The Best Thin, Lightweight But Warm Winter Gloves

As the weather gets colder, that shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Whether it’s a trip to the park with the kids, hiking in the hills or simply walking to work, your hands need protection. 

However, a lot of gloves are too thick to be able to do anything while wearing them and this means that you’ll either need to sacrifice your dexterity or keep taking the gloves off. Neither of those things are preferable but there are some great thin warm gloves on the market that give you the best of both worlds.

Our Top 5 Thin Warm Gloves

Manufacturers are well aware of the struggle of having to wear thick gloves and so have produced a wide array of thin warm gloves that are perfect for this coming winter. Below, you will find some of our top picks and we’re confident you’ll find a pair that will perfectly match your needs.


Benirap Winter Thin Thermal Gloves, Lightweight Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves, Running Hiking...

We love these lightweight thermal gloves that offer the greatest protection of any pair we’ve seen. They’re versatile enough to be used just as easily on your commute to work as they can be when engaging in more vigorous activities. The thin polyester material is super lightweight but incredibly durable and will stand up to whatever you throw at it.

Moreover, these gloves have several features that make then so easy to wear. For example, they feature conductive fabric on two of the fingertips to allow you to use your smart device while on the go. They also have a great grip pattern meaning nothing will slip out of your hands.

The gloves offer a comfortable fit that wraps around the hands making it almost feel as though you’re not wearing any gloves at all. What we really love is that they have a weather resistant coating making them suitable for all weather and your hands will be none the wiser to the rain or snow!




Not waterproof

Thermal lining

Stylish design

Great fit

Touchscreen fingertips

Best For Active People

Lapulas Cycling Gloves, Unisex Winter Thin Thermal Gloves Lightweight Touch Screen Gloves Black Warm...

If you’re into running, cycling, hiking or any other outdoor activity that requires the use of your hands but you still want to stay warm then these excellent gloves from lapulas will be just what you need. They offer a brilliant fit and remain in place when wearing which makes these a really comfortable pair.

But they also offer practicality by the bucketload thanks to the touch screen fingertips; no more having to remove your gloves when you want to send a quick text. Your hands will stay super toasty in these lightweight gloves thanks to a thermal lining that makes them ideal for even the coldest days. 

The stretchy cuff adds to how well these gloves stay in place but also means that rain and wind cannot get in so your hands are fully protected. What’s more, with a sleek, black design, they’re also incredibly stylish.



Water resistant

We couldn’t find anything wrong with these gloves

Excellent fit

Soft lining

Touch screen compatible

Durable material

Best For Very Cold Weather

THX4COPPER Infused Compression Winter Thermal Gloves,Touch Screen Full Finger Warm Glove for...

When winter gets really chilly, you need a pair of gloves that are ready for the challenge and these ones from THX4COPPER exceeded our expectations. They have an all-over silicone grip pattern so your ability to hold things won’t be impeded. Moreover, they’re touch screen compatible meaning that you won’t need to remove them when using your phone. 

In terms of protection from the elements, these gloves are superior. They have a thick warm lining that keeps the hands warm and feels soft on the skin. They’re also designed for people with arthritis thanks to their compression feature. This is super important on those very cold days to avoid joint pain. 

The gloves offer a cosy fit with elasticated cuffs to keep out the wind and rain. They’re ideal for a range of activities and this versatility means you can use them as your new everyday pair of gloves.  



Touch screen compatible

Not waterproof

Great for aching joints


Great fit

All-over grip

Best Stylish Gloves

Eroilor Light Sports Gloves Running Gloves WARM UP Running Gloves Unisex Slim Sports Gloves Jogging...

A lot of thin warm gloves come in a single colour; black. That’s great as it goes with everything but if you want a bit more personal flair in your gloves then the great array of colour choices here will allow you to show off your style effortlessly.

But these gloves don’t just look good, they’re also highly functional and provide you with a warm and flexible way to enjoy outdoor activities without feeling as though your hands are restricted. They’re made from a combination of velvet and lycra giving the the best of both worlds in terms of a great fit and soft comfort. What’s more, these materials are warm and will keep out the wind chill. 

We also love that these gloves don’t restrict your ability to use your phone or other smart device thanks to the touch screen fingertips. If you’re off for a run, hike or cycle, you shouldn’t be seen without these!



Great choice of colours

No silicone grip on palms

Snug, comfortable fit

Dual materials for comfort and stretch

Touch screen compatible

Versatile uses

Best For Sensitive Skin

ALASKA BEAR - Natural Silk Gloves Liner Unisex

If you have sensitive skin then synthetic materials may aggravate the condition so it’s important to look for gloves that have a lightweight, natural material. Nothing quite meets these expectations as well as silk and we love how comfortable and cosy these are to wear. 

The gloves are breathable and so will keep the hands warm without allowing a build up of moisture. Great for those autumn walks or for people who are getting active. They boast an incredible fit thanks to a stretchy cuff and the internal lining feels amazing on the skin. 

We love that these gloves are so versatile. They can be worn on their own in mild weather but also work excellently as a liner for thicker gloves when things get really cold. Despite being made of natural, delicate material, they’re durable and can be machine washed for convenience.



Great for skin conditions like eczema

Not touch screen compatible

Machine washable


Snug fit



How To Choose The Best Thin Warm Gloves

When it comes to choosing a good pair of lightweight winter gloves, there are several things that you will need to look out for. It goes without saying that you’ll need to choose a lightweight fabric that doesn’t affect your ability to use your hands but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


When choosing thin warm gloves, one of the first things you will need to consider is the material from which they are made. You’ll likely want something that is stretchy so that it provides a snug fit and that the gloves are easy to get on. In addition to this, you’ll need to make sure that the material is designed to keep out the cold. 

Many gloves are made from materials such as polyester (is polyester waterproof?) and while these are excellent in terms of durability, they may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. In this case, we would recommend looking for gloves that are made from natural materials such as silk. 


Depending on what you plan on doing when wearing the gloves, you may need them to be waterproof. For outdoor pursuits like cycling, hiking, climbing and other activities, there is a chance that you’ll get wet and the last thing you want is cold water soaking through and getting to your hands. 

For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for gloves that have a waterproof coating but you also want to make sure that this doesn’t affect the breathability of the gloves. While they are designed to keep your hands warm, you don’t want them to get sweaty and uncomfortable. It is possible to find the perfect balance and many of the best brands make this an important selling point. 


Whether or not you need a good grip on your gloves will once again depend on what activities you will be doing while wearing them. If you’re looking for gloves to keep out the cold on your morning commute then it’s unlikely that you’ll need great grip. However, if you’re taking part in activities then this is an important feature. 

There’s very little point in choosing lightweight gloves for cycling, for example, that allow you greater control over the bike operation if you can’t grip things properly. The best gloves will have a silicone pattern on the fingers and palms.

Temperature Suitability

Most lightweight gloves will perform well in cold temperatures, after all, this is what they’re designed to do. However, there are some that might not be suitable for very extreme conditions. For example, if you’re heading to a cold location for some outdoor fun then you’re going to need something that will protect your hands adequately. 

It is possible to source lightweight, thin gloves that can handle much colder temperatures but they’ll usually have an additional internal lining which means that they won’t be as thin as other options. Provided that you are still able to use your hands, then there shouldn’t be a problem. 


Durability is especially important if you’re going to be very active when wearing your gloves. You’ll need to source gloves that have tear resistant materials that will stand up to heavy use. Of course, you need to find the balance between durability and remaining lightweight. 


It is super important to make sure that your gloves have a good fit. The good thing about thin gloves is that they generally fit much better than thick, chunky gloves as they usually feature form fitting materials that wrap around the fingers. You’ll also find that they have elasticated cuffs that offer a good fit around the wrist. The key is to look for a fit that doesn’t leave a lot of space between the fingers and the material.

Moreover, you may want to look at the design of the cuff as while many are elasticated, they may come with different closures. Some have a zip while others feature a drawstring closure. Neither of these is better than the other and it’s largely down to personal preference. In any case, do make sure that the closure is waterproof and will keep out the wind. It’s also important that the closure can be operated with one hand easily and comfortably. 

Can They Be Used With A Touchscreen?

Let’s face it, in this modern world, there aren’t many of us that can leave the house without a smartphone or gps in our pocket. But operating the touchscreen when wearing gloves can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are lots of products that offer the ability to use your touchscreen whilst wearing which prevents you from having to remove the gloves every time you want to take a photo or answer a call. 

This feature is important if you’re someone who regularly uses their phone or tablet on the go but you may find that some touchscreen gloves are very thin. In this case, check that they still have all of the other most important features such as windproofing, waterproofing, a good fit and are durable. 


Winter can be pretty chilly in the UK and this means layering up and providing protection to the most vulnerable parts of your body. The hands are one of the first things to get cold and not only is this horribly uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous when things get very cold. 

In order to offer the best protection from the cold, you’ll need a decent set of gloves but many restrict your dexterity because of how thick they are. Fortunately, there are lots of gloves out there that are lightweight, thin and yet incredibly warm. Our top picks are among some of the best but don’t forget to compare features so that you find just the right pair for you.