The Teardrop caravan – bargain or bad idea?

There are some fantastic new compact caravans coming onto the market, so we were excited to see the new German-made Teardrop when it made its UK show début. It promised retro design, a proper double bed, innovative access to the kitchen and storage from the outside – and all for under £10,000 (plus delivery and inspection). So should you buy one?


The Teardrop, made by by Kaiser Fahrzeaugbau, is dinky and light enough to be towed by almost any car – 650kg and 1.9m tall. There are six colours for the doors, wheelarches and cabinets, and the roof is aluminium.

There’s a surprising amount of storage space inside the Teardrop Caravan, with four cupboards made of birch plywood with aluminium sliding doors on the rear wall, a full width shelf across the front wall, two aluminium storage compartments under the sleeping area, plus storage nets and clothes hooks.

The ‘kitchen’ has a stainless steel sink with tap, 12-litre tanks for fresh and waste water, plus two large storage compartments and a drawer for a cool box. Inside, there’s 12V LED lighting, 60Ah leisure battery, two mains sockets, a USB socket and mains hook-up.

You’d be hard-pushed to think of the back area as a kitchen (hence the scare quotes above!). There’s no cooker or fridge included in the £10,000 base price. A very basic cooker is available as an option, along with a bike carrier, roof-mounted rails for a roof-rack, alloy wheels, an electric fan heater and an awning. You’d certainly be better off buying a Cadac stove and a decent compressor fridge to add to the base kit.

To buy or not to buy?

Lots of alternative teardrop-shaped caravans to choose from

This caravan is the same price as the Teardrop

We said a definite maybe veering towards no. The model we looked at felt cramped and awkward to get into. The internal fittings are quite basic and there’s overall a very tinny feel (which, I suppose, is what makes it light to tow).

We had trouble sliding the storage doors and everything felt a bit unrefined. The big concern for us, though, was that you’re basically buying a bed inside a trailer. Using the ‘kitchen’ in anything but good weather would be unpleasant and, once you’ve attached the awning, you’ve blocked your  route from kitchen to sitting area that would get a bit annoying after a while.

Certainly don’t buy till you’ve looked at what else is available. There are teardrop-shaped vans these days from lots of manufacturers and some of them cheaper than this one. Have a look at our Why Pull Dull? article for an ever-growing round-up of the most interesting compact caravans, trailer tents and more.

We also have some favourites, including our best-buy compact caravan and stunning trailer. Have a look before you make your mind up.

Agree or disagree? Have a personal recommendation for a small caravan? Do leave a comment below.


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  1. Not sure why you would buy a German teardrop for £10000 when can buy a British one handbuilt by craftsmen for half the price.

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