Best Way to Put Out A Fire Pit (Our Helpful Guide)

There’s nothing better than gathering around the fire pit after a long day to unwind with the family. If you are using a fire pit for the first time, you may be unsure about what to do when it’s time to put the fire out.

Managing your fire pit safely will prevent any serious incidents, and it is important to make sure the fire is completely burnt out before you settle down for the night.

This article explains the best ways to put out a fire pit quickly and safely. Read on to find out how. 

We've already covered how to start a fire pit here.

How to Safely Put Out A Fire Pit

Below is a small step-by-step guide on how to put out a fire pit.

Step #1

Let the firewood burn down completely until the flames begin to burn out, and the ashes are all that remain.

Step #2

Cool the ashes down by pouring a bucket of water over them. When the water hits the ashes, they are bound to produce a lot of smoke. 

Therefore, be sure to pour the water over them slowly. A hosepipe is also an ideal way to be sure nothing is left alight. Spreading the ashes out over the base of the fire pit will allow them to cool quicker.

Step #3

Check the temperature of the ashes by holding your hand slightly above them. If they still feel warm, continue to pour water over them. Use a stick or a shovel to stir the ashes and the water together to ensure equal coverage.

Step #4

Once you feel that the ashes are cool enough, use a shovel to scoop them out of the fire pit and into a metal bucket. Do not dispose of the ashes inside a plastic bin just in case there is a chance some are still hot as this could create a fire. 

What is The Best Way to Put Out A Wood Fire Pit?

There is more than one way to put out a wood fire pit, and the best way is ultimately up to whoever has the task of putting the fire out! Read on to find out the different ways to put out a fire pit. 

Sand or Dirt

Sand or dirt - or a mixture of both - can be used to extinguish a fire pit safely. This may be ideal if your hosepipe does not stretch to your fire pit or you are conscious about water usage. It also prevents your fire pit from rusting. 

Using sand or dirt to put out your fire pit couldn’t be easier, and the best way to do it is with a shovel. Let the fire burn down to glowing embers or ashes before pouring the sand or dirt over the remains, making sure it is all completely covered. 

Use the shovel or a long stick to stir the sand, dirt, and ashes together until you feel that the fire is well and truly out. 


The most efficient way to put out a fire pit is by using water. Depending on the size of your fire pit, it may take more than one bucket full of water to put out completely. 

Using the garden hosepipe is a great way of ensuring your fire pit is effectively no longer burning. A hosepipe with a multi-pattern nozzle is recommended, particularly when set to the ‘spray’ setting, which will effectively extinguish the fire. 

Direct streams can actually do more damage by spreading sparks that you do not want!


Last but not least is a snuffer. A snuffer is a large sheet of metal that is placed directly over the fire pit. It extinguishes the flames by simply blocking the flow of oxygen from the pit.

Many fire pits will come with a snuffer, but if not, always remember to measure your fire pit before purchasing one. It may also be difficult to buy a fire pit that is built with a cut-out design as oxygen can slip through any open spaces, which may keep the fire burning. 

What is The Best Way to Put Out A Gas Fire Pit?

Gas fire pits are much easier to put out as you simply turn the gas off. The only hazard with gas fire pits is if they have decorative stones or glass around them, which need to cool down before you put the cover back over it.

Once cooled, you can put the cover back on, and you’re done! Similarly, gas fire pits are also easy to turn on with the twisting of a handle that ignites the fire. While gas fire pits are much easier to use, wood fire pits are just as popular due to their rustic look and traditional way of keeping the fire going. 

Helpful Tips for Putting Out A Fire Pit

Putting out a fire pit requires preparation. Here are some useful tips that may be helpful if you are new to using a fire pit.

Preparation is Key

Gathering your equipment together before the fire dies down is the first step in preparing to put the fire pit out. 

Be Careful

The ashes will still be very hot even when the logs have completely burned down. Using a stick or a shovel, stir the ashes with water or sand and dirt until you are sure they will be cool enough to discard. Ashes should always be removed from your fire pit to avoid rust. 

Don’t Overload

Do not overfill your fire pit with too much fuel. This can lead the fire to become out of control, especially if the weather conditions are windy. Do not load more logs into the fire pit if it is getting late. 

Otherwise, you will have to wait up until they burn out, which can take hours. 

Fuels to Avoid

Never light a fire with substances such as gasoline, kerosene, or lighter fluid, as it can quickly become uncontrollable. 

Stay Put

Do not leave the fire pit unattended until you are certain that the fire has been fully extinguished. It also goes without saying that you should always keep children and pets away from your fire pit. 

Hot ashes can cause serious injuries, and if your fire pit is surrounded by rocks or glass, this can also take a while to cool down completely.  It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

What Should I Do With The Ashes from My Fire Pit?

Once the ashes are completely cooled, you can dispose of them in a dustbin. However, it is worth waiting a few hours or even a day or two if putting them into a plastic bin, just in case. 

Another option is to add them to your compost. Firepit ashes can help to neutralize soil where materials may be decomposing. Some materials in the soil can become acidic, whereas wood ashes are more alkaline, which helps balance it out. 

The Final Say

We hope this article has been helpful in explaining the best ways to put out a fire pit. Fire pits are wonderful outdoor heaters, especially when entertaining guests, but they do require your full attention at all times. 

Investing in a good hose pipe, a decent shovel, and a metal bucket will have you covered when it comes to putting out a fire pit. As long as you are willing to stay up and make sure there are no sparks or flames left in the fire pit, you should have no problems.