7 Best Rechargeable Camping Lanterns – Get switched on

When you head out into nature to enjoy a spot of camping, you have to rely on several things to stay safe and make your trip comfortable. A darkness falls, it becomes easy to trip over obstacles and find your way around camp. Fortunately, a camping lantern can make the world of difference.

But while these handy little pieces of equipment will certainly come in useful, it is essential to find one that will deliver in all areas and won’t fail you when you need it most. For this reason, we would always suggest carefully looking over the features of your lantern before making a final decision. And if you’re still unsure what to buy, we have done the hard work for your and sourced 7 of the best rechargeable camping lanterns on the market today.

Latest update: December 2021

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The Best Rechargeable Camping Lanterns

Even knowing what to look for when buying a rechargeable camping lantern can leave you with a lot of questions. One of the best ways to judge whether a lantern is up to scratch is to look at its reviews. Below, we will provide you with an in-depth look at seven of, what we consider to be, the best rechargeable camping lanterns out there.


LE Camping Lights Rechargeable, 1000 Lumen Camping Lantern, Dimmable 4 Modes Camping Tent Light with...

Out of all the camping lanterns we have reviewed, the LE rechargeable camping lantern certainly stood out from the crowd. With a wide range of features and some serious brightness, this is a lantern that would suit even the most demanding campers. 

The LE camping lantern features brightness up to 1000 lumens which will easily illuminate your campsite and will be ideal for moving around after dark. What’s more, the camping lantern boasts four brightness modes and is dimmable- there is also a handy SOS mode should you need to attract attention in a moment of distress. 

The camping lantern weighs 550kg so is relatively lightweight and comes with a lithium ion battery that does an excellent job at holding its charge. If all of that wasn’t enough, the lantern benefits from USB charging and can be used as a power bank for your other portable devices. 



1000 lumens brightness

Takes 8 hours to charge

Water resistance rating of IP44 

Serves as a power bank and uses USB charging

Battery included

Four light modes


LE Rechargeable Camping Lantern, 1000 Lumen Bright LED Torch, 5 Modes Outdoor Searchlight with...

If there was anything that deserved the title of versatile then this camping lantern would have to be it! It functions as both as a flashlight and a lantern, is easy to use and has a wealth of features that put it in a league of its own. However, we should point out that this makes this lantern slightly more expensive but it certainly won’t break the bank/ 

The LE camping lantern comes with 1000 lumens brightness that will reach up to 500 metres so is excellent for hiking back to camp after the sun has gone down. What’s more, it has five light modes including a flashing red SOS mode for emergency situations. 

This camping lantern offers excellent water resistance with an IPX4 rating making it able to withstand light rain and snow. Furthermore, the lantern comes with a shoulder strap so is ideal for moving around in all conditions. 



Functions as a torch and lantern

Heavy at 848 grams

USB charging with the ability to be used as a power bank

Larger design

5 light modes including SOS

1000 lumens

Water resistant

A great Compact lantern

Camping Lantern, LED Rechargeable Camping Lights with 5200 mAh Power Bank, 4 Light Modes, Stepless...

There is so much to pack when heading out on a camping adventure and the last thing you need is a large camping lantern weighing you down. If you’re short on space then this compact yet amazingly bright camping lantern could be the solution to your problems. It features 600 lumens which is more than enough for most campsites and boasts four colour modes including cold white, warm white, white and SOS.

This versatile little piece of equipment can be used just about anywhere and comes with a magnetic base and a hanging hook. It is beautifully easy to control with simple + and - buttons and will last anywhere between 72 and 255 hours depending on the level of brightness. 

Furthermore, the YFW camping lantern offers a good waterproof rating of IPX4 and is lightweight at just 184kg. 



USB charging and can be used as a power bank

Some users report that the battery struggles to hold charge as expected

Compact (8cm x 8cm x 8.5cm)

Water resistant

Long potential battery life up to 255 hours

Handle and magnetic base


Expower Ultimate Rechargeable LED Lantern and 4400mAh Power Bank, 185 Lumens 4 Brightness Modes...

While a camping lantern isn’t the most expensive piece of equipment you will have to purchase for your outdoor adventures, there is no doubt that saving money is always preferable. While many are over the £20 mark, this one falls far below and yet still offers many of the same functions. 

For example, this is a lantern that comes with four light modes including one that flashes for emergency situations. At 185 lumens, it isn’t the brightest on the market but it is certainly more than enough to set the scene and provide low light for camp sites. 

What’s more, this camping lantern is extremely durable and comes with a waterproof rating of IPX5 which means it will resist water jets and repel dust. It features fast charging and can be used with either a lithium ion battery or alkaline batteries. However, neither of these are included. 



4 light modes including SOS

Battery not included

Water and dust proof

Can be used as a power bank and features USB charging

300g - lightweight design 

Features a hook for hanging

A durable camping lantern

HeroBeam V3 LED Rechargeable Lantern - The Ultimate Collapsible Tough Lamp for Camping, Fishing,...

Camping is a relatively demanding activity and the outdoor lifestyle can mean that your equipment needs to be able to stand up to heavy use and high demands. As such, durability should be high on your list and this tough camping lantern is one of our favourites where robustness is concerned. 

The Hero Beam lantern has an excellent feature that allows it to collapse for much easier storage. Furthermore, this allows the light to turn on and off without having to fumble around for a button. While it is made from plastic, it is surprisingly durable and is shock resistant as well as being waterproof with an IPX4 rating. 

This lantern comes with a rechargeable battery included, however, should you ever be unable to connect the USB charger, there is also the option to use AA batteries which is incredibly handy. Furthermore, the lantern boasts a five-year warranty.



340 grams, lightweight design

Some problems have been noted with the battery’s ability to hold its charge

Incredibly durability

Comes with a five year warranty

Magnetic base


A remote controlled camping lantern

lanktoo Rechargeable Camping Lantern with Remote Control & Power Bank - USB C Camping Light 150H...

When you are sitting around the campfire, the last thing you want is to have to keep getting up to change the settings on your camping lantern. Fortunately, with this one, you won’t need to thanks to the inclusion of a handy remote control. The remote works up to a distance of 33 feet and the lantern features a magnetic base for secure placement. 

Furthermore, this lantern offers five light modes including that all-important SOS mode should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation. Additionally, it boasts stepless dimming and easy controls.

The Lanktoo rechargeable camping lantern comes in a choice of three colours so you can show off your style on the campsite. It also boasts a lightweight and compact design weighing just 180 grams. With a water resistant body (IP65) that will repel most jets of water and dust as well as up to 70 hours run time, this is a tough little light that will last. 



5 light modes including SOS

Some problems have been reported with durability of the handle

Comes with handle and magnetic base

Water resistant and dust proof

Up to 70 hours power on a single charge

USB charging and can be used as a power bank

Great value camping lanterns option

INPHER 2 Pack Camping Lantern,USB Rechargeable Camping Lamp Flashlights Power Bank, Camping Light...

If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck then this pack of two compact camping lanterns might be just what you were looking for. These are incredibly lightweight at just 146 grams each and at 70mm, they won’t take up large amounts of space in your pack. 

What’s more, the Inpher camping lanterns boast four power modes one of which is an SOS mode for emergency situations. They also offer an excellent level of waterproofing so can be easily used in a variety of conditions; perfect for an outdoor lifestyle. Regardless of where you are, the handy hook or magnetic base will ensure that you can position your lantern without worrying it will fall. 

The lights feature a power indicator as well as simple to use control buttons and also boast the use of a powerful lithium ion battery. If all of that wasn’t enough, not only do you get two of everything in the box, but this one also comes with an inflatable travel pillow; what a great added extra!



USB charging and can be used as a power bank

Could be too small for larger camps

Lightweight and portable

Comes with extra gift

Water and dust proof

4 light modes

What To Look For In A Rechargeable Camping Lantern

When you are shopping for something as seemingly unimportant as a camping lantern, it can be easy to assume that anything will do. But the opposite is true; this is one of the most essential pieces of camping equipment and could help you in an emergency. For this reason, it is imperative not to impulse buy and to take the time to research your options carefully. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our handy buying tips to point you in the right direction. 


The brightness of a camping lantern is measured in lumens. How bright yours will need to be will depend on various factors but will predominantly come down to how you intend to use the lantern. For example, if you are simply looking for something to create a welcoming ambiance at your campsite, you might not need something as bright as if you were going to be using the lantern to guide you down a dark path after sunset.  

Generally speaking, anything above 300 lumens will be sufficient for lighting up the whole campsite. Conversely, something as low as 100 lumens would work well inside the tent should you wake up during the night. 

On the extreme end of the scale, you might look for a lantern with a brightness that exceeds 1000 lumens and this can be very handy if you are navigating your way back to camp and want to avoid obstacles. 


While your camping lantern’s main purpose will be to provide light during the evening, these pieces of equipment can be surprisingly diverse. For example, many camping lanterns also feature a flash light which is ideal for hiking back to camp and getting a closer look at things in the dark since the light is concentrated in one area. 

In addition to this, you might wish to look at how many light modes the lantern comes with. Typically, you can expect between three and five but in any case, you should try to look for a lantern that has an SOS mode. This feature will emit a bright red light which may or may not flash and will draw attention should you ever find yourself in an emergency. If you are wild camping or are somewhere off the beaten track, this feature is a must!


The last thing that anyone wants is a camping lantern that cannot stand up to the challenges of an outdoor lifestyle. These pieces of equipment should be made from sturdy materials that will resist shock and impact should they be bumped or dropped. 

What’s more, since the weather can be unpredictable, it is important to look for a camping lantern that has some degree of water resistance. The level you need will depend on where you are camping, what time of year it is and whether the lantern will be used inside the tent or outdoors. 

A waterproof rating will be given and this will also tell you how resistant to dust and small particles the camping lantern is. 


When using any type of rechargeable equipment, one of the major downsides is that there will come a point that the power runs out. If it is the middle of the night and you are heading back from the bathroom, the last thing you need is for the light to go out. For this reason, we would always suggest purchasing a camping lantern with a good battery life. 

For the most part, the life of the battery will depend on how bright you have the lantern. If you can make do with dimmer light, then this will conserve power. Furthermore, you should consider how quickly the camping lantern recharges or whether there is an option to use AA batteries while your rechargeable battery tops up. 

In a lot of cases, these camping lanterns benefit from USB charging which also means that they have the ability to serve as a power bank and hook up to your smartphone, tablet of laptop, which is something that is useful for emergency situations. 

Ease Of Use

Camping is meant to be a fun activity, but the fun can quickly be taken away when you are trying to use equipment that is a nightmare to figure out. The best camping lanterns will feature simple controls that are clear and easy to use. 

In addition to this, you might want to look for something that is lightweight and easy to carry. If you are using a slightly heavier camping lantern, having a carry handle or shoulder strap can be a huge plus point.


There is no denying that a camping lantern can be one of the most useful items you pop into your rucksack when heading out on an adventure. It will light your way as you make your way back to camp after the sun has gone down and will illuminate your camp as you spend the evenings by the campfire. 

However, when it comes to choosing a good piece of equipment, things can get a little tricky. This is owing to the fact that there are so many camping lanterns on the market. We believe that this selection of our seven favourites offer everything you need in a lantern and more; all you need to do now is choose your favourite. If you’re stuck, check out our buying guide for some handy tips.