Best Adult Soft Play In The UK in 2022

Soft play centres have become an incredibly popular pastime for kids across the UK. These play centres are filled with slides, soft climbing frames, ball pits and more but for the most part, they’re aimed at the younger generations. 

But why should the kids have all the fun? As adults, we need time to unwind and have some fun and that doesn’t always have to involve a crazy night out. If you’re full of energy and want a different type of day out then why not try one of the best adult soft play centres in the UK?

For the most part, you’ll find that these soft play centres are exactly the same as the kids but they’ll open their doors to adults only for set evenings each week. They’re dotted around the UK so no matter where you are, you’re sure to find something to keep you and your friends entertained!

The Best Adult Soft Play In The UK

KB02 Enfield

When you buy a ticket to KB02, you’re not only getting access to this incredible adult soft play area; you’ll also be given a free drink on arrival. It’s limited to beer or prosecco but who’s going to turn that down on a night out? 

This gaming bar gives you access to over 60 free to play games including many of the classics as well as things like dancing games and absolutely amazing music. This venue is home to the only adult-only soft play in the capital and is great for the young and young at heart. With a three-storey soft play area, you and your friends will be in for some serious fun!

The venue is available for private hire for parties and has some wicked special event nights at various times of the year such as Halloween. 

Amusement 13 Birmingham

Strictly speaking, Amusement 13 is not a dedicated soft play area in the same way that many others on this list are. BUT….this well-respected nightclub does offer adult soft play nights which are well worth checking out if you’re spending time in the Midlands. 

There’s a really good mixture of activities and as well as space hoppers, balls pits and a bouncy castle, you’ll be treated to arcade games and even some UV paint to glow the night up! There’s a 3D cinema and even a stunning UV garden to explore. What’s more, the drum n bass vibe of the music is great for nightlife fans.

What we really like about Amusement 13 is the pricing. You’ll pay just £30 for a group of four so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. 

Pirate Play Centre Nottingham

Who said that kids had to have all the fun. While the Pirate Play Centre in Nottingham is open to kids during the day, there is the option for grown ups to get in on the action as well. You can hire the venue for as little as £250 which gives 25 people two hours of play time. 

There’s a laser tag add on for just £35 and we think that’s excellent value for money when you consider how many people can join in. However, you should keep in mind that if you have more than 25 guests, you’ll have to pay an additional fee of £10 per person. 

Another great thing about Pirate Play Centre is that you aren’t obligated to spend a fortune on food and drink while you’re there. The owners are happy for you to bring your own booze but there are always kitchen staff on to cater to your needs when you get a little peckish. 

Clip & Climb London

Clip and Climb isn’t a traditional soft play centre but we felt we had to include it on this list because it’s such good fun. It’s a climbing centre that caters to both adults and children and the great thing about being a grown up is that you aren’t limited as to what activities you can do here. 

You can simply attend and enjoy climbing and swinging as a way to pass the time on a rainy weekend. Or, if you fancy something a little more structured, the centre offers climbercize, an innovative and fun way to work out. There’s also boxercise classes and you can hire the venue for a special occasion.

Playzone Various Locations

One of the great things about Playzone is that you’ll be able to benefit from it wherever you are in the UK since the three locations in Swansea, Portsmouth and Lincoln are pretty fairly spaced out. We also love the fact that Playzone won’t break the bank, charging from just £7 per person for two hours of non-stop fun. 

These are huge venues with more than 10,000 square feet to explore and with attractions like ball pits, slides and swings, you’ll not easily get bored. You can easily book online but it is important to keep in mind that you may be required to show ID to prove you are over the age of 18 upon entering. 

Playzone has an excellent bar which remains open all night and their vodka slush is to die for! Between 8pm and 9pm, it’s happy hour so make the most of it with buy one get one free on all drinks. 

Ballie Ballerson Soho And Shoreditch

Known by many as the ‘famous ball pit cocktail bar’, Ballie Ballerson brings together the fun of a night out with the childlike excitement of the ball pit. Is there any better combination? We think not! While we wouldn’t exactly call this a soft play, per se, it’s got enough features of one that it deserves a place on this list. 

With two locations in Soho and Shoreditch, this is a great option for people who want a little more from an evening out than just sitting around a table taking shots. The music is varied and upbeat including disco, RnB and house and you’ll find some of the most nostalgic cocktails in the city expertly blended by the bar staff.

With more than a million balls in each bar, you’re sure to have hours of fun. Just ask the 25,000 monthly visitors!


There’s a big kid lurking inside each and every one of us; and don’t you try to deny it. If you’ve ever stood at the side of the ball pit with the urge to jump in, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. But of course, most attractions like this are designed for children and us adults are left hanging around the sidelines keeping an eye on our little ones. 

But no longer do you have to miss out on all the fun since many UK soft play centres have adult sessions where you can let your hair down and have a little you time! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and dive in!

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