The three-legged cook – campfire tripod cooking

We love campfire cooking, but the kit you need isn’t always easy to transport to a campsite or the beach. It gets mucky, and then everything else gets mucky too! 

So, we like the look of the collapsible tripod sets (also called kotlich) that give you versatile campfire cooking and packability.

Bon-Fire campfire cookingLast update: October 2020

Campfire tripod cooking setsBon-Fire campfire cooking

At their basic, tripod campfire sets are three metal legs with chains, from which you hang a pan, a grill and so on over the flames.

These tripod-style campfire cooking sets are designed for meals with friends and family. They’re an occasion! Potatoes or vegetables can cook in the pot over the flames to begin with. When the flames turn to live coal you can barbecue the meat or veggie alternatives on the big grill grid, putting bread on the outer sides of the grid.

The simple Taotao tripod set costs around £60.


A lovely hand-forged, British-made iron campfire tripod from Arrowsmith Forge.  Under £30.


Third option is a great value one from BBQ-Toro, with all the accessories you need, including a big pot. Around £100. Delivery is expensive, but still a good price overall.

Kotlich or goulash pots

Hanging pots with enamelled interiors. lovely to look at and fantastic for traditional stews and paprikash. From around £25.

Dutch ovens

These substantial pots are usually made of cast iron and have a handle to suspend them from the tripod.

The lid can often be used as a frying pan or pot too.

Lots of sizes to choose from. Around £50 for a family-sized pot that’ll last you a lifetime.

For inspiration, here are two delicious-sounding campfire tripod recipes to try

Pesto marinated lamb fillet

  • Enough lamb fillet for four
  • 2 tbsps chopped basil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 25g grated parmesan
  • 10g pine nuts
  • 1 tbsp virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  1. Blend the basil, the pine nuts, the garlic, the parmesan cheese and the olive oil. Use a mortar and pestle or a small blender.
  2. Set the grill grid on the tripod at a moderate heat. Fry the lamb fillets on the grid till almost cooked. Spread the pesto over the fillets and cook for a couple of minutes longer. Serve with the ratatouille and some good bread.


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 125g chopped onion
  • 200g red and green pepper in small pieces
  • 250g aubergine in small pieces
  • 250g sliced tomatoes
  • 250g courgettes in small pieces
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • 1 tbsp mix of chopped rosemary and thyme
  • Salt
  1. Put the kotlich pot over the fire, hanging on the tripod. Fry the onions lightly in the oil and add the other vegetables. 
  2. Simmer with the lid on until tender. Add the herbs and season to taste.
  3. Hang the pot up high to keep the ratatouille warm.

How to cook in a kotlich

kotlich cooking on the river side

A typical stew (often a paprikash) is started off by frying onions, garlics and spices in hot oil. 

The meat’s added and then the kotlich boils fast without a lid. The stew is cooked in much more liquid than we would normally use in a casserole.


This is cooking by reduction. After an hour and a half, the contents will have reduced by nearly a third, to a thick tasty gravy. The rolling boil, in lots of liquid, means that the meat is kept moving and doesn’t sit on the bottom and burn. Potatoes are often added during cooking and these contribute to the thickening process by releasing starch.

kotlich cooking

It can be simple too. Set up your fire on the beach, pour some tinned tomatoes, precooked chick peas and smoked sausage or chorizo into the pan and heat. In half an hour you’ll have a delicious stew. You just need to remember to maintain enough stock so the meat and vegetables are kept moving in the kotlich.


kotlich campfire cooking

  • Why not have a go at Trish’s recipes for nettle soup and fish soup?

  • And here are more great kotlich campfire recipes sent in by Campfire Magazine readers.

Off-ground campfires

Here’s an idea for avoiding ground scorch under your campfire. This portable mesh campfire keeps the burning logs off the floor and makes it easier to clear up the ash afterwards.

Folds to next-to-nothing and stores away in a neat bag. Around £20. Lots of brands make the same thing, by the way. We chose the cheapest and fastest delivery option (at the time of writing!)

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  1. I would take it to my allotment and use it to cook veg straight from the ground (well I’d wash it first oc) .. imagine sweetcorn that fresh? OC I would also take ingredients with me to try out some great new ideas, imagine it cooks as I work!! and then we get to reward our labours with a hearty, tasty meal.

  2. I’d love to win so we could have a little camp in our garden. A little practice run for when we go ‘proper’ camping 🙂

  3. Annamarie Riddiford

    I would take it to our medieval reenactment for after hours cooking of my signature beans and sausage dish

  4. Kevin Bloomfield

    I would take it camping all over. We love camping and I get a lot of pleasure from cooking outside. This would enable me to serve up something a little different and it looks great fun too!

  5. I would use it when camping in Norfolk and in the garden!

  6. alice lightning

    would use it outside in the garden lovely giveaway

  7. jackie chapman

    We love to go camping in keld North Yorkshire where we can have a campfire on the river bank. This prize would be perfect for taking with us! It is awesome!

  8. Jane Middleton

    Would love to win because it reminds me of my childhood camping, would use it whilst camping in Devon

  9. We’re avid campers but this would be ideal to take to the local beach as we have just moved to SW Wales!

  10. Antonia Rookley

    Would love a Bon-Fire for camping funtimes

  11. Stephanie Acton

    This would absolutely be the business for a camping trip. We have so many different tastes and dietary requirements and I could cook for everybody on one awesome appliance. Amazing.

  12. I would love to win this to cook on with the children The Paella looks lovely and works so well.

  13. I’d cook stick bread, sausages and apple crumble somewhere on the Welsh Borders with my two sons, We’re all campfire-mad and the boys have been able to light a fire without matches since they were 6

  14. We would use it to go to the beach and cook up our breakfast, which we would eat as we watch the sun come up.

  15. Lila B Taylor

    We love to camp down here in cornwall. id take it on one of out trips with friends and use it near the fire pit-we would cook pulled pork and fresh fish

  16. I would love this beautiful Bon Fire camp-fire to take my little kiddies camping to Nacton shores where we can catch fish for our dinner and toast marshmallows for dessert <3

  17. It looks so cool – I would feel like a cowboy and I would use it first at the beach to show off!

  18. I’d love to win a Bon-fire so that I could take it camping with the boys to paintball competitions, to make sure that when they finished playing they had an amazing home cooked meal instead of the burgers and sausages from the van

  19. victoria thurgood

    this would be great for our first 7 days camping trip we are planning next year

  20. Claire Redmond

    we camp 3 or 4 times a year as a family and my husband often goes mountain biking with his friends so it’d be more a case of where wouldn’t we take it!

  21. This would be amazing for when we go camping, fingers crossed

  22. Would love to win & cook while on holiday in North Wales outside with my 8 year old daughter. It would be great.

  23. Pamela Cooper

    first camping trip coming up would cook a stew and keep it toped up yum yum

  24. Charmaine gray

    I would love one of these to cook meals for all the family in the back garden what a lovely centre piece to gather round especially in the evening, and we could take it with us camping or to the beach too

  25. Stewart Biddle

    Would love to take my fiance camping show her really how to do a bonfire in the wilderness

  26. This would be amazing for entertaining outside I would use it for our garden parties and camping trips all the time to make chilli and cornedbeef hash in yummmmmmy 🙂

  27. Looks like a really good prize 🙂 Fingers crossed xxx

  28. claire reeves

    I would give this to my sister and their family as they are just moving house. It would be lovely to have an extra excuse to come round and spend lazy autumn evenings round this, making toast and hot chocolate! 🙂

  29. a lovely warming stew for camping 🙂 x

  30. This looks like a great way to cook pizza on our family camp trips

  31. It would be great to cook for the family whilst camping on Anglesey

  32. Mia Fergusson

    I would love to win as my partner would love taking control of this situation and cooking up a storm. We love watching survival programs and well with this i’m sure he and me would feel closer to nature ! We would start off using it in our back garden and then we’d love to take it camping with us.

  33. I’d love to win as my kids having started to camp outside in the garden during the summer holidays. They are having great fun and it would be lovely to cook on this as a special treat for them, in our garden of course!

  34. I would like to win because my nan throw away the family BBQ and so we’ve not had a bbq all summer, and it has much my usage with is amazing 🙂

    I would you it on the beach near where we stay in Devon 🙂

  35. This would be great for cooking on the beach. It’s still just warm enough!

  36. I can think of nothing better than cooking over a campfire on a late summers evening by the sea with our sons and their girlfriends. I think I’d cook a family favourite ‘chilli sausages’ with jacket spuds. I could see myself using this a lot in our garden too 🙂

  37. I love the idea of whipping up a feast for the whole extended family to enjoy and if I won this that could be a reality

  38. I would male a spicy veggie chilli and eat it with tacos and grated cheese!

  39. Louise McNicol

    We often take the kids camping or for day trips to Loch Lomond, this looks like such a lovely way to cook for the family.

  40. Susan Freeman

    I would love to win this as it would be a change from the normal barbecue and great for camping/caravanning

  41. My husband and son just discovered the beauty of camping so this will be excellent for their camping trips.

  42. Karen Lawrinson

    I’d love to take this wild camping with friends and cook a great meal for everyone.

  43. Nancy Bradford

    I would love to put this smack dab in the middle of our back garden and use it to bring our friends and family together for quality time.

  44. My boys 7 and 5 have been bugging me for a age to go camping. This inspires me a little!!

  45. I’d LOVE to win a bon-fire as I love being outdoors in all temperatures and love cooking and this would tie them both together! I would make all sorts! Starting with an old favourite Hoppin’John Soup

  46. Eleanor Jones

    I would love to cook a huge paella for all my family in our back garden.

  47. Tracey Boswell

    I would love to win this so I could sit around it in the garden could also lend it to my son who loves going camping.

  48. Laura Whittle

    I would love to win this. I wold use it in my garden in the Winter, my family are all local so we often get together to toast marsh mellows, cook a big pit of stew and sometimes my hubby’s fave black peas.

  49. Our kitchen is about to be out of action, but it would be fun to do some outdoor cooking instead.

  50. I will cook paleo recipe foods on it…very inkeeping with it’s style. To be used at home in the garden. Paleo Parties!

  51. shirley evans

    I would love this to cook for my grandchildren when we camp

  52. Sallyanne Gooch

    Glamping and cooking with our BBQ after a days fishing.

  53. Kevin Minihane

    I prefer to have food cooked the traditional way, so this kit would be ideal. I would use it every where and any where it was legal to use.

  54. I would love to win this and teach my grandchildren how to provide themselves with hot food while enjoying the countryside on camping trips!

  55. charlotte thornton

    Would love this for our near camp trip!

  56. We’re planning to introduce our two young sons to proper camping; collecting wood, building campfires. We’re hoping for Yosemite National Park and would love them to be able to cook their own dinner on the fire!

  57. My daughter has been begging for a sleepover with her friends in our tent, I would use this to impress them and cook a huge bolognese

  58. We’ve just moved house and this would be a wonderful way to make it feel like home. We have a small enclosed garden which would be wonderful for using this in the evenings

  59. kellyjo walters

    oh would love to try a seafood risotto in this .. with alcoholic bananas for desert

  60. Andrew Halliwell

    I’d try it out first in the garden, and take it whenever I went camping, the gower is beautiful this time of year.

  61. I would love to try the Ratatouille

  62. Id use it on camping trips and in the garden

  63. Jenna Hegarty

    Me and partner have just bought our first house together and I’d love to use this for some romantic al fresco cooking adventures. I think we’d start with a simple vegetable stew, something that can cook slowly while we supervise (over wine)!

  64. Our traditional Christmas stew on Christmas Day – wrapped up warm around the campfire- Bognor Beach with our best friends in the world.

  65. Cathryn Bowen

    My other half when he is camping/fishing overnight

  66. we camp regularly at family festivals and campsites, I would love to cook a gorgeous greek stefado stew in this with our camping pals agthered around.

  67. He just moved house and i would have a big family party in the garden and make a huge paella 🙂

  68. Kimberley McCreight

    Wow! What a clever bit of kit!

    My husband and I love camping, often in the New Forest. We only have a standard camping stove :(. Were off camping again next month to celebrate our anniversary, I would be very popular with him if I won this and I also feel that it would be mandatory to cook up a feast of pesto lamb! Yummy!

  69. Christine Hobbs

    A Bon-fire set with a six litre pot,
    would be perfect for feeding my hungry lot;
    Down by the river I know just the patch,
    It would keep us warm and cook our Catch!

  70. I would love to win a Bon-fire campfire cooking kit because I need to spice up our meals! The first thing I would cook would be lemon trout for the adults and chocolate bananas for the kids!

  71. I’d use it for teaching campfire cooking to my cub pack.

  72. I would use it when camping

  73. Amanda Beamish

    camping or garden I think!

  74. I would love to win this campfire set! Me and my boyfriend were originally going to go abroad in september but money is tight so instead we are going to have a fishing weekend in the uk! This cooking set would be very helpful and useful! We dont know where we are going to go yet but somewhere remote and peaceful 🙂

  75. I would use the Bon-fire,
    In my garden,
    With lots of people I know,
    It would be the best on show.

  76. I would use this when going fishing at the loch with my dad as this would give us the facility for a nice hot drink and meal

  77. We are regular campers but I would first love to try out in the garden as a supplement to the bbq

  78. Kids have never been camping – this would give us a good excuse

  79. Daniel Stacey

    Best looking campfire kit, would love to take it with us next camping trip.

  80. Jackie Chapman

    My husband loves nothing more than a bonfire! In fact it’s a standing joke within the family that he will use any excuse to have one. He would be beside himself with joy if I’m lucky enough to win 🙂

  81. I would love to win ,I dont get out much and would be great for family get togethers.

  82. michelle banks

    i would use it while camping out in our garden x

  83. Golden shores of Sandbanks, to the Forest of Dean,
    This Bon-fire set is perfect for wherever we’ve been.
    A balcony cuisine at home, a slow cooking treat,
    Or under a forest canopy with some tender meat.
    Winter hot-pot, a fav by the shore,
    Camping together, “may I have some more?”
    Perfect for anywhere and so simple to use,
    Bon-fire set, the mobile kitchen I’d choose!

  84. I would love to use it on a camping holiday to the Lake District. I might try it in the garden too along side the barbecue

  85. Angela Williams

    We would have a dry run in the garden first with our new tent and then take it to the beautiful Brecon Beacons. Will buy a fire extinguisher first before camping out.

  86. Julia Linsley

    We would use this in so many locations firstly as hubby is a fisherman -by the lake then in our own garden as the kids are always cooking with friends outside and presently use a pit and limited often to BBQ so this would make more recipies possible and finally when we all decamp to the beach this would be great for a big one pot meal of mussles in white wine and cream – Please let us win !

  87. Richard Pinfield

    I would use my Bon-fire in Hades. It’s a Hell of a place.

  88. Summer days, Autumn nights!
    Smells from the garden
    Our tastebuds are salivating

  89. I could really show of to friends when we all go camping in Norfolk, every year we try to outdo one another.

  90. Suzanne Howell

    We so sometimes have little camp fires in our garden and cook potatoes in foil and boil water in an old camping kettle balanced on twigs. Ours is a very make-shift affair, even so my daughter loves it. This beautiful set-up would certainly enhance the experience and make it a more regular treat!

  91. My children are teenagers and older and now don’t see the importance of family meals together. This is such a unique and original experience that i feel we can’t help but come together. Then next step is to go camping for the first time!

  92. michaela long

    I want to show my children many places and to be able to cook in the woods, by the beach, a beautiful lake or anywhere along our travels would be fantastic. Using the Bon fire would make it so nice and we can sing songs as we gather round and cook our dinner

  93. Elizabeth Ferguson

    We don’t believe in hibernating as the weather turns chilly.
    Our motto is, if you wait for the weather, you wait forever.
    So, we still use our garden and outdoors as much as we do during the milder months.
    We would use the bonfire in our garden and cook warm, hearty food on it.
    Baked potatoes are a favourite – from our own garden, grown by us.
    A perfect combo!

  94. mechelle williamson

    I am taking my kids on their first ever camping trip outside the back garden….This would mean they can sampl campfire cooking rather than roadside fast food when away too x

  95. ellie nichols

    id cook broth in this, my great-nana used to make it for us on an open fire as she lived in a varda till she was over 90. #goodtimes

  96. Steve Dickinson

    Seafood paella would be lovely and smokey with this

  97. Seriously how cool is this bon-fire? this will be used all the time when we go to the beach, camping obviously, and then in the garden too.

  98. under the moonlight sky, sitting on the sand,
    with my hubby and kids hand in hand,
    whilst we’re hungry and food is our desire,
    Food cooked with love and a Bon-fire!


    My fiance and son reckon I burn everything until it has charcoal on it anyway …. so I reckon a BBQ would be an ideal prize for me because I could justify my cooking style 🙂

  100. Amanda Eastwood

    Would love to have this to raise our camp-fire dinners into something to be envious of – reminds me of the wonderful time spent in Hungary.

  101. Samantha Atherton

    I’d take it down to the beach, It’s my 30th birthday soon and I’m planning a big get together down at the beach so it would be great for cooking some food and creating the party atmosphere.

  102. Michael Griffin

    What a change from the old barbecue. Would use this in the garden and on the beach

  103. Natasha Ely

    We love camping, off to Wales on Monday for a few days and another few days on the Isle of Wight at the end of the month. We would therefore use it whenever we go away and would be perfect to cook on, might even be able to convince my husband to do some cooking as he loves gadgets!

    I would also use it in the garden as a practice and would be perfect for our picnics. I can see us getting a lot of use out of it and I know we’d be envied!

  104. Evelyn Masson

    It’s a surefire wildfire winner,
    Now I’m expert not beginner.

  105. fiona mcbride

    I’d take it to the top of the Campsie Hills in Scotland and cook a family feast to share – Heaven

  106. My daughter and my father love to cook ‘unusual’ things in ‘ unusual’ ways! As we can’t go on holiday as she is too poorly the would provide hours of entertainment and fab food too!!

  107. I would like to win because i really need some cooking gear for camping

  108. Kirsty Greer

    My favourite meat is pork belly, so hearing the fire crackling whilst COOKING cracking on my new Bon-fire would fill me with joy, and would make mouths water for mikes around. I’d love to boN-fire on my patio, and be the envy of my neighbours – who will not only want to join me, but be rushing to buy one too! Xx

  109. Jackie Lyon

    I would take this to my static caravan to use when the weather is good. It looks fabulous and I think it is a lovely feature also

  110. I’d like to win because I love camping and go as often as I can. I love fishing and hiking and everything associated with camping. I like to sit in front of a nice warm fire, drinking beer and contemplating life. I like the peace and quiet….

  111. I’d love one for my husband , daughter and I to have a campout in the garden! I would love to cook baked bananas!

  112. we love to cook food from foraging when we camp its great fun for the whole family collecting the ingredients and educational for the kids. We take a few staple foods such as eggs lentils and rice pasta, oil ,stock cubes and a few herbs and spices and seasonings but thats it. We like to experiment with safe food in easy to cook dishes.This would be perfect for us a family of four and it will avoid getting ash sand of soil in the food- perfect for mushroom risotto or dandeliom and egg fried rice or for a mussel clam and samphire paella !!

  113. Christina Jebb

    This would be lovely for outside dining when we get all the family together. Lots of opportunity to try out those special family recipes

  114. Catherine Culmer

    I’d love to win a Bon-Fire campfire cooking kit because you can’t beat cooking over an open campfire. I’d use it in my garden as our 6 month old son is slightly too young to sleep in a tent.

  115. Maz Stringer

    Camping at the bottom of the garden with the kids has always been a special treat for us all, but with the addition of the Bon- fire, our nights under the stars would be filled with fun and delicious cooking ideas, everything from bangers and beans to everyone’s favourite – toasted marshmallows, would love to win this super prize please.

  116. Lee Wyndham

    I have been an infrequent camper for many years, however I am about invest in a new (proper) tent for my first camping trip abroad – which will result in us camping on a more regular basis. Hopefully the bon-fire campfire cooking kit could be used to convert my family and friend to the outdoor delights of camping.

  117. Damian Smyth

    We have a grand plan for 2015 to camp, for at least one night, in every county in England and Wales. The Bon-fire set would be so useful to take around the country with us. It’s gorgeous, easy to transport and, most importantly, would give us the ability to cook a range of dishes as varied as the places we will visit. Fingers crossed.

  118. lauren lakin

    We would use it anywhere we choose…spontaneity is the key to great camping adventures!
    We would make pizza’s for everyone to sit around the camp-fire and share together.
    Perfick!! 🙂

  119. Louise Asekokhai

    My family has a beach hut in Seasalter that we all use and share and I would take it onto the private Kent beach and cook up a feast for all the family on a big day out .

  120. katrina walsh

    Id love to camp at Ferry Meadows, Peterborough using this load of lovely stuff!

  121. Andy Thompson

    This would be great to take to the beach and cook freshly caught fish with the kids.

  122. Alfie Davidson

    We’d use this for our annual Cub Scout pack holiday. A huge paella would be prefect for the first night meal to settle all the “first night away from mum”nerves

  123. Good old Chilli con Carne. We could create a remake of the famous ‘Blazing Saddles’ scene anywhere we liked, at home on the marshes or deserted nearby beaches.

  124. Because its the best thing I have seen for camping yet!!!

  125. Alison Campbell

    we love camping and would you this at our annual family camp-out at Red Squirrel campsite, Glencoe

  126. Hubble Bubble, NO toil, NO trouble, I’d cook a tasty tripod treat in my garden at the double.

  127. I’d like to win this to use in my back garden, it would take al fresco to a whole new level 🙂

  128. I really need Laminale’s Bon-fire
    Cos my outdoor cooking is quite dire
    My kids are fed up of the same old stuff
    Like the never-ending baked beans that make them guff
    They’d like ratatouille, goulash, paella
    Gorgeous Pan Haggerty, oozing with mozarella
    We’d be carefree, well-fed and happy
    Enjoying our endless days, cooking by the sea
    Cos I’d take my Bon-fire to Chesil Beach
    And life would truly be a (baked) peach!

  129. My son uses a similar set up at Scout Camp, would be brilliant to win this and he could show us all the lovely meals that can be made on it

  130. wow what a great bit of kit would love this to use when camping with family and friends. Also would use it in the garden

  131. Kerry valla

    This would be perfect when we’re away camping. We’ve just treated ourselves to a new bigger tent. Very exciting!

  132. We’ve just moved to Derbyshire and bought a new tent ready to take our children camping for the first time. Lots of trips to Derbyshire Peak District and beyond in our new future.

  133. Sally Lloyd-Jones

    For dining on the beach or on the moors,
    Food tasting better in the big outdoors
    And for our camping holiday by the lakes
    Or our week-ends away on shorter breaks.

  134. Jane pickup

    I would love to take this camping in wales sitting back and relaxing with the family with a beer and a big pile of barbecued meat!

  135. Tracey Belcher

    This would be perfect onboard our narrow boat. We have many picnics and bbq’s and often join a flotilla of boats where we meet somewhere suitable for Alfresco dining.

  136. This would be great for the beach on late summer nights for making tea or soup or grilling vegetable kebabs.

  137. Michelle Bamber

    I’d love to win a Bon-fire and would use it both at home and away camping, it would be great for get-togethers to cook a great Goulash feast like we had on holiday in Hungary

  138. cecelia Allen

    I’d use it camping it would be fab to make one pot meals or just a brew.

  139. Gemma Snell

    Absolutely love Paella 🙂 it’s my favourite dish so would have to make a huge pan of it on our camping holiday in the dales 🙂

  140. Would love to take it to this quiet bay near where I live!

  141. I love to cook outdoors whenever I can, not just camping. It seems to make food taste better and more social doing it outdoors.

  142. We have always cooked food outside with the children and have a storm kettle which helps the children understand how much energy it takes to boil even a small amount of water. If I won it, we would try it out in the garden first and then somewhere secluded along the fleet with friends.

  143. Bhavesh Mistry

    I would love this. I do no cook outside as much as I used to due to my busy lifestyle. Winning this will give me an excuse to stop work and head down to the lake district, meet up with friends and family and bring back the glory days!

  144. Hilda Hazel wright

    This would be amazing for some foodie fun! When we’re camping the cooking is part of the fun and putting effort in to making something exciting is great. With fun looking equipment like this I’d like to try allsorts! On our little stove last year we managed some lovely pasta in a tomato sauce with fresh herbs and spices and veg, with red wine. mmmm lovely!

  145. nadine whitten

    great for camping trips and on the beach

  146. Rena Plumridge

    I’d use it to make a brew when I’ve come out of the surf in North Devon and need warming up

  147. katherine elliott

    we’re planning to do some camping this year with the boys (aged 6 & 8) so this would be a fab addition to the trips!

  148. Richard Randall

    I’ll love it, so I could have it on my allotment and cook things straight out of the ground.

  149. Great for communial camp at our next holiday, everyone chips in , just hope for good weather

  150. David Reeves

    I would get a nice brew on for when I came dripping wet out of the River Frome after a wild swim in the river pools.

  151. Joanne Baldwin

    We are going camping to the beautiful Nethergong site near Canterbury in August, one of the rare sites that allow campfires and the joys of campfire cooking. This would be such a fantastic piece of kit to take – both functional and romantic!

  152. Kathryn Davies

    Use it for a birthday party for my daughter.

  153. John Forbes

    Love it. It would be excellent for our family camping trips for cooking and keeping us cosy at night. Also perfect for doing that at home in the garden.

  154. Ben Thompson

    I would cook a hot fiery vindaloo on our next camping trip!

  155. Tamsin Dean

    We do a lot of charity work at show around the country, so we always need equipment, but we are make do and meand kind of people, but something like this would be so great for our group

  156. Martin Woodhead

    Rottingdean beach an evening feast

  157. Tara Clover

    My friends and I are attending a Soul Music (Campsoul)festival in Oxford next month. Would love to have this amazing piece of kit.

  158. Kathy Cakebread

    so i can camp in style. I’d go to the lake district

  159. It would be great for my morning fry up on our holls

  160. Stuart Moreton

    I would love to win this for my son and we would use it when we go camping in Scotland. Great prize.

  161. christine westlake

    great for guide camp where we love to cook ‘dampers’

  162. Sue Bielewicz

    Would definitely take this camping, and can see it being used in the garden most. If my husband had his way I’m sure I’d find him using it in kitchen

  163. A lovely big paella that every one could dive in and out of. (Figuratively,not physically)

  164. The Beach at sunset 🙂 with some home brew

  165. valerie mccarthy

    This brings back fond memories of my childhood around the campfire with family and friends. We would roast marshmallows, make smores and throw a banana cut the skin down the middle and chocolate and marshmallow in it while wrapping it in tin. Make for the perfect banana split. I would love to go camping with my family and share my fond memories.

  166. Gareth Evans

    we are plagued by bunnies this year in my garden in cornwall so im afraid they will be turned into lots of tasty treats if I won this amazing bit of kit

  167. I would use it at the beach in the early evening 🙂

  168. Graham Ross

    This would would a fantastic addition to a camping holiday cooking either eggs and bacon or a stew

  169. Ruth Kitson

    I would use this everywhere, all our camping trips, beach trips and even weekend family fun in the garden. There’s nothing quite like campfire food

  170. Nik Fitzmaurice

    Me & my partner have just bought a new house. This would be a perfect for our new venture, impress our house guests in the garden. Love the Paella idea.

  171. joanne darnell

    would be great for family parties

  172. Pauline Simpson

    I love this for my daughter to take when she goes camping with her explorers unit it might stop her burning everything!!

  173. I’d use it everywhere from the garden to the cottage we rent for holidays. It would be useful and fun at all times of the year

  174. Sandra Lane

    Fairly new to camping but we’re off to a site near Lyme Regis in Dorset this summer so if I should win this lovely Bon-Fire i’d be practising my culinary skills on the poor unsuspecting family.

  175. clair downham

    would love for camping or just simply in the garden thankyou

  176. sonia williams

    Brilliant prize.Our caravan has seen better days so we are going to invest in a tent and this would be a great bonus to us.

  177. Richard Eldred Hawes

    So much more interesting than a barbeque, the garden will do fine

  178. I would love this to take with me when I remote camp and get away from it all, loverly meal bubbling away with a nice bottle of wine and a fantastic view this cooking outfit would make it perfect.

  179. I would take it camping, I think it would really appeal to my kids and actively encourage them to get more involved with cooking. Great life skill for them and gives me a break too!

  180. sonya van den dyck

    I would take it to camping with me-it would be a great asset to try out delicious recipes whilst taking it easy.

  181. Paula Readings

    I would use it when we go fishing, It would be a nice change from bbq & you can help yourself whenever you want.

  182. John Taggart

    Would love one of these to make cooking a breeze when camping

  183. Just started camping again and watched many campers with this type of cooking method.It looked fabulous, Would love this on y next holiday to Shell Island


    yes please it would be lovely star light cooking


    I would love to win to feed my friends and family when we have a day out

  186. Angie Hoggett

    wow great prize, this would be brilliant to start camping again after years!

  187. maggie orchard

    We regularly go camping with our children and grandchildren. We never use electric hookups and prefer sites which allow campfires/fire pits. We would love to win your Bonfire cooking set to be able to cook up the delicious recipes featured in campfire magazine.

  188. Mark Pittam

    My partner and I discovered camping just over three months ago and in that time we have camped several times in Wales, the lake district and soon to be Scotland and Cornwall. The bon-fire would be used to cook local recipes with local produce from the regions we visit.

    We’ve taken to camping that much we try to go at least two times a month and have recently upgraded to a vango lumen 400. The bon-fire would be a perfect addition to our camping kit.

    The bon fire would also be used to cook a dinner for our big family get together of eight members who will be in their own tents and motor home which will take place in September.

  189. Christine Johnson

    My camping stove l think comes from the dark ages, be good to cook on something modern

  190. I have been desperate to go camping since I first went when I was 10. This would enable me to do so after buying my first tent in years!

  191. Charlotte Hall

    I would love to relive my childhood camping trips but now with the addition of a modern Bon-fire!

  192. Nicki Evans

    I would love to win this as it would help me to cook proper meals whilst camping. We go away a lot for walking weekends with the dog and this would be great to take along with us, or even to use in the garden as a feature when we have friends or family to stay.

  193. mark georgeson

    would love to win this hot coffee and bacon sarnies outside my caravan on a fishing weekend!!

  194. I’d love to win this for my hardworking student son who spends his spare time helping to a local Beaver and Cub group – it would be a marvellous addition to their campfires!

  195. janet humphrey

    Novice camper, but this fab kit would up my style

  196. Andrew Halliwell

    I’d like to win because I really need some cooking gear to take when I do go camping…

    I’d test it out in the back garden first though. Don’t have any camping trips planned but this would be a push to.

  197. iain maciver

    We do a lot of camping in our beautiful country of Scotland, in the western isles. As long as the midges keep away, it’s beautiful scenery.

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