Our 10 Best Motorhome & Campervan Routes in the UK

There are many different ways of travelling, but when it comes to visiting multiple places within the same country, there really is no way of beating a good road trip.

And how can you make that road trip even better? By travelling in a motorhome or campervan! 

It obviously depends on your preference, but if you’re looking for an easy and comfortable way to travel, a motorhome provides you with a great amount of independence, and it allows you to roam around the country without being limited by having to stay at places you’ve booked for the night or having to stick to a strict itinerary. 

This is especially suited to road trips that venture out into the countryside or to more remote places.

Instead of visiting big cities, which tend to look quite similar no matter where you go, you can go exploring into the heart of the country, for some unique sightseeing and adventure!

And as you’ll be travelling with a home on wheels, you’ll have everything you need with you wherever you go! 

There’s no need to go abroad in order to enjoy an incredible holiday and discover some amazing places.

You can stay right here, within the British Isles! (Plus that will make driving a lot easier as you won’t have to switch sides on the road!)

The UK is incredibly versatile and full of different beautiful locations, and a motorhome route is the best possible way to truly immerse yourself in the experience and explore the many corners of the country!

Of course, the entirety of the UK is a little big, so the best idea is to choose an area, and to embark on a route through the different locations it offers! 

There’s a lot to think about when renting out a motorhome and planning your trip, and almost too many locations to choose from.

To help out, we’ve compiled this guide with our top 10 motorhome routes in the UK, with a suggestion or two on specific places you can stay at! Remember a Sat Nav for Motorhome and Campervan would be very useful for any traveller as would our guide to Free Overnight Motorhome Parking. We also recommend the great book/app called Brit Stops.

Cornwall, England

Cornwall is a beautiful area, situated in the South West of England. It’s known for having some of the best beaches in the UK, along with its many seaside villages and countryside landscapes.

It is perfect for a motorhome route, as there are many cornish sights to see and many things to enjoy!

Although depending on the exact locations you’re planning on visiting, you might not be able to fit a larger motorhome, as some of the lanes and roads can be quite narrow in the more rural places! Just make sure to check beforehand, and everything should be fine.

Cornwall has a strong identity and plenty of things to discover during your route. An absolute must-do is to try some cornish pasties, as they’re pretty famous and absolutely delicious. (Cornwall even holds the world record for the largest pasty ever, so they’re pretty serious about it!)

And with this area having the longest coastline in the UK, it is definitely worth visiting during warmer seasons so that you can properly enjoy the beaches. Especially if you like surfing! 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit and stay the night with your motorhome.

St. Ives:

St.Ives is a beautiful and quaint holiday town that has a vibrant atmosphere and quite a few beaches for you to explore and enjoy.

It’s a perfect location to visit during your route, as it will offer plenty of shops and restaurants while providing you with beautiful scenery.

It gets very busy during the summer, so if you want to avoid people you might want to visit before or after the high season. 

Here, many people recommend staying at the Ayr Holiday Park, as it is a comfortable and friendly place, with an iconic coastal path that leads down to Porthmoer beach and the town itself. 

The Camel Estuary:

The Camel Estuary is an absolute must when you’re road tripping around Cornwall. It’s by far one of the most popular destinations, and it gets incredibly busy during the high season.

You can enjoy plenty of surfing and paddle boarding in Rock, on one side of the Camel Estuary, and you can visit the quaint town of Padstow on the other.

If you do visit Padstow, make sure to try the fish, as it’s famously good, and stroll around the streets and shops.

Here, many people recommend staying at the Padstow Touring Park, as it has the right facilities for a motorhome and comes with great views too!

However, if you are going there during the high season you will need to book with plenty of time in advance. 


Porthcurno is one of the most beautiful beaches you can visit in Cornwall, situated right at the end of the peninsula.

It’s also worth paying a visit to all its surrounding areas, as there is plenty of Cornish history to explore here!

From St.Michael’s Mount to the tin mines of Botallack to the incredible Minack Theatre; plenty to see and do! 

Here, many people recommend staying at the Trevedra Farm Campsite, where motorhomes are allowed to camp. It’s a friendly place, and it also has access to the beach! 

Dorset, England

Dorset is another great destination for motorhome routes, as its coastline is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Apart from all the beautiful and quaint seaside villages, you can visit the breathtaking cliffs of the Jurassic Coast; 95 miles containing countless fossils and rock formations, which attract tourists from all over the world. It’s also a highly accessible area, perfect for motorhome routes. 

If you’re a fan of the children’s author: Enid Blyton, you might enjoy knowing that Dorset is the inspiration behind many of the Five’s adventures in her books!

There are plenty of other interesting things to discover in Dorset too, such as the oldest post box in Britain and the bendiest road in Britain! 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit and stay the night with your motorhome.

Lulworth Cove:

Lulworth Cove is a must-see location, as it is one of the best examples of marine erosion in the entirety of Europe, forming an almost perfect circle that is beautiful to see.

You can do plenty here, including some kayaking or paddleboarding to explore the spot even closer up!

You can also follow the coastal path all the way to Durdle Door, a natural limestone arch that comes out of the sea and is equally as beautiful to visit, and even to swim out to if the weather is nice enough! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Durdle Door Holiday Park, as it’s ideal for motorhomes and it gives you easy access to all the nearby attractions.

Chesil Beach:

Chesil Beach is an iconic tourist spot in Dorset, and therefore it is another place to stop on your route.

18 miles long, it’s a wild beach full of pebbles that stretches out between West Bay and Portland, offering plenty of walks and views.

It is the ideal location for dramatic sea views and endless horizons, and you can even visit a swan colony there!

You can also visit the Portland lighthouse, or make your way to other areas nearby for more exploring. 

Here, people recommend staying at the East Fleet Touring Park, which offers a comfortable stay and stunning views of the beach. 


Swanage is an old seaside resort and a historical gem, as it was incredibly popular during the Victorian era.

It’s perfect for a few chill days of holiday, with sand beaches for swimming and water activities, souvenir shops, fish and chips, and the beautiful Corfe Castle to visit!

There’s also a steam train, which will make for a great day trip, and plenty of beautiful views to enjoy. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Ulwell Holiday Park, as it’s right by the Swanage and it’s paired with good views and a peaceful atmosphere. 

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is the second largest island belonging to Scotland, situated way up in the North, and full of rugged mountains and cliffs.

There is a certain appeal to Skye, in part due to its wild beauty and myth, and in part due to the famous song that mentions the Isle: the Skye Boat Song. (Those who watch the TV series Outlander will definitely have heard of it!) 

You might think that Skye is a remote island for solitary hiking and the exploration of untouched nature, which it is. But it also has castles and museums you can visit, plus a few pubs to enjoy a drink, some food, and some interesting company!

The drive up to the Isle of Skye is also well worth experiencing, and a bridge will connect to the island for easy access!

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit and stay the night with your motorhome.

Dunvegan Castle:

Dunvegan Castle is an absolute must-see when you visit the Isle of Skye, as it is the most important historical building on the entire island.

It has been the seat of the chief of Clan MacLeod for 800 years, and continues to be so today! It is also just a beautiful castle to visit, with plenty of history to learn and plenty of views to enjoy.

However, it is an insanely popular tourist attraction, so it’s always best to plan a visit outside of the high season so that it isn’t as cramped and full of people. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Kinloch Campsite, situated close to Dunvegan village and with comfortable facilities for your Motorhome. 

The Sleat Peninsula:

You might have heard of the Sleat Peninsula by a different name: the garden of Skye.

Surrounded by wild beaches, it is an area full of gardens, forests, and mountains, making it a nature wonderland worthy of exploration! 

It’s a great spot for hiking and long adventure walks, and the views will not disappoint. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Camping Skye Site, as it has one of the more modern facilities, and it is actually ideal as a home base from which to visit most of the island in its entirety. 

Trotternish Peninsula:

If you want to discover the wildest and most dramatic landscape within Skye Island, then you should definitely visit the Trotternish Peninsula, the most northern area of Skye.

There are plenty of hikes and views in this location, and you can spot the summit of The Storr.

The cliffs that run down the middle of this peninsula are one of the most striking sights, and at their foot, you can see the Old Man of Storr, a high tooth of rock. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Torvaig Caravan and Camp Site, as it offers some of the best views of the Cuillin Mountain range. 

Norfolk, England

Norfolk is another popular destination in England, known for its tranquillity and beautiful scenery.

Although it isn’t technically a national park, many of its areas are protected and treated as such, offering plenty to do and see!

It is an especially great motorhome route for those that want to seek out wildlife and birds, and for those wanting plenty of long walks and nature exploration. 

Norfolk is great to visit during all seasons of the year, and even in summer, when most people visit, it still manages to retain its peaceful atmosphere.

You can also do a lot of exploring by boat if you prefer, thanks to the many rivers and coastline of the county. 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit and stay the night with your motorhome.


As the main city in Norfolk, Norwich is a must-see location and a vital stop during your route. It’s considered to be one of the best preserved medieval cities in the UK, making it a beautiful visit.

It features a stunning cathedral, old streets, and plenty of pubs and shops that will allow you to immerse yourself into the city culture and atmosphere.

You can also learn a lot about the history of the city, and find plenty of information for other places to visit around Norfolk! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Whitlingham Broad Campsite, located just outside the city.

From there, you will also have access to kayaks and canoes for hire with which to explore the broad. 


Blakeney is a charming quaint village that makes for a great stop on your route, but the main reason why you should visit this location is because of the outstanding beauty of the nature around it.

It features a nature reserve with salt marshes and sand dunes, and if you’re visiting during the winter, you might be able to see common and grey seals out on Blakeney Point! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Highland Creek Camp Site, with great motorhome facilities and surrounded by woodland and beaches. 


We recommend you also make a stop at Sandringham, to visit the royal estate house, as well as the gardens and transport museum.

You can also visit the St.Mary Magdalene church, which is quite important as it is where the Queen herself attends service when she is in the area.

This location is especially nice for long walks and peaceful sightseeing. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Sandringham Camping and Caravanning Club Site, situated incredibly close to the estate and hidden away by the beautiful woodland. 

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pembrokeshire is located in the South West of Wales, and its breathtaking coastline is not only one of the most beautiful in the entire UK, but also home to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

This area is absolutely perfect for a motorhome route, as it has something for everyone. From huge and beautiful beaches to stunning cliffs, to countryside and wildlife, and all the seaside villages and towns along the way.

And depending on where you’re driving from, you might even be able to visit the iconic Brecon Beacons on your way there, where you will find plenty of nature and countryside fit for a fairytale. 

This area is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, and it is especially suited for visiting during the summer season so that you can properly enjoy the long beaches and beautiful coastline.

You can also explore plenty of hidden historical sites and Welsh castles, as they seem to be absolutely everywhere! Plus, you can learn more about Welsh culture and folklore along the way!

Oh, and if you have time to spare after your Pembrokeshire route, we highly recommend visiting the Gower, as it is another breathtakingly beautiful coastline, and the Mumbles Pier is a true gem!

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit, and where you can stay the night with your motorhome.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park:

When it comes to Pembrokeshire, there are miles and miles of coast that you can explore.

That is why it is so perfect for a motorhome route, as you can simply drive along the coast, stopping at different places and enjoying the various landscapes and villages as you go.

One of the main activities that you should try out, is coasteering, as there is no better place to do it than in Pembrokeshire. There are plenty of guided courses and tours to suit all levels and ages, and you will probably learn a lot about marine wildlife too! 

A place that is highly recommended as a pit stop with your motorhome, is the Pencarnan Farm Camping and Caravanning Park, located near the iconic town of St.David’s (another must-see). 

Skomer Island: 

Skomer is a beautifully wild island off the coast of Pembrokeshire, and you can visit it by booking a ticket in advance! This is definitely a good spot to visit if you are able, especially during Springtime.

It’s a haven to plenty of wildlife, such as puffin birds, seals, buzzards, and many other migrant birds! The visitor centre will give you plenty of information, and it will make for a great learning experience. 

Here, you can stay at the West Hook Farm Camping, which has very simple facilities but great views, and it’s super close to the Lockley Lodge visitor centre! 


If you ask anyone in Wales about where to go for a little summer escape, they will instantly answer with Tenby, so this is another must-see spot to mark on your motorhome route.

It’s an iconic seaside town, with beautiful colours, breathtaking beaches, and quaint shops and boutiques. 

It is also surrounded by a huge medieval stone wall, and it’s close to two of the best castles in Wales: Pembroke castle, and Carew Castle. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Meadow Farm, right by Tenby and with incredible panoramic views. 

Snowdonia and Anglesey, Wales

If you’re looking for a magical route full of the wild outdoors and beautiful scenery that looks like it’s come right out of a fairytale, then Snowdonia and Anglesey are where to go.

This is by far one of the best routes for escaping from city life and venturing into an adventure. Snowdonia is a breathtaking mountain region in North West Wales, which includes a national park. And from there, you can drive to the island of Anglesey, as it connects via a bridge! 

During this route, you can explore the highest mountain of Wales, the largest lake of Wales, and the third-largest national park in the entire UK!

And you’re guaranteed to feel as though you’re walking into a land of fairies and myth, as it’s full of welsh folklore!

As for Anglesey, it’s full of beautiful beaches and bridges to explore. It also has many ancient monuments and historical sites to explore, and you will likely learn about its connection with the Celtic Druids of the past.

All in all, a fantastic holiday to experience. 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit, and where you can stay the night with your motorhome. 


Betws-y-Coed is one of the first towns you are likely to come across when starting your route, and it is one of the most important in the area.

It’s a beautiful mountain town, with amazing views and landscape all around. It is also the main base from which outdoor activities, excursions, and activities take place.

It’s a great idea to spend more than one day here so that you can partake in one of these adventure activities if you can!

There are also plenty of magical spots nearby that you can visit, such as the Fairy Glen and the Swallow Falls. 

Here, many people recommend staying at the Riverside Touring Park, as it has some of the best facilities for a comfortable stay with your motorhome! 

Snowdonia National Park:

You can’t visit Snowdonia without exploring at least a part of the Snowdonia National Park. There are plenty of things to explore here, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

If you like hiking, you could try climbing to the top of Snowden mountain, 1085 high! If you don’t want to hike, you could always take the train up, as it is an old-fashioned ride through some of the most beautiful scenery. 

Here, many people recommend staying at the Bryn Gloch Caravan and Camping Park, situated at the foot of Snowden mountain, and therefore surrounded by great views and nature. 

Newborough Beach:

When you drive over the beautiful bridge to cross over into Anglesey, the best idea is to plan a route around the entire island, as it’s not very big.

You can start off at Newborough, as it features the most popular and well-known beach on Anglesey.

It also has a forest through which you can walk around for a peaceful stroll, and you can view the Llanddwyn Island Peninsula and its lighthouse! 

Here, many people recommend staying at the Awelfryn Caravan Park, situated on a grassy meadow, hidden from the beach by the forest. 

The Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland

If you’re not from Northern Ireland, you might need to cross over on a ferry before starting this motorhome route, but the wild and rugged landscapes of the Antrim Coast are well worth that extra effort, as they will provide an amazing holiday experience!

You’ll especially enjoy this route if you’ve watched the Game of Thrones TV series, as many scenes were filmed in various locations within the area.

There are plenty of stops along this route, and plenty to do and see along the way. It’s the perfect escape from urban life! 

In fact, the Antrim Coast is perfect to disappear into a solitary, peaceful, state of mind for a while.

After all, the name translates into ‘lone ridge’ from Irish. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it extra unique and special. 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit, and where you can stay the night with your motorhome. 

The Giants Causeway:

This is an absolute must-see site, proclaimed as one of Northern Ireland’s best historical landmarks.

The Giants Causeway features 40000 columns of basalt, of a volcanic nature, that spill into the North Atlantic sea.

They’re truly a sight to behold and can be seen from different angles thanks to the different hiking trails around the area.

You can spend a full day, or even more, exploring the surrounding nature and wilderness near the Giants Causeway, and it’s well worth the visit. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Craig House Campsite, ideal for motorhomes and with some good sea views. 

Portstewart and Portrush:

These two villages are right next to each other, making them a comfortable joint destination.

They’re a great place to stop at during your route, as they offer plenty of quaint little shops, souvenirs, and local food. They also have some beautiful beaches and some nearby corners of nature to visit!

You can also interact with the local people and learn more about the culture of the area, for a full learning experience! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Juniper Hill Holiday Park, as it has motorhome facilities and is near both villages. 

Benone Beach:

Benone Beach is another amazing location to stop for a day or few, as it covers a huge distance and is beautifully wild, as well as being a favourite amongst surfers!

But there are also many other things to visit in the nearby area, such as the Mussenden Temple.

You can also take some hiking trips in search of better views, exploring the Binevenagh Mountain, just South from the beach. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Golden Sands, a nice area where you can enjoy a hot drink and some food at Sea Shed Cafe, right by the beach. 

The Lake District, England

The Lake District is an incredibly popular holiday destination in the UK, especially for those looking for a good motorhome route! It has mountains, lakes, forests, and all-round beautiful scenery to explore!

Located in North West England, it features the Lake District National Park, which was also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Within this area, you will find the highest mountain in England: Scafell Pike, the deepest lake in England: Wast Water, and the largest natural lake in England: Windermere. 

The Lake District is full of breathtaking nature, and some fun experiences to enjoy. You can also discover plenty of Cumbrian culture and traditions, such as trying their famous Cumberland spiral sausage.

There's also plenty of curious historical facts that you can explore here, such as the fact that pencils were invented in The Lake District!

You can visit the Derwent Pencil Museum if you don’t believe us. And true to its name, this district has plenty of lakes and even a few underwater villages that peek out from the water surface. 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit (and lake district campsites), and where you can stay the night with your motorhome. 


Visiting the deepest or largest lake in the area is a great idea, but why limit yourself to just the main attractions?

Ullswater is the second largest lake, but it’s well worth a visit as it has some of the best scenery.

It also features the Aira Force Waterfall, which we completely recommend as a must-see.

This location is also the inspiration and setting for Wordsworth’s famous poem ‘Daffodils’. Ullswater provides some of the best hikes, and there are plenty of water sports to enjoy too. Ideal as one of the stops in your motorhome route!

Here, many people recommend staying at the Hillside Farm, located near the village of Glenridding. 


Keswick is an old mining town and one of the most popular stops when visiting The Lake District.

It has plenty to offer and is one of the best areas for motorhomes, so you could stay a few days if you want.

Between the Skiddaw Mountains and Derwentwater lake, there are plenty of hikes and views. You can also visit the prehistoric Castlerigg stone circle, or stroll around the town market for some Cumbrian food!

Here, you should absolutely stay at the Derwentwater Camping and Caravanning Club Site, as it has incredible facilities and is recommended by everyone who goes there! 

Honister Pass:

Honister Pass is located just past the valley of Borrowdale, South of Derwentwater, and it is well worth visiting.

However, it’s not suitable for larger motorhomes, so if you have a smaller motorhome or a campervan you’re fine, but otherwise, you might have to stop somewhere else and take the bus!

Here you can find the Honister Slate Mine, which was the last working slate mine in Europe. There’s plenty to learn about it in the visitor centre, and if you’re daring enough, you can sign up for one of the underground tours! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Chapel House Farm Campsite, ideal for staying the night with your motorhome. 

The New Forest, England

The UK is well-known for its woodland, and there are forests to be found in almost every corner of the country. However, it’s hard to match the charm and peace found in The New Forest, in England.

Located in Hampshire, this is a historical forest that was planted in 1079 by William the Conqueror.

We recommend you visit this area in autumn, as it’s after the high season, and the colours will be all the more vibrant and beautiful.

The New Forest is also a national park and is home to plenty of fauna and flora, including the famous wild ponies of New Forest. 

This is an incredible destination for a motorhome route, and there’s plenty to see and do.

Sports and outdoor activities to experience nature at its fullest, historical sites, and views that will take you back in time as you’re immersed into peace and quiet. 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit, and where you can stay the night with your motorhome. 


Brockenhurst is one of the best villages in New Forest to stop at, and it is located South of the forest itself.

It’s a quaint village that is very pretty to visit, and it also has one of the best fish and chips shops around!

From the village, you can embark on different hikes or cycle paths to enjoy the surrounding nature, so it’s a great base for a day or few. 

Here, people recommend staying at the Hollands Wood Campsite, on the edge of the forest and ideal for motorhomes. 

New Forest Water Park:

If you drive towards the West of the forest, you’ll find the New Forest Water Park, which is another amazing stop to make during your route!

Here, you can spend a full day of fun water activities, and it’s a nice change of pace from all the walking around through the forest! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Red Shoot Camping Park, great for motorhomes and right next to the Red Shoot Inn, known for its high quality and friendly atmosphere. 


Towards the end of your route, you can head to the SouthWest of the New Forest area, and visit Lymington, a quaint market town from which you can visit many other places and sites.

One of these sites is Hurst Castle, built by King Henry VIII. You can also try out the seawater swimming baths and visit all the seaside shops, a stark contrast from all the forest you will have seen up until then! 

Here, people recommend staying at Harry’s Field, ideal for motorhomes and packed with roaming ponies, donkeys, and deer! 

The North Coast 500, Scotland

We've previously been Wild Camping in the Isle of Mull but there is also the North Coast 500 is the most popular and iconic route in Scotland, 516 miles of driving around the entire north coast and through some of the most beautiful Scottish locations. 

You might need a longer holiday if you want to do the entire route, but you can always choose to do it by parts!

The route starts and ends in the same place: Inverness Castle. As it’s such a popular route, you’re guaranteed accessible facilities for your motorhome and plenty of shops and guidance for tourists. 

This route will offer a true holiday escape, in which you will be able to visit plenty of sites, and experience Scottish culture, tradition, and history, like never before! 

But let’s take a look at some specific locations to visit, and where you can stay the night with your motorhome. 


You can’t really escape this location, as it is both the starting and finishing point of the route.

It is also one of the most iconic and popular destinations to visit in Scotland, and it is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and historical sites.

The city cathedral, Inverness castle, the battlefield of Culloden, Loch Ness and its monster...these are just a few of the many incredible things to see and do in Inverness. And if you’ve seen the TV show Outlander, you’ll probably have a long list of sites to visit here too! 

Here, people recommend staying at Bunchcrew Caravan Park. It has great facilities, beautiful woodlands, and it is the perfect place to set up a base while you explore Inverness.  


On your North Coast 500 route, you will pass through some of the Sutherland areas, which are full of beautiful landscapes, including some huge sand beaches.

This area is definitely one not to skip past and is popularly known as one of the last remaining wilds of the UK, as it has barely been touched. 

Here, people recommend you stay at the Clachtoll Beach Campsite, as it is right next to the beach and features some great motorhome facilities. 


Caithness is a great location to focus on during the route, as it is right at the top of the UK and the most northern part of Scotland!

The wilderness here is beautiful, and if the season and weather are just right, you might even be able to see the Northern Lights!

You should also stop by at the John O’Groats village, as it is the most northern village, where they will point you towards all the best sites to visit! 

Here, people recommend staying at the Dunnet Bay Caravan and Motorhome Club Site, as it features some of the best motorhome facilities, and it offers incredible views and walks!

In Conclusion 

The UK has a vast amount of possibilities when it comes to planning a motorhome route, especially as it has so many breathtakingly beautiful locations, and plenty of national parks to boast of.

You can choose from almost any type of holiday: mountains, beaches, forests, countryside, lakes… Some areas even combine all of them at once! 

The best thing to remember, when you’re planning your motorhome route, is to pick a general area, and to then plan out some specific locations, so that you’re creating a route along which there is plenty to see with many stops and places in which to stay the night.

It also depends on the amount of time you have at your disposal for your motorhome route, but some areas can be combined to create a larger route in which you can explore more of the country! 

We also recommend that you search for more information and more possibilities, as there are plenty of other motorhome routes in the UK that we haven’t included in this list of top picks!

Travelling in a motorhome will definitely give you control over where you go and where you stay, and will allow you to adapt your journey plans as you go, giving you the flexibility to stop for longer periods of time at your favourite destinations!