Best Caravan Hitch Covers (Our 2023 Guide)

When it comes to purchasing accessories for your caravan, there are a lot of things to think about. While some of these accessories may be seen as nothing more than a gimmick, others are crucial to the care and maintenance of your caravan.

Many people would consider the caravan hitch cover as being nothing more than a method of advertising for the manufacturer. But in reality, these seemingly irrelevant items serve an important purpose.

In this guide, we will be looking at the importance of the caravan hitch cover as well as giving you some excellent products to choose from.

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Why Are Caravan Hitch Covers Important?

It can be easy to assume that the caravan hitch cover serves nothing more than an aesthetic purpose but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Using a hitch cover will protect the hitch from the elements, which, here in the UK, can be pretty relentless. 

If the hitch is not correctly maintained, this can quickly cause it to become damaged. Where towing your caravan is concerned, safety should be one of the main priorities. By protecting the hitch with a cover, this will limit its exposure to rain, snow, wind and other elements that could wear it out more quickly than you would expect. Moreover, covering the hitch will prevent it from becoming soiled with dust, grime, oil and other products which again, could shorten its life. 

Once you have parked your caravan, you will want to enjoy your break. However, since the edges of the hitch can often be quite sharp, it is not uncommon for people to brush up against them and sustain an injury or tear their clothing. Having a cover in place will prevent any accidents and allow you to enjoy your time on the caravan sit. 


GADLANE Caravan Hitch Cover With Strap - Waterproof Tow Bar Cover, Universal Tow Hitch Cover 62cm x...

This hitch cover is made from an incredibly heavy duty material that offers full protection for the hitch. It will keep out rain, dew, dust, frost and sunlight while remaining breathable and lightweight. The cover also comes with two bright green edges that serve to improve your caravans visibility. 

The Gadlane cover will fit over any hitch and comes with a strong strap to keep it secure, even when the wind picks up. When you’re not using it, the hitch cover can be easily folded away and kept in its original storage bag for convenience. 




May be too big for some caravans

Heavy duty, durable fabric

High visibility

Folds for storage

Secure strap with buckle


ELUTO Hitch Cover Universal Non-woven Fabric Caravan Trailer Towing Hitch Cover Waterproof and...

While a hitch cover is not the most expensive item in the world, if you can get excellent value for money then you’re going to take it. This is an affordable hitch cover that provides you with everything you would expect. 

It comes with an easy to use design that features eyelets and cord for maximum security. In windy conditions, this cover won’t move an inch. What’s more, it is made from high quality and durable materials with fluorescent strips for greater visibility. It is fully waterproof and comes in a size that will fit most caravan hitches. 



Universal size

Some users report the cord is not as strong as you would expect

Secure fit

Durable fabric

Visibility strips



SOGNODDO Waterproof Caravan Hitch Cover Universal Trailers Cover Car Hook Connector Cover Heavy Duty...

If you are looking for a hitch cover that is high end and will stand up to all the elements with ease, then we would highly recommend this one from SOGNODDO. It features a simple black design so is not showy at all but offers ultimate protection. 

It is made from a high quality vinyl fabric that offers exceptional durability, waterproofing and will keep out dust and yet is completely breathable. Furthermore, the fabric has been shown to be much more resistant to tears than both canvas and nylon.

The hitch cover attaches to the hitch securely and is fastened with buckles for added reassurance that it isn’t going anywhere. What’s more, it is lightweight and easy to store when you aren’t using it. 



Tear resistant

While universal, this is quite a large cover and may not be suitable for smaller caravans

Easy to store

Buckle fastening


Simple design


Asteri Tow Hitch Cover (Grey) Universal Towing Accessories Protector Waterproof Caravan Drawbar...

In the UK, there is nothing more certain than a chance of rain; even on a seemingly beautiful day, it’s a good idea to bring your brolley! For this reason, having a waterproof hitch cover is even more critical and this one offers something very special. It is made from a 300D Oxford fabric which is known for its incredible waterproof design. The material features a unique two-layer design with a PU 1500 coating. Furthermore, the material is high quality and durable and will keep out dust and debris.

The Asteri caravan defender also features an easy to use design with an adjustable strap making it suitable for most caravans. It can be quickly attached, leaving you free to enjoy your caravanning break. 




Straps may be too small for some caravans

Heavy duty

Easy to use

Reflective strips

UV protection

What Should I Look For When Buying A Caravan Hitch Cover?

While your caravan hitch cover is likely one of the less expensive items you will purchase for your caravan, this doesn’t mean to say that you should settle for anything less than the best. For this reason, we would always advise looking over the features of the cover before purchasing to make sure that it is up to the standard you would expect. 


Since the hitch cover is going to be used to protect your caravan’s hitch, it is essential that it can withstand anything that nature throws at it. For this reason, you should always look for a hitch cover that is made from top quality, durable materials that will stand the test of time. 

The material should be resistant to tears. In most cases, looking for a hitch cover that is made from nylon (is nylon waterproof?) rather than canvas will prevent it from becoming easily damaged. 


You should be looking for a caravan hitch cover that offers full protection. This will mean looking for a cover that is waterproof and dustproof. This will keep out rain and other other moisture like dew as well as stopping any fine particles from getting in and damaging the hitch. 

What’s more, you should make sure that, when the hitch is in place, it will not be easily dislodged. Elasticated sides and some form of secure fastening will not only keep the cover in place but will also give added protection. Furthermore, the seams of the fabric should be tightly stitched to prevent moisture or dust from entering. Make sure you keep your caravan secure at all time with a caravan wheel lock.


While many people think that a hitch cover is a purely aesthetic accessory, we would hasten to disagree. However, it is important that you like the appearance of your hitch cover so it is worth looking for one that is easy on the eye. Moreover, it can be helpful to use a hitch cover that features reflective strips to make your caravan easier to see in low light which will prevent other vehicles from colliding with it. 


There are a lot of hitch covers that are made with a universal size, making them suitable for almost any caravan. However, this might not always be the case so it is important to check that the size of the cover is compatible with your caravan’s hitch. Always worth check caravans like the teardrop to make sure

In addition to this, you should look at the size of the cover when it is folded so that you can be sure it will be easy to store when you aren’t using it.


For a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, a caravan hitch cover is nothing more than a sales gimmick and a way for manufacturers to plaster their names over caravans all across the country. However, if you think about it, these accessories provide an excellent degree of protection for a part of your caravan which needs to be strong and well-maintained. They are inexpensive and provide your caravan hitch with protection from the elements, improve visibility and prevent any accidents where people may be snagged by the sharp edges of the hitch.