One-pan English camping breakfast

one-pan-English-breakfastUnless you have a big frying pan or plenty of hobs, cooking an English breakfast when camping usually means something will be cold by the time the rest is ready. Here’s a way to get all the satisfaction of a fry-up without the hassle.


First, fry your bacon, sausage, veggie sausage, black pudding or smoked tofu (or any combination, of course). Bite-size pieces work best. Cook till crisp, then add some sliced mushrooms. You can add some halved cherry tomatoes too, if you like. Make sure everything is spaced out nicely in the pan. Now, beat your eggs with a little salt and pepper, and add some cheese if you have some going spare, and a few chives or a snip or two of whatever herbs are handy. Pour the egg into the pan, filling in the spaces. Cook till set. Delicious with fruity brown sauce, chutney or ketchup.

Here we are cooking this (a vegan lunch version indeed with gram flour batter instead of eggs) on our trusty Cadac camping stove.

Here are some other sources of inspiration!

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  1. Having tried this out I’d recommend fast frying the mushrooms before adding the eggs. Otherwise they can make the whole thing a bit watery

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