12 Best Motorhome and Caravan Sat Navs

For many, vacationing in their motorhome or caravan provides the perfect way to enjoy the summer season and warmer climates and it should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

However, if this involves driving to a new destination you will find yourself venturing into unknown terrain and it is likely that you will benefit from the use of a sat nav to navigate you.

Many sat navs do not come with features that are of help to caravan owners, hence why you will need to invest in a sat nav that is specifically designed for these vehicles.

Many sat navs will direct you down narrow lanes where you will likely experience numerous difficulties when attempting to manoeuvre your motorhome or caravan

A specific motorhome and caravan sat nav will navigate you on the best routes that will avoid any low bridges and narrow roads.

There are many satnavs whose suitability is generalised for larger vehicles and this may mean that they lack the caravan/motorhome specific features. 

We have selected and reviewed our top 12 picks of the best Motorhome and Caravan Satnavs available on the market.

Our buyer's guide below is full of our top tips that will help you to select the best option. 

If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.


TomTom Campervan and Caravan Sat Nav GO Camper with Campervan and Caravan POIs, Updates via Wi-Fi,...

Plan the best route to your destination using this TOMTOM Caravan and Campervan Sat Nav.

Specifically intended for vehicles of a larger size, it will provide you with customizable routes that are suitable for caravans and campervans.

The built-in wifi means that you can access all of the latest updates on the go and it will also guide you on your journey via the latest maps.

This wifi also allows the system to update without needing to be connected to an alternative device. 

The detailed POI are specifically created for caravans and campervans and inform you of any campsites that can be found on the route.

These are preloaded onto the system and provided by ACSI, ADAC, ANBW and more.

This sat nav can connect to your mobile phone so you can receive messages, make hands free calls and it is also compatible with SIRI and Google now so you can use voice control. 


  • This system incorporates 164 mapped countries and 258 million POI.
  • The traffic updates allow you to avoid congestion for reduced travel times.
  • It can be secured using the magnetic mount. 
  • The built-in wi-fi makes it easier to update the system without dependence on additional devices.


  • When rerouting on the road, the system can take longer than expected to update. 


Garmin Camper 780 Advanced Camper Sat Nav with 6.95 Inch Touch Display, Traffic and Voice-Activated...

Garmin produces a range of sat navs that are dedicated to caravans and motorhomes.

The Garmin 780 Advanced System allows you to customize the route by inputting the details of your campervan or motorhome. The sat nav will then provide you with the best route for the height and weight of the vehicle. 

Courtesy of the included traffic system, this unit will provide you with routes that avoid any congestion.

Aside from this, it will also provide you with updates regarding any steep grades, shart turns or weight limitations that you may be confronted with on the roads ahead. 

Impressively, this sat nav comes with an extensive database of campsites and other amenities that are incoming on your route.

Whether you need to make an overnight pit stop or stop for a bite to eat this will inform you of what is ahead.

You can also use the filter setting to select your preferred amenities at these locations.


  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use hands-free calling and smart notifications.
  • It is designed with an edge to edge 6.95" immersive touchscreen.
  • The road warnings inform you of any changes or possible issues with the road ahead. 
  • As a voice activated it can receive instructions without you needing to input them manually.


  • Some may experience issues when attempting to connect the sat nav to the Garmin app. 


SLIMLINE SAT NAV (7 INCH) UK & WORLD MAPS EDITION 2021 (FREE Lifetime Updates) GPS Navigation for...

The Slimline Sat Nav by Navpal is suitable for cars, motorhomes and trucks.

It features the latest edition of world maps excluding those for countries including the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and more. 

Just like our previous picks, these maps will be updated in response to any road changes or the introduction of new roads. Because of this, when using your sat nav you can be confident that you are travelling on the best route. 

Impressively, this sat nav has an upgraded battery that claims to last longer than competitor offerings.

It also incorporates the latest touchscreen technology for ease of use and the HD screen provides a good quality image so that you can view the screen clearly, even in bright sun. 

The array of features that are supported by this sat nav ensure that you reach your destination safely.

You will be informed of upcoming speed alerts and the turn by turn voice navigation provides lane guidance too. 

A feature that is likely to be appreciated by many is the intelligent route planning. This feature will help to avoid congestion so that you reach your destination sooner. 


  • This sat van is covered by a lifetime replacement warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee. 
  • It has an upgraded battery so it will last longer on a singular charge. 
  • There are 6 vehicle modes to choose from.
  • The fast internal memory will prevent buffering and delays.


  • Some may find this unit a little difficult to use.


TomTom Truck Sat Nav GO Professional 6250 with European Maps and Traffic Services (Via SIM), Updates...

Another offering from the reputable TomTom brand is the Truck Go Professional Sat Nav.

Specifically intended for larger vehicles, you can input the details of your vehicle and it will then guide you on the most appropriate route.

It features an expanse of EU maps which are updated regularly to account for any road changes. 

The built-in sim will provide you with regular traffic updates as you progress on your journey.

Usefully, this will help you to avoid traffic jams so that you can reach your destination on time. It will also inform you of any jam tail warnings so that you have plenty of time to break beforehand. 

Impressively, this sat nav updates using built-in wifi so it doesn’t depend on the use of additional devices.

It also supports hands free calls and messages via the Bluetooth connectivity. This setting keeps you updated while ensuring that you are still driving safely. Courtesy of the 6” screen, you can view the image of your route clearly. 


  • It features 50,000 POIs which inform you of upcoming petrol stations and stopover locations.
  • It updates using the built-in wifi. 
  • TomTom traffic informs you of any congestion ahead.
  • It effectively notifies you of any road closures and quickly redirects you on the best route.


  • It’s quite expensive which may make it unappealing to some. 


OHREX N76 Bluetooth Sat Nav 798, 7 inch with UK Europe Maps 2024(Free Lifetime Update), Satnav for...

The OHREX Sat nav is suitable for motorhomes and other largely sized vehicles.

It comes pre-installed with all of the latest UK and Europe maps and you can also install free maps for Australia, New Zealand, The USA or Canada. These maps can then be updated to ensure that they feature all of the latest routes. 

With many impressive features, this sat nav supports postcodes, addresses and coordinates. It also has POI to inform you of any upcoming landmarks that you may wish to visit on your journey.

Aside from this, the system automatically switches from day to night mode depending on the time that you are travelling.

If this wasn't impressive enough, it also supports intelligent route planning to ensure that you are following the fastest and most efficient route. 

Utilize the Bluetooth compatibility to connect your phone and make hands free calls.

It features an HD display with touchscreen technology and a built-in FM transmitter. This function allows you to connect the unit to your vehicle's stereo system to hear the audio this way.


  • Affordably priced it is an ideal option for those who don't want to spend a lot on their purchase. 
  • You can customize the route by entering the length, height and weight of your caravan or motorhome.
  • The generously sized 7" screen makes it much easier to see the image.
  • The active speed camera detection function will alert you when you are entering certain speed zones.


  • Unfortunately, this sat nav sometimes experiences delays when attempting to pick up the signal. 


No products found.

The Aguri Motorhome and Caravan Sat nav is equipped with many features that make it a strong contender.

It comes preloaded with the latest version of maps and it can be updated wirelessly for free. By entering your vehicle details this sat nav while guide you on the safest route that is compatible with these characteristics. 

Courtesy of the speed trap data surface you will be informed of the upcoming speed cameras so you can adjust your speed accordingly.

It also provides you with visual data of any junctions and intersections so that you are aware of the road layout. We particularly like the built-in DVR dashcam for added security on your journey. 

As a 7" sat nav it is designed with a generously sized screen that displays a bright and easy to digest image of the route.

It is also equipped with an extensive catalogue of POI so you are aware of any upcoming locations which may be of interest to you.

This includes over 30,000 different caravan sites and stopovers that are already preloaded onto the system.


  • The screen is generously sized and easy to use.
  • It comes with European maps as well as Uk maps.
  • It is designed with a louder speaker so you can hear the audio more clearly. 
  • The speed trap informs you of any speed cameras that are approaching on your route.


  • The quality of the sat nav holder could be improved as some customers have reported that it is rather flimsy.


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Entering the market at an affordable price, the Awesafe Sat Nav for Caravans and Motorhomes provides a viable option for those who are on a budget.

It features 48 preloaded maps for European countries including the UK. Though these maps don't update automatically, this can be done free of charge via the app.

The large touchscreen measures 9" so you can clearly view the image of the route onscreen. It also reacts to demands quickly so you don't face any delays.

The 3D identification of nearby landmarks provides a clearer indication of services that are surrounding you or upcoming on your journey. 

This sat nav is equipped with multiple features that are going to benefit the smoothness of your journey.

A feature that we are particularly impressed with is the 4 route options which can be chosen based on their difficulty; fast, green, short or easy.

It also alerts you of upcoming speed cameras via a sound warning so that it cannot be ignored. 


  • As this retails within an affordable price range, it is an ideal option for those on a budget.
  • It features active lane assist for a stress-free journey. 
  • The larger screen provides a clearer view of the view ahead.
  • Impressively, it can be used for multimedia entertainment purposes functioning as a music player, movie player, radio, or E-book.


  • As a weight sat nav it is prone to falling when positioned on the dash of the vehicle.


Sat Nav, Aonerex 9 Inch GPS Navigation System Pre-Installed Latest UK Europe Maps with Lifetime Free...

If you aren't looking to spend much on your purchase, the Aonerex Sat Nav for Cars, Trucks and Motorhomes is another affordable option.

Again this sat nav comes with a large 9" screen that is going to display a clear image that is easy to digest when viewed at a glance.

The top of the screen is enclosed by a sunshade surround which prevents the glare from the sun hindering the quality of your view. 

This sat nav features 52 preloaded maps of European countries, however, if you want to install a map from any other country or a map for a route that is not listed, you can do so for free.

You can also update the maps when needed so that the routes account for any changes or new roads. For greater convenience, you don't need to connect this sat nav to a network either as it can function via GPS signals.

Thanks to the speed and traffic light warnings you can travel safely with the awareness of any approaching cameras or traffic lights on the road ahead. You can then adjust your speed according to the requirements of the road.

The versatility of this unit is truly impressive, not only does it function as a sat nav, but when it isn't required for this purpose it can also be used as an Ebook, radio source, game playing or video viewing. This immersive concept means that it can be enjoyed in an expanse of ways. 


  • It can be mounted to the window or the dashboard depending on which you prefer. 
  • The surrounding frame covers the sat nav from the glare of the sun. 
  • It features POI so you are aware of any upcoming landmarks that you may wish to stop off at.
  • It is super versatile and can be used in numerous ways besides just a sat nav.


  • This sat nav sometimes struggles to maintain a secure signal connection. 


Avtex Tourer Two Caravan and Motorhome Sat Nav Satellite Navigation System

Avtex is a brand that is recognized for producing high quality, reliable products and this sat nav for caravans and motorhomes is no exception.

To find the best route that accommodates the characteristics of your vehicle you can enter the size and weight into the system and you will then be provided with the best route that avoids low bridges and narrow lanes etc. 

A great feature is that it warns you when sharp curves or steep grades are emerging. It will also inform you of any upcoming bridges that have height limitations with may present issues. 

This sat nav is equipped with POI for The caravan and Motorhome Club and also comes preloaded with more than 9000 ACSI campsites.

Something that many users are likely to appreciate is the ability to filter the campsites to those with your preferred amenities.

It will also inform you of any petrol stations or lunch spots on your journey. 


  • It fulfils its purposes in guiding you down routes that are suitable for caravans or motorhomes.
  • The live traffic updates help avoid congestion and reduce your travel times. 
  • It is easy to set up and use. 
  • It provides you with helpful warnings regarding any changes in road conditions and also bridge heights.


  • It retails within a higher price range which makes it unsuitable for those on a budget.


Truck Sat Nav Bluetooth 9 inch Satnav 2021 Europe UK Ireland Maps GPS Navigation for Car Truck Lorry...

Another pick from the Awesafe brand is this Sat Nav that is intended for Cars, Caravans and HGVs.

Designed with a 9" screen it provides you with a clear view of the route so that you can glance and see it without issues. The sun visor design prevents the glare from the sunlight hindering the quality of your view.

This sat nav comes with 7 different vehicles modes to cater to different sized vehicles.

By entering the height, weight and width of your vehicle, you will be provided with a route that avoids narrow lanes and short bridges.

It also comes with maps of the UK, Europe and Ireland and these are updated with any road changes. 

An impressive feature is the vehicle back up camera which provides a 120 degree wide angle rear view so you can reverse the vehicle confidently whilst being able to see your blind spot.

It is also beneficial in alerting you of any obstacles behind the vehicle.


  • This sat nav can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth allowing you to answer calls or listen to music.
  • It is affordably priced and good value for money. 
  • The sun visor design affects the sun from impacting the quality of the display. 
  • The camera improves your visibility of the rear area of your vehicle so that you can reverse confidently.


  • On occasions, this sat nav loses its GPS connection which may cause delays with any route updates. 


Sniper SN-701T Truck Nav with latest UK and Europe Maps, 7″ Sat Nav for Truck, Lorry, HGV, LCV,...

As a brand, Sniper is renowned for manufacturing sat navs that are equipped with all of the necessary features.

Made for larger vehicles, you can enter the length, width, height and weight of your vehicle and the sat nav will then calculate the most appropriate route.

It will also alert you both visually and audibly when you are approaching any speed cameras, low bridges or roads with weight limitations.

Utilising Bluetooth connectivity, this sat nav supports hands free calling, text messaging and music playback.

It also comes with a transmitter that allows you to listen to the audio instructions through the radio system of your vehicle. This is ideal for those who may find the unit a little quiet. 

This sat nav uses an 800MHz ARM Cortex A7 processor for fast performance and minimal delay.

You are also provided with updated maps for 48 countries so regardless of where your travel takes you, the sat nav will help you to reach your destination following a stress free route. 


  • The unit can be used for video viewing, music playing and also as a games console. 
  • It provides both audible and visual updates concerning the route ahead. 
  • It features many POIs regarding petrol stations, food places and stopovers. 
  • Impressively, it comes with a total of 20GB of storage.


  • On occasions, the screen is prone to freezing.


LOVPOI Sat Nav 7 Inch, 2024 UK Ireland Europe Maps(Free Lifetime Updates),Sat Navs For Car Truck...

Providing an excellent value option for those on a budget, The LOVPOI Sat Nav comes pre-installed with all of the latest maps.

These maps are updated to ensure that they correlate with the introduction of new roads or changes to existing roads.

The 7” touchscreen allows for ease of use and the 800 x 480 resolution provides a clear image of the route that you are following. The villages and towns also appear in a 3D format so they are easier to distinguish. 

To ensure that the route is suitable for your vehicle, you can enter the details concerning the height, width and weight and the sat nav will calculate the best route that avoids any narrow roads or low bridges.

Similar to our previous picks, the sat nav will also inform you of any incoming speed cameras and it will provide lane guidance too.


  • The FM Amplify volume function will increase the volume of the audio so that it can be heard more clearly.
  • It automatically switches between day and night mode.
  • It retails at an affordable price and is great for those on tighter budgets.
  • It will provide you with the most efficient route so that you can get to your destination on time.


  • This sat nav sometimes experiences delays when redirecting the route. 

Best Motorhome and Caravan Sat Navs Buying Guide

A caravan and motorhome sat nav differs from a standard sat nav.

We have listed the factors that you will need to consider below. 

Caravan and Motorhome Specific Features

First, you will need to ensure that the sat nav has caravan and motorhome specific features that allow you to enter the details of your vehicle e.g the height, weight and width.

Doing so will allow the sat nav to direct you on the best route, avoiding small and low bridges or narrow lanes. 


Your sat nav should feature map updates which will update the system with any changes to the roads. This will then help to avoid any detours on your journey.

Also, consider what map system the sat nav supports. Some will use google maps and others may use an independent map system. 

Traffic updates are important as they alert you of congestion ahead and take you on an alternative route so you can still reach your destination on time.

Most will also alert you of active speed cameras so you can adjust the speed at which you are travelling accordingly. 


Points of Interest Function

Points of interest can be hugely helpful.

Sat navs with this function feature many preloaded landmarks that are local to your route, e.g a catalogue of campsites or stop off locations, petrol stations, places to eat etc. 

To activate this function you simply need to press on the landmark in which you want to arrive at and the sat nav will provide you with the correct route to guide you there. 

The Screen Size

The size of the screen is likely to be influenced by preference. While some may prefer a larger screen that provides a bigger picture of the route, others may prefer a smaller option.

Sat navs with very big screens may provide a larger image, but they can hinder the clarity of your view. For example, when positioned on the dash they can abstract your view of the whole road. 


Some sat navs come with built-in wifi. This means that it uses the internet without depending on the connection of an additional device.

Many sat navs also offer Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect your phone to make calls. 


Many sat navs serve multiple purposes. Not only can they help to navigate you but some function as reversing cameras too.

If you are attempting to reverse the caravan or motorhome into a tight space, the camera will allow you to see the area behind you.

Using the Sat Nav

Ideally, your sat nav should be easy to use. You don't want to spend hours figuring out how to program it to get you from A to B.

Most have a touchscreen and keyboards that allow you to type in your destination.  

The Price

Specific caravans and motorhome sat navs tend to be more expensive than their standard counterparts.

Because of this, it is worth having a budget in mind that identifies how much you are happy to spend. 

You will often notice an increase in price with offerings from popular brands. Though they are many affordable options available too, you must ensure that your chosen unit has all of the features that will make your journey as stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you set google maps for caravans?

Google maps provide traffic data for caravans with the main downside being that it requires live data signal to function.

There are sat navs available that are equipped with features that are specific to towing a caravan or motorhome. As such, they can make it much easier to navigate your way through the roads.