Best Accessories & Gadgets For Motorhome (Essentials that get used!)

Having the right accessories and gadgets can really make your motorhome feel like a home-from-home whilst you’re out on the road.

We’ve compiled a list of almost 40 of our favourite gadgets that you’ll actually make use of on your travels.

Tech & Power Motorhome Gadget


ORSKEY Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P Full HD Dual Dash Camera In Car Camera Dashboard Camera Dashcam for Cars 170 Wide Angle HDR with 3.0' LCD Display Night Vision Motion Detection and G-sensor

Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular over the past few years and are extremely useful if you intend to use your motorhome a lot.

Dashcams start up automatically when you start the engine, so you won’t need to remember to switch it on/off every time you start driving. 

Dash cameras will give you first-hand evidence if you’re in a car accident to go ahead and make your claim in court, or can even prevent people from causing car accidents on purpose to commit fraud. 

This Orskey Dash Cameras is one of the best on the market and includes both a front and rear camera.

It has night vision and motion detection and provides full HD video. It’s powered by the ignition of your motorhome and is secured by suction cups on the front and rear windows.


Windway Electric Bike Folding E-bike for adults, 14inch Wheel, Pedal Assist Commuter Cycling Bicycle, Max Speed 25km/h, Motor 350W, 6Ah Rechargeable Lithium Battery (black 2)

When you’ve finally taken the time and effort to park up your motorhome after hours of travelling, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to move it again to get to nearby attractions and shops.

A folding electric bike will allow you to cycle without the assistance of the electric if you want your legs moving or has the option of full-electric which will require you to just sit and enjoy your journey.

The bike will allow you to go pick up food items in nearby villages or towns or even travel to quieter sightseeing destinations. Its foldable design is so handy and can be tucked neatly away when not being used.

We have this Windway Electric Bike and it has gotten so much use since we made the investment.

It has three modes: full electric, assisted or regular cycling. We also bought a basket to attach to it, to put any extra food shopping when we cycle home. 

The bike is easy to assemble and folds down in only a minute. It takes about 2-4 hours to gain a full charge and travel up to 15 miles using the full electric mode and on flat terrain.

It comes with a bright headlight and taillight, so you can be seen when cycling in the dark. It also has adjustable handlebars and a seat, so different people can use it. 

This Windway Electric bike comes with a charging cable so you can plug directly into the mains or an adapter.


JSVER Compact Cube Extension Lead with 3 USB Slots (5V/3.1A) 3 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protected Power Socket with 1.5M Cable for Home, Office, Hotel, Travel -Black

A cube extension lead will be an absolute lifesaver when you’re on the road with all the family.

It prevents some fierce arguments over who is charging their phone and removing important plugs. This little gadget will allow everyone to charge what they need all at one time without having to be sat by a mains plug. 

We’ve got the JSVER compact cube extension and it has served us well for all our adventures.

It comes with 3 AC outlets, which we normally keep our electric appliances in and also 3 USB ports so everyone can charge their phone at once if they need to. 

It’s super handy for charging up power banks for when we plan on going on hikes in the middle of nowhere and need to use GPS on our phones.

It charges pretty quickly, but the more you plug into it, the slower it will be. 


No products found.

Instead of blasting through the power of your motorhome, you could buy your solar panel charger which uses the power of the sun to keep all your gadgets juiced.

If we’re planning on going on an overnight camping trip away from the motorhome, we often take this with us, you can attach it to a rucksack so it’s displayed in the sun whilst you walk or you can just place it on the ground whilst you rest. 

We own the trusty RAVPower UK RP-PC005(B) solar panel charger and it has worked wonders for us.

It has waterproof packaging and also comes with two additional USB cables for extra convenience. 

If it gets a decent amount of sun it’ll charge a phone in 30 minutes. Obviously, it isn’t that useful when you’re travelling in bad weather, especially if you live in the UK. As we said in our Camper Power guide, The Dokio solar kit is more expensive but you get a lot for your money. It’s waterproof, folds up and is made of lightweight aluminium. It’s 100W, comes with a pre-installed controller and is ready-wired for 12V battery charging..


120 Inch Projector Screen, Powerextra 16:9 HD 4K Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Screen for Home Theater Indoor Outdoor Movie Screen, Support Double-Sided Projection

Admittedly we were dubious about buying ourselves an outside projector screen as ideally,  we didn’t want to spend our holidays lounging about watching films, but we have used ours on every trip.

We bought some separate stands to keep ours stationary but you can also use the included ropes to tie it round trees. 

We have the Powerextra 120inch projector screen and it manages to not crease despite us storing it away when not in use.

It’s easy to clean if it manages to get dirty and it’ll only take 5 minutes to set it up.

You can use it at home with a normal projector but we use ours with a mini projector which connects to our phone, which we’ve recommended next. 


ELEPHAS Projector, GC333 Portable Projector with 4500 Lumens and Full HD 1080p, 180” Display and 50000 Hours Lamp Life LED Video Projector, Compatible with USB/HD/Sd/Av/VGA for Home Theater, White

You should get yourself the Elephas portable projector if you’re thinking about getting an outdoor screen.

You just need to connect your phone, laptop or tablet to stream whatever you want onto the screen. 

It’s super handy if you’ve already downloaded the film via a Wi-Fi connection as it won’t buffer during the film. 

It also has 2 built-in speakers to project the sound of whatever you’re watching. 

We balance our projector on a cooler box to get the right height against the screen. 

You’ll need to plug it into an extension lead as it only runs when plugged into mains, it is not battery operated.


Anker Soundcore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Enhanced Bass, Noise-Cancelling Microphone

Music is a must-have gadget when you’re travelling around in your motorhome.

A Bluetooth speaker is great for using whilst lounging outside, out on your camping trips or even hosting a little shin-dig with your motorhome neighbours. 

This Anker Mini Bluetooth speaker offers up to 15 hours of playing time after a full charge, so it’ll last you a few days without needing charging again.

It also has a big Bluetooth range so you don’t have to always have your phone positioned right next to it to play music.

It also comes with an AUX connection if your devices don’t support Bluetooth.

This teeny-tiny speaker provides loud and great sound for us all to enjoy whilst sitting outside during the day, the only issue is everyone is fighting over which song to have on next!


BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 230V AC Converter with AC Outlet and 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger

Instead of using our motorhome leisure batteries, we often charge our essential tech gadgets whilst we’re on the move.

It plugs into the cigarette lighter hole and is super handy when we’re using map apps on our phone to locate destinations. 

Our Bestek one is pretty small but super nifty, it has an AC outlet and 2 USB charging ports.

When we don’t need to use it, it fits comfortably into the glovebox or armrest box. 


Huawei E5576, CAT 4, Portable 4G Low Cost Travel Wi-Fi, Roams on all World Networks, Genuine UK Warranty Stock, with FREE SMARTY SIM- White

I feel a little ashamed admitting that we can’t live without Wi-Fi on our family trips, but in reality, I don’t think we’d be able to function or get to half the places we do without this beloved technology.

We use a portable Wi-Fi system to keep us connected when we’re travelling. It stops us from racking up the data bills on the phones and also keeps everyone occupied when we’re feeling a little bored. 

We use the Huawei E5576-320, it creates a super-fast wi-fi signal for up to 16 devices at a time to use.

It has a rechargeable battery which lasts for up to six hours at a time (we keep ours fully charged most of the time). 

It also gives the option of applying parental controls so the kids can’t find anything they shouldn’t be looking at.

You just need to top up your sim (one comes included) with money to make use of the data. 


Kindle | Now with a built-in front light—with Ads—Black

If you love to read then a Kindle will save you having to bring all of your books onboard.

A single charge lasts about 4 weeks and it can hold up to 6000 books, all on just one small device.

Motorhome Gadgets for Relaxing and Comfort


BRAVICH Weatherproof Set of 2 Reclining Sun Lounger | Heavy Duty Textoline Zero Gravity Chairs | Folding Outdoor Reclining Chair in Mustard

Reclining chairs are a must-have if you want to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation after a long journey, we have a whole article about reclining camping chairs too 

They’re uber convenient as they can fold back up and be popped in the roof box on top of the motorhome when we don’t plan on using them.

We don’t really like having to use blankets and picnic mats to sit on the floor as they can get dirty and often the ground isn’t always dry enough. 

We managed to get a good deal on the Bravich sun loungers and got them in a pair. They’re weatherproof and pretty lightweight to carry along to the beach if you want to.

They’ve lasted us a few years and we’re constantly using them at home in the garden as well.

They come with a head pillow attached which is ideal for comfortably reading outdoors. 


ANYOO Outdoor Cotton Hammock Multiples 210 x 150 cm, Load Capacity up to 200 kg Portable with Carrying Bag for Patio Yard Garden

The weather can get pretty hot on a trip abroad and it’s sometimes just unbearably stuff inside the motorhome to sleep, so we invested in some hammocks so we could sleep outside and enjoy the breeze.

These Anyoo hammocks are strong enough to sleep two people on at a time and they’re super strong so will stay hung when tied up against trees.

If you own a hammock stand then you’ll be able to use that to tie up your hammock, or if you want to get old-school so you can find some strong sturdy trees and feel at one with nature. 

If we’re residing in one place for a while, we just leave the hammock tied up so we can enjoy it during the day as well.

It comes with a draw-string carry bag to store it in the motorhome.


Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Picnic Table and Chairs Stools Set Party Field Kitchen Outdoor Garden BBQ Aluminum

The whole point of a motorhome is to travel to distant places and enjoy the outdoors.

We make sure to exploit the good weather on our travels by using a foldable campaign table and bench. 

Sometimes camping sites don’t come with wood picnic benches (or they’re either taken up) so always having your own to hand is the best way to be.

This OutSunny foldable picnic table and chairs is pretty sturdy and manages to fit the whole family on at mealtimes.

It also means we can lay a spread of food out on the table so people can pick and choose what they want. 

The table gets folded down and compacted into a briefcase (notably not the smallest) and is stored under the sofa in the motor home when we’re on the road.

You also have an option to stick an umbrella in the middle to keep you nice and shaded during hotter months.


Winique Stroller Fan,2600mAh Battery Powered Car Seats Clip-on Fan Ultra Quiet 3 Speed 360° Rotatable Personal USB Desk Fan with LED Lights for Car/Stroller/Bike/Camping/BBQ/Gym

If you’re going to be driving your motorhome to hot countries during the summer months, you won’t want to leave without a portable fan.

We have the Winique Stroller fan which is perfect for using at night when it’s humid due to its quiet operation yet still being really powerful to keep you cool.

It also has a flexible octopus-like tripod which can be bent straight and used as a handheld fan or stood on surfaces, or can also be shaped to attach onto poles to position right onto your body. 

It also has a handy LED light on it, which is useful for sitting outdoors in the warm summer evenings.

The battery can last up for 11 hours on the lowest setting and takes about 3 hours to recharge again fully.


Maypole MP6608 Thermal Blind

Whatever weather you’re travelling in, a thermal blind is always a must-have to keep stored away in our motorhome.

It’ll be able to keep you cool in the summer and prevent your steering wheel and dashboard from getting too hot when you need to get back on the road. 

This MayPole one we’ve linked fits most motorhomes and also has optimum black for increased privacy.

They’ll also help to retain more heat in your motorhome during colder months.


Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper - Deep Thick Best Mattress Toppers Pad Breathable Cooling Soft Comfy Plump for Home Sofa Bed Caravan - Machine Washable Hypoallergenic Bed Toppers

If you’re going to be sleeping inside your motorhome on your travels, you’ll most definitely need a mattress topper to keep you comfortable.

The pull out beds and sofas in motorhomes were built for convenience not comfort, so using a mattress topper will help you get a good night’s sleep. 

We recommend the Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper, it’s constructed of a breathable polyester material which keeps us cool during the sweaty European summer nights.


ISOPHO Beach Mat Picnic Blanket, Extra Large 210 x 200cm Beach blanket Waterproof Sandproof Water Resistant Picnic Blanket with 4 Fixed Nails, Reinforced Edging for Beach, Camping, Hiking & Picnic

Any camping or hiking trip will require a decent picnic blanket and motorhome travelling is no different.

Getting a large mat or blanket to put on the floor is essential, especially if you have children.

We like to take ours to the beach as well as using it outside our motorhome on grass surfaces. 

We have the ISOPHO Beach Mat blanket, it’s waterproof and sand-proof and has lasted us for a while.

It comes with 4 fixed nails, so you can secure the blanket into the ground on windy days.

It can be packed away in the included carry bag which is no bigger than my mobile phone. Super handy if we’re strolling down to the beach.


G4Free Clamp-on Chair Umbrella with Adjustable Universal Clamp UPF 50+ UV Protection Sun Blocking Umbrella for Strollers Wheelchairs Patio Chairs Beach Chairs and Golf Carts

If you’re going to be travelling in the height of summer, you may want to consider getting a clamp-on chair umbrella to keep you protected from the strong UV Rays.

It’s easy to attach onto a camping chair and we also secure ours onto our foldable picnic bench table when we’re eating under the strong midday sun.


Para'Kito Essential oil diffusion Mosquito wristband bracelet (Flowery)

Mosquitos are the ultimate enemy on travels abroad so anything to keep them away from you is a must-have in our eyes.

We bought the Para'kito Essential Oil Diffuser wristbands which reduce your visibility on a mosquito’s radar. 

They don’t completely prevent mosquito bites, you’ll also have to wear some protective spray but they definitely do help. 

The bands are also waterproof so you won’t have to take them off at the beach or pool.

They do smell pretty strong, so if you’ve got a sensitive nose you may not get on with it and will have to stick to mozzie spray.

You’ll need to get the refill pellets as these bands only last up to 15 days.


Mibao Dirt Trapper Door Mat for Indoor&outdoor, 60x90cm, Grey Black Doormat, Washable Barrier Door Mat, Heavy Duty Non-Slip Entrance Rug, Shoes Scraper, Super Absorbent Front Door Mat Carpet

You don’t want to be traipsing the outdoors into your on the road home, so a high-quality doormat is essential for keeping dirt and mud out of your motorhome.


No products found.

If you’re going to be on the road for a while, it’s non-negotiable that your motorhome is going to accumulate some mess.

Keep this trusty Holife Handheld hoover on board to zap up any dirt that you’ve brought inside.

It’s got a battery life of 3 hours but does come with a charging dock.

Motorhome Gadgets for Personal Hygiene


Scrubba Unisex's Wash Bag 2.0, Green, Regular Size

Unless you’re the king or queen of motorhomes, you probably don’t have a personal washing machine built-in.

So like the rest of us, you’ll have to resort to washing clothes in the sink or paying for a laundrette at a nearby destination. 

However, for extra convenience, you could buy a Wash Bag where you just need to add water, some washing liquid and rub the clothes to give them a good wash.

It’s such a more eco-friendly way to keep your clothes fresh on the go.


Sea to Summit The Clothes Line

In order, to dry your clean clothes you’ll need to get yourself a portable washing line.

This Sea to Summit Clothesline is the one we use and we attach one part to our motorhome and the other to a tree, so we can keep everything as near to us as possible.

It has unique cords to attach your clothes so you won’t need to bring extra pegs on your trip with you.

The long cord is also reflective, so if you’re drying your clothes at night you can still see them faintly.


YOUNGDO Camping Shovel, Military Folding Survival Shovel, Entrenching Tool Portable for Camping,Car Emergency,Backpacking,Outdoor,Hiking,Gardening and Trenching (10-in-1 Shovel)

Sometimes on hikes or camping trips, nature calls urgently and you don’t want to just leave it all in plain sight.

A folding shovel is handy for digging a hole, doing your business and then covering it up.

It’s a lot more respectful to nature and also those who may follow on your trail.

This YoungDo camping shovel is great for hiking and camping. It’s lightweight, foldable yet incredibly sturdy and durable for its size.


GLOYY Soft Compressed Towels Biodegradable Wipe Mini Magic Coin Tissues Includes FREE Carrying Dispenser, Portable for Home Beauty Backpacking Camping Outdoor Accessories(500 Count) (8.8”x9.5”)

To be at one with nature you must first respect it. So when you need to do your business and there are no portable loos or proper toilets around.

You should be using some biodegradable wipes or tissues to help keep your environment clean.

It’ll also be a lot less shameful than having to walk to your designated spot with a wad of loo roll under your arm. 

The only qualm we have with these is that you need to spray water on them to expand, which is a little bit inconvenient if you’re using more than one piece of tissue… if you get where we’re going with this.

However, the GLOYY ones we’ve recommended are the best on the market and have raving reviews.


Colapz Rechargeable Camping Shower - Portable Shower for Dogs - Jet Wash for Bikes - 1 Shower Head - 1 Jet Head - Carry Case included - Campervan Essentials

In our extensive portable camping shower guide, the Colapz Shower was easily our favourite.

The original version was great but the new one has the advantage that you can turn off the shower from an attached unit that isn’t in the water. The pump section is neater and fits through the hole in the lid of the collapsible buckets. Slightly more bits to connect, but we love it.

Motorhome Gadgets for the Kitchen


Metal Reusable Straws, Stainless Steel Drinking Straws with 2 Cleaning Brush for Smoothie Milkshake Cocktail and Hot Drinks 8 Pieces Multicolor

Having some stainless steel straws kept in the drawers of your motorhome is so useful when travelling with the family.

It prevents you from having to buy disposable plastic straws (so bad for the environment) and means you can wash them with the little brush that comes included every time you use them.

They’re very durable and will last you years. We love these multicoloured straws from Kkpai and so do the kids!


WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker Bundled with Protective Case, Upgrade Version of Minipresso, Mini Travel Coffee Machine, Perfect for Camping, Travel and Office (Black)

We’ve got your back coffee lovers, we understand that you need to get your daily coffee fix and when you’re on the move, it’s just not justifiable to be buying coffee out all the time.

This Wacaco Nanopresso machine will satisfy your coffee needs without having to bring along your massive coffee maker.

There is no battery or power needed as it is manually operated. All you’ll need is your ground coffee, hot water and your Nanopresso machine.

You can even take this on hikes with you as it’s so compact.


Quest 35690 Compact Travel Kettle / 0.5 litres / 600 Watt / Dual Voltage / Indicator Light / Includes 2 Cups / Black

It’s always handy to have a travel kettle onboard your motorhome whether that be for your a warm cup of tea or if you don’t have access to hot water to shower with.

This Quest compact travel kettle does the job well and even comes with two mugs included.


Alkaline Water Filter Jug with LED indicatorHigh pHAlkalizer Machine -7 Stage Ionizer Filtration System to Purify and Increase PH Levels - Clean,Refreshing Water10 Cup PitcherBPA Free

Instead of buying massive plastic bottles of water to keep you and your family hydrated on your travels.

Invest in a water purifier which you can stick in the fridge to keep cool, so you’ll have fresh water to hand all the time.


No products found.

This foldable Charcoal grill is ideal if you want to make full use out of the outdoors by cooking outside.

This grill is compact, lightweight and takes charcoal as fuel so is convenient for keeping onboard your motorhome.


Joseph Joseph Uni-tool 5-in-1 Kitchen Utensil - Grey

This 5 in 1 Joseph Joseph utensil means we don’t have to bring tons of our kitchen utensils away from us.

It’s easy to clean as well!


Manual Food Chopper, Easy Chop Hand Pull Pro Onion Chopper, Large Capacity Handheld String Food Processor/Mixer/Blender for Veggie, Garlic, Meat, Salsa Maker (Large)

If you’re stuck for space in the kitchen of your motorhome, a manual food chopper will be terrific for you.

This little gadget is powered manually by you pulling it and is compact enough to keep stored away.

It’ll save you so much time and space of having to cut up all your veggies on a big chopping board.


SuperHandy Rotomolded ENHANCED Ice Cooler 19L/ 5Gal Ice Retention Commercial Grade Food Safe Dry Ice Compatible UV Protection 15mm Gasket (2) Bottle Openers Vacuum Release Valve Lo Profile Latches

If you don’t have a lot of fridge/freezer space built-in to the kitchen then a cooler box will be your best buddy.

Simply fill with ice and store drinks to keep them ice cold or also add your food that needs to be kept fresh.

This SuperHandy cooler box keeps our food nice and fresh for five days, so we can keep more food in the motorhome at one time. 

Once the ice has melted we simply pour it out, refill from ice bags and then add more food in.

It saves us so many trips to the supermarket every day when we’re on our travels.


The Lazy Pan - Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Multi-Section Frying Pan | All-in-one Breakfast pan, Frying pan & Griddle pan | from Jean Patrique

When it comes to space in your motorhome, you’re pretty limited.

The kitchens are often only big enough for just two people and even then you’re bumping into each other constantly. 

You often only have one or two small hobs included and a small oven/microwave built-in to your kitchen. So having a pan that can cook all aspects of a meal at once is a miracle worker.

 We bought The Lazy Pan and trust me, there’s nothing lazy about this at all. It comes in three sections, we often cook our meat or protein in the larger section then add some vegetables or potatoes to the other two sections.

For larger families, you may need the assistance of a microwave as well as it would be hard to fit larger portions into this one pan.


12 Pack Reusable Storage Bags (2 Gallon Bags + 4 Lunch Bags + 4 Sandwich Bags + 2 Snack Bags), BPA -Free & Freezer Bags, Leakproof Storage Bag for Food, Travel, Home Organization

These reusable food bags will replace your big bulky Tupperware and free up space in your motorhome fridge.

They can be easily washed and used over and over again.


Nesting Camping Table

Nestling Picnic Folding Tables Aluminum Table for Outdoor Dining Tables for Camping/Banquet/Picnic Party/Garden BBQ - Adjustable in Height (Silver)

Stable, lightweight, cheap, not fiddly…what more could you want. 

The (individually) adjustable-leg is great for uneven ground and folds easily into a bag.

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