack so you can get on with your adventure without being weighed down. 



Lightweight and easy to carry

Very small

Sturdy construction

Comes with a mesh grill

Easy to assemble

Comes with a carry bag

Why Do I Need A Fire Pit for Camping?

OK, let’s get one thing straight, no camper needs a fire pit, you could camp just fine without one. However, there are a world of reasons why you would want one and if you’re looking for that rustic, traditional camping experience, a fire pit is essential. 

Using this type of equipment will allow you to build a proper fire without the hassle of having to mess around building it from the ground up. What’s more, a roaring fire adds a much more authentic feel to your campsite but inside the fire pit, it is safely contained so is great if you have young campers around. 

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t realise that sitting around a fire may actually be beneficial to your health. Studies have shown that being around a fire has the potential to lower your blood pressure! Camping is a relaxing and enjoyable experience at the best of times, but add this health benefit in and you’ve got a recipe for success!

Speaking of recipes, your camping fire pit will also provide you with a great way to cook. There are gas stoves (our guide to best camping stoves is a great read!)out there that will do the trick but there is nothing more flavoursome and comforting than food cooked over an open fire. 

We could go on but even from these few advantages, it isn’t difficult to see why a camping fire pit could benefit your next adventure. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best. 

What To Look For In A Camping Fire Pit

While most modern camping fire pits will provide you with everything you need to start and maintain a good fire, there are exceptions. Before you commit to any particular product, it is vital to look over its features and determine whether it will meet your needs. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when buying a camping fire pit. 


One of the most important things to consider when looking at a camping fire pit is how easy it will be to transport. You should also think about how you will use it. For example, if you are going to be spending two weeks in one location, you may benefit more from a larger fire pit. 

Conversely, if you will be hiking and camping in a different spot every night, portability is a major consideration. You should look for a camping fire pit that is lightweight and collapses. Some fire pits come with a carry bag while others fold down to such a small size that you could fit them in your pocket. 

We wrote an article around having a firepit on grass, which is worth checking out.


The last thing you want when you arrive at your campsite is to have to mess around with fiddly equipment. Some of the best camping fire pits feature an easy to assemble design that can be done in minutes. It is also important to think about whether you will need tools or special equipment to put the fire pit up. 


Since the fire pit is going to be exposed to extreme heat, you must make sure that it is made from robust materials that won’t warp from the flames. In short, the fire pit should be made from metal but the type of metals you will see will vary from product to product. 

  • Iron provides a very robust design that cannot be beaten in terms of durability. However, it is much heavier and so may not be suitable for campers who spend a lot of time moving between sites. 
  • Steel is much more lightweight and ideal for those on the go. While this is a very durable metal, it is not anywhere near as robust as iron.

You may also want to look for features such as the material having being powder coated as this gives an additional layer of durability and protection. Furthemore, galvanised metal has a much greater lifespan and will resist moisture and rust excellently. 

To Grill Or Not To Grill

For most people, the campfire will serve as a way of cooking. But this isn’t the case for everyone. If you are looking to use the fire to cook, it can be helpful to find one that comes with a grill or at least the option to install one. 

Conversely, if you only want to use the fire pit for heat, you may be more suited to an open design. 


Safeguarding a snug, scrumptious, and illuminated camping experience, fire pits emerge as a camper’s ally, blending safety with convenience. Tailored for the avid outdoorsperson, they champion portability and ease of use. Yet, a peek at their varying features is pivotal, ensuring your chosen fire pit aligns seamlessly with your camping adventures.

Our top picks of the best camping fire pits and look into Cast Iron Chimineas.  gives you a wide range of choices whether you are looking for a super-compact fire pit or something more substantial for a long stay on your favourite campsite.